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u/branchan 路 8 pointsr/instantbarbarians

Trekbest Balance Chairs Game Toys - 18 Chair Toys Stacking Intelligence Multiplayer Parent-Child Game as Birthday Gift

Edit: obligatory first gold thanks 馃挵

u/jbbeefy57 路 1 pointr/instantbarbarians

It looks like it is this

It's pretty expensive tho.

u/ChuckieOrLaw 路 12 pointsr/instantbarbarians

No worries! Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind is a really good book if you're into this kind of thing.

u/Pufflekun 路 3 pointsr/instantbarbarians

Again, everything you are saying about your job and Alaska is what is making you unhappy. Not your job and Alaska per se, but your views that you expressed in that paragraph.

> I cant afford therapy.

Good news! You can do REBT exercises by yourself. Can you afford to spend $10 on a book that'll teach you how? (The shipping is probably a bit pricey if you're having it sent to Alaska, but it'll still be much cheaper than a therapy session.)

And yeah, I know the title sounds like a bullshit self-help book. It's not. Trust me, the title is by far the worst thing about the book.