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u/kaidomac · 2 pointsr/instantpot

I pre-ordered the Bluetooth IP model when it was first announced. I used the iOS version of the app & never had any problems with it. I was pretty excited about it & even started a sub on it (/r/instantpotsmart) a couple years ago.

However, IRL, I have not found it to be useful. Having pre-programmed scripts is a great idea & can be quite powerful, but like 99% of the recipes I use all simply rely on Manual mode. Other than that, I use Saute for browning stuff sometimes (although I prefer my cast-iron skillet & Nuwave induction portable burner) & use the Yogurt function a couple times a week to make batches of yogurt (yogurt, sweet yogurt for parfaits, plus using it various dishes like chicken salad or Indian food recipes). But that's pretty much it...mostly everything is just done on Manual (high pressure for a set period of time).

OP, my advice: buy the $99 Instant Pot DUO60 7-in-1 model:

The Ultra is $150 and the Smart is $160. Personally, I don't feel like the extra cost is justified. Currently I have 3 EPC's in my stable:

  1. 6qt IP DUO60 ($100)
  2. 8qt IP ($130)
  3. 14qt GoWise ($120)

    I had the Smart model, but I accidentally dropped it awhile back & it broke :( As far as using multiple cookers go, I split up a lot of my cooking into meat, veggie, and starch (potatoes, sweet potatoes, or various types of rice). It's not for everyone, but it makes cooking a lot more convenient for me. I recommend the 6qt DUO60 for a couple reasons: first, it's not too big, not too small. I've tried to double certain recipes (like crack chicken) & they didn't come out quite as good in the 8qt (at least, not without tweaking). Second, most recipe sites out there use the 6qt size, so it's easier to follow along with food blogs, Youtube videos, and Pinterest recipes because you'll be using the same setup everyone else has.

    I use my 6qt model the most. The 8qt model is larger & can fit more stuff, although you have to try recipes out first to make sure they scale appropriately. The 14qt is a ridiculous monster. 10 pounds of chili, no problem. Awesome for potlucks, family reunions, bulk meal prep, etc. I've used various brands (GeekChef, GoWise, etc.) and definitely like Instant Pot for quality & usability. There's nothing wrong with cheaper ones (Home Depot sells a couple models for like $50 - $60), but again, with the DUO60, you're getting a standard size with a standard interface for the majority of the recipes out there on the Internet, primarily due to the popularity of the Instant Pot brand.

    I use to have over three dozen kitchen appliances. I've cut out a lot of them thanks to the more fuzzy-logic Japanese rice cooker, electric steamer, hardboiled egg cooker, crockpot, etc. I do everything in my Instant Pots now. I've been using EPC's for about 3 years now & am constantly finding new recipes to try. Here are a few good recipe sites to check out:

    Anyway, there's nothing wrong with the Smart or Ultra models, both are great, but you'll find that most recipes use the very simple Manual mode & you can just jot down recipes in your favorite note-taking app, such as EverNote or OneNote, and just download the phone app to reference the cook times, ingredients, and cooking procedures.
u/douglas_in_philly · 4 pointsr/instantpot

My tried and true method is as follows:

Pour 1/2 gallon of milk (I use skim, but I think it will work the same for any type) into 6 Qt. Instant Pot.

Close lid, and press "Yogurt" button till "boil" is displayed.

Once Instant Pot beeps to indicate milk is ready, remove lid, and check temperature to confirm it's at least 170 degrees Fahrenheit.

Remove inner container from IP, and put in a huge bowl with ice water. Stir around so that it cools off, and check temperature every minute or two (I bought a digital thermometer from Amazon for only about $5.00, and it works great). When temp is between 110 and 115, remove from ice water, and wipe dry outside of container, then put back in IP housing. (it only takes about 5 minutes to bring the temp down, if you keep stirring it, and use a big bowl of ice water).

Pour in a couple tablespoons (I never measure...just eyeball it) of whey from my last batch of yogurt (you can also use yogurt from last batch, or store-bought plain yogurt with active cultures). Stir it up for a couple seconds to mix it.

Close IP lid (can be on sealed or unsealed--doesn't matter, since it never gets hot enough to make steam), and push Yogurt button till time is displayed, and set it to 9:00 (9 hours).

After 9 hours (I typically start the whole process at 8:15 pm, so that it starts the 9 hours near 9 pm, and is then done at 6 am the next morning), remove inner IP lid, and remove inner pot (it's not too hot to touch with bare hands), and put inner pot in the refrigerator (I don't even cover it). At this point, the yogurt will be pretty well "set" and should jiggle if you shake the pot.

I leave it in the fridge while I'm at work all day, and I think that helps it solidify a bit more.

When I come home, I strain it. What I originally did for a number of batches, was to use a glass mixing bowl, with a strainer set in it, and then two 12" x 8" pieces of "cheesecloth" draped over it (one in one direction, the other crossing it in the other). I'd then pour the yogurt into that, and put this whole setup into the fridge for another 8 hours or so. That was kind of a clunky setup, and because the strainer had handle things on the side, it took up a lot of space in the fridge. I then bought a yogurt strainer (I think it's cheaper elsewhere, at the moment), which I now use. I simply pour the yogurt from the IP pot into the strainer, snap on the lid, and stick it in the fridge. I still leave it in for about 8 hours, and by that point, pretty much all of the whey that will drain out has done so.

I then take off the strainer lid, invert a plate onto the top of the strainer, flip the basket part of the strainer with the plate on it, then sort of forcefully set it down on the countertop. That makes the yogurt all come out onto the plate in one big mass, and barely leaves any clinging to the strainer. I then let it slide off of the plate into my yogurt container (which is just a big plastic container with a lid), and put it in the fridge.

About every 3 or 4 batches, I'll pour out my reserved whey (the starter I use for my next batch of yogurt), and refill the container with whey from my latest batch. I sometimes mix water in with some of the whey, then water plants, but it sometimes makes the plants turn yellowish (the color of the whey)! From a half gallon of milk, I get at least 3 or 4 cups of whey--so I'm straining off a lot, but I like really thick yogurt. I've starting setting aside another 1.5 cups to use in a no-knead bread that's suuuuuuper easy to make!

So that was a really long answer to your question, but I thought it might be helpful to you or others, as it's a method that works every time for me.

I should also add that while I like the yogurt strainer I'm using now, as it's just a neater solution, and takes up less refrigerator space, the cheesecloth method I originally used worked absolutely perfectly, as well, and I'd never hesitate to go that route, if necessary.

u/DianeBcurious · 5 pointsr/instantpot

As for "accessories" I might recommend, whether you buy them or find them around the house or at various kinds of stores (including thrift stores), some kind of "steam basket" would be good.

The metal-rack "trivet" (riser) that comes with the unit is good for larger solid foods you might ever want to cook above the boiling liquid in the bottom and only up in the steam (e.g., perhaps whole potatoes/yams, eggs for hard boiling, chicken pieces, etc...although those can all be put right in the bottom too).
It's also good for putting other bowls, plates, containers on top of to lift those out of the bottom when needed. That might be to cook foods "PiP" (pot in pot, pan in pot) too which can have other advantages."pot+in+pot

It can be good to have a stand-alone "steamer basket" that has smaller holes than the metal rack (and often handle/s, feet, etc), for things like peas and smaller items to keep them from falling through if you want to cook those in the steam.
But you can also use those bowls/mesh baskets/etc on top of the metal rack trivet (or any other "risers") to hold things like that so they won't fall through. Some people just use the regular metal "petal" type steaming baskets but I find those harder to clean and many have a post up the middle which can get in the way, so the one I use (when I use one) is this one:

I've also actually purchased a "Fat Daddio" pushpan (from amazon) for making things like taco pie and lasagna: (this one fits well in the 6 qt models)
And I use various metal bowls/containers (even disposable aluminum ones) from my cabinets or occasionally purchased for the PiP method, etc.

Re recipes that can be "prepped" at once then frozen for later in batches, some people do that, or they may just freeze one or more "leftover" meats and/or whole meals for using later.
One of the Instant Pot groups at Facebook is specifically for that too, if you're interested:
Or you could do searches for those kinds of recipes (prep, freezer meals, batch...or "dump" recipes as well perhaps) in the largest group Instant Pot Community's one search:

u/repotxtx · 12 pointsr/instantpot

The only physical cookbook I've picked up so far is the Indian Instant Pot Cookbook by Urvashi Pitre. I've only made a couple of the recipes so far, including this Butter Chicken, which I think is the same one from the book, but they were both great. The Butter Chicken was super easy also and even the kids loved it. Plus at like $8, it's not an expensive book.

u/andi98989 · 3 pointsr/instantpot

We generally get home at 6 and can often eat dinner by 7; I've found a lot of things I can get done in 30-40 minutes. what's been a huge help for me is that I get stuff going and I can walk away and do other things - like help my son with his homework - and not be rushing to the stove all the time. So things might take longer than 30 minutes, but I can get stuff done during that 30 minutes. I have a cookbook or two for mine, and I honestly don't use them. I use blog posts and a Facebook group. I google what I want to make and add "instant pot" to the search. :)

I use the trivet that came with my instant pot, an inexpensive metal veggie steamer basket, my 1qt white corningware casserole dish, and a stainless steel bowl. I have a bundt pan as well but use that rarely. The only things I had to buy were the steamer basket and the bowl.

We quite often will make pasta and meatballs; pasta and water in the pot, meatballs on top. Cook. Add in sauce. That one I can usually have done in 20 minutes. A small pork tenderloin on the trivet, steamer basket balanced on top with red potatoes is a 15 min. cook time; about 10 min. to come up to pressure and I wait 5-10 to release pressure. Anything with chicken breast is really fast. The other day I did a chicken rice and broccoli dish that took under 30 min. Last night we had a baked egg casserole. Taco Pie is another favorite here, but it works best if you have a 7" springform pan.

u/Xoxoxo7777 · 2 pointsr/instantpot

As stated, all your links are the same pot.

[Here] ( is a link to the DUO pot, and a choice between 5, 6 or 8 qts.

[Here] ( is a link to the LUX. The main difference here is there isn't a yogurt function.

How large you want it is really your preference and how much kitchen space you want to use up. Whether or not you would like to spend a little extra for the yogurt function is also your preference. You can fit a chicken in both the 6 or 8 qt, obviously depends on the size of the chicken.

I personally have the 8 qt, with a 4 year protection plan, and couldn't be happier. I'm positive I'd be just as happy with the 6 qt. I'm pretty sure they stand by their product based on the many stories I've read of random issues, even some that seem user caused.

There's not real wrong answer here. I believe you may have a longer wait for the 6qt DUO, I've heard people are waiting 8-10 weeks or so for them.

u/luckyloolil · 4 pointsr/instantpot

I have this instant pot in 6 quart, and it's worked really well for us. Honestly haven't used too many of it's features, just saute, slow cook and pressure cook, but it has done all of those very well. It's great right now, as I am super pregnant and since it has a saute feature, I can do a lot of my cooking sitting down at my island, instead of standing at the stove. My only regret is not buying the 8 quart one for my growing family.


It pressure cooks well, I've made a whole baked chicken in half an hour, chick stock in an hour (instead of three), rice is so fast in it. I also really like that in the summer heat, I can put it on the deck, and then I don't heat my house up at all (this is actually what convinced me to get it). I mean you could do that with a slow cooker too I suppose, I just used to use my stove and oven for everything.

u/toxik0n · 7 pointsr/instantpot

Yup I bought the strainer she recommended in the recipe (Euro Cuisine Greek Yogurt Maker with Stainless Steel Strainer I had to strain in 2 batches but it worked great. I let each batch strain for about 3 hours and got a mason jar full of clear whey. Bonus that the strainer bowl works great to store the yogurt too!

u/Sardine_Sandwich · 2 pointsr/instantpot

3Qt mini chiming in, there is not a lot of accessories or spare parts out yet for the mini from my searching Amazon and the Instant pot website. When you look for an IP safe pot-in-pot, make sure it fits inside with a space all around so the bowl doesn't touch the inside main IP pot.

Two bowls I found are:


I bought the first one I linked and have not used it yet, it looks like it might be too tall even though the lid of my IP closes fine, the top of the bowl kinda flares out and almost touches the main inner IP pot sides. I will eventually test it when I have a chance, so far I haven't needed to use a pot-in-pot recipe yet. The second link bowl looks like it would have been the better choice, if it doesn't work out I'll just use it as a mixing bowl like I'm using the first one I ordered.

u/becausenooneeverhas · 1 pointr/instantpot

How nice of you to research your gift. Your choice will depend largely upon how many people she usually cooks for.

I have the 8 quart Ultra (I usually feed 9-10 people) and don't regret it at all. This is the only version with the knob and I love how easy and intuitive it is.

On Amazon, if you click on an Instant Pot and scroll down, there are charts comparing them. Like here.

I regularly use the glass lid you have to purchase separately. There are other gadgets you can get for it, like stackable pots and extra sealing rings (because yours will eventually smell bad), among other things.

You can just type in "Instant Pot Accessories" on Amazon and see what is available.

u/AllMyKaleIsDull · 5 pointsr/instantpot

Any of the lid accessories are must-buy in my opinion.

A glass lid for slow cooking, and also works great to keep food warm and moist inside the pot after it is done cooking; great for buffet style.

A silicone lid seals the inner-pot and is great for putting it right into the fridge after cooking, rather than transferring into a Tupperware.

u/grain7grain · 3 pointsr/instantpot

I'm not the OP but I'm pleased to share the bowl that I bought:

Pyrex (6017397) Simply Store 7-Cup Round Glass Food Storage Dish

It's a great size for making small dishes, or rice.

Don't forget to put a cup of water in the bottom of the Instant Pot.

u/slorpydiggs · 5 pointsr/instantpot

Interesting. I have a lot of Monoprice cables and they're definitely good bang for buck. I'd personally still wait a while and see what reviewers say before buying an appliance from them since that's rather a different animal than a cheap cable or adapter. I'd be interested in the vacuum sealer depending on the price point.

This Monoprice/Strata Home pressure cooker most closely competes with InstantPot IP-LUX, not to be confused with the IP Duo or higher tiers. The LUX (currently in its 3rd iteration) is $79 on Amazon already so not sure I'd risk an unproven model to save ten bucks, but that's just me.

I would have expected MP to price more competitively since that's their whole thing, but maybe it'll drop down after launch. If not, might just be that electric pressure cookers are already pretty good value (which I kind of suspect, apart from the shiny Breville one).

Something to keep an eye on though! Interesting find.

u/reddit455 · 4 pointsr/instantpot

sticking has never been a problem for me.. even when I brown stuff... half the time the recipe calls for deglazing anyway so you have to scrape the bits before you add the rest of the ingredients.


IMO - non stick doesn't brown meat "correctly" bacon in a non stick skillet is weird.


and what is the nonstick coating anyway?

this doesn't sound good..

>I purchased a Power Cooker with the teflon pot which started flaking off rather quickly. I then purchased a stainless steel inner pot thru Amazon & love it! It has made a huge difference in the outcome! Just be sure that you measure carefully the height of the current inner pot, as there can be a slight difference. The one I got for mine was right for mine but just a hair too tall for my neighbor's IP, but by carefully checking the descriptions, I was able to find her the right size for her IP. Hope this helps, even tho this is several months later than your question.


IPs official nonstick liner is ceramic..... sounds similar to scanpan's.. I have one of their pans.. their coating is bulletproof..


If I was to go that route.. I'd get the ceramic nonstick.

u/SpyreFox · 2 pointsr/instantpot

The "silicone egg bite thingy" is used at least thrice a week in our kitchen. This 7" spring-form pan works brilliantly for cheesecakes.

Edit: I forgot! This steamer basket we use for "boiling" eggs in the IP. 5mins, quick release, ice water bath. Perfect.

u/leuthil · 2 pointsr/instantpot

I bought this steamer basket. Works pretty well and fits in the DUO60.

Doesn't seem to be available on, sorry if you are from the US :(. But I'm sure something like this or this would be almost exactly the same.

u/Roland_Deschain2 · 2 pointsr/instantpot

What the others said. They peel ridiculously easy, the texture of the whites is ideal, and the yolks are creamy and delicious. I do 5 minutes on high vs 6, but the real key is the ice bath immediately after quick release. I let them sit in a bowl of ice water for about 15 minutes to completely stop the cooking process. Perfectly yellow yolks with no hint of green.

Oh, and a vegetable steamer basket like this one allows me to cook about 18 eggs at a time in a nice little stack.

u/b0dyrock · 1 pointr/instantpot

Creamy Lentil recipe. You'll need to stir it well prior to the machine coming to pressure to avoid the burn notice, but it's healthy and full of nutrients. It's fairly low cost too!

  • Yield: 6-8 [1x]


  • 1 1/2 cup brown or green lentils
  • 1 (15 ounce) can tomato sauce
  • 2 tablespoons tomato paste
  • 1 (15 ounce) can coconut milk (lite or regular both work)
  • 1/4–1/2 cup water*
  • 1 teaspoon dried basil
  • 1 teaspoon dried oregano
  • 1/4 teaspoon garlic powder


  1. Dump all of the ingredients in the pressure cooker and stir to combine.
  2. Cook on high pressure for 20 minutes.
  3. Do a quick release of the steam.
  4. Stir and serve. Enjoy!


    *Since many people have commented that 1/4 cup water leaves them with scorched lentils, I’ve edited the ingredients. I still have not had a problem with 1/4 of a cup of water and when I try it with more water, my husband thinks the lentils are too mushy. But with so many reviewers saying that they like it with more water, I’ve included a range in the ingredients. Please comment with what works for you.

u/filchermcurr · 18 pointsr/instantpot

Here's what I personally use: - Extra sealing ring to use when you make sweet things to avoid transferring any smelly savoryness from the other ring. - Steaming basket, of course. - A 7" springform pan to make Cheesecake #17 in. (If you only get one thing, this is the one. Because cheesecake.) - Tempered glass lid for slow cooking and/or letting people peer into the pot in awe while food is being kept warm.

And if you just want to buy fun things, the mini mitts are nice for getting the cheesecake out right away: And not catching on fire when you want to remove the inner pot or hold it in place while you saute.

I also bought these stackable pans the other day ( but so far all I've used them for was a dual meatloaf. I like them but I can't really think of a lot of uses for them at the moment.

u/crankygerbil · 4 pointsr/instantpot

I bought this:®-Cookbook-Traditional/dp/1939754542

(Sorry on mobile and I can’t do a normal link.)

I really love the recipes. I use the box Six Spices, and started really getting into the easier approach to Indian Cooking.

u/unipole · 0 pointsr/instantpot

My solution is this rack
Note the 2.75 height
and a generic steamer
Combined with the trivet that comes with the iP it is great for steaming two things at the same time. for my default fast meal, i steam chicken on the bottom and greens or veggies on top (with a veggie chicken broth resulting on the bottom.
One option that may work is this used as staked steamer stand.

u/classic_queen · 2 pointsr/instantpot

I use a 1.5 quart for my 6 qt for pot in pot and it works really well. Here it is on Amazon Canada

u/Rextyn · 2 pointsr/instantpot

Oh yeah, one gallon of milk equals one gallon of yogurt. It's kind of breathtaking the first time you do it.

To make "proper" Greek yogurt, you need to strain that to let the moisture/whey drain out of it. I use this:

But still, at the end of the day, you end up with a lot of yogurt. :)

u/msangeld · 1 pointr/instantpot

I had never used a pressure cooker before, but when I made the decision to get one, I decided I was getting everything I thought I might need, so I bought the 6 qt ultra, an accessory kit, glass lid and a cookbook.

I've fallen in love with this thing. The first thing I made was hard boiled eggs for deviled eggs. We've also made barbecue chicken wings, rice, chili, and popcorn.

u/alohadave · 25 pointsr/instantpot

The thing I use most is a 7 cup Pyrex dish with lid. It fits perfectly in the 6Q, and it fits 2 cups of rice cooked. With the lid, it can go right into the fridge.

u/ralten · 8 pointsr/instantpot

If you’re interested in Indian food and instant pot, I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

Indian Instant Pot® Cookbook: Traditional Indian Dishes Made Easy and Fast

u/RustyDogma · 1 pointr/instantpot

Aha! Well the one you need depends on the size of your IP. I have a 6qt so I got this one. I kept burning all my pasta sauces. This pot fixed that (although preheating also helps a lot).

u/MesaDixon · 0 pointsr/instantpot

I was using an aluminum cake pan which has been quite useful but I'm concerned about the aluminum getting in the food and rotting my feeble brain. I've also tried a Pyrex glass bowl, but it doesn't hold quite enough.

Thanks for the suggestion.

u/Dank_Knight69 · 2 pointsr/instantpot

Yup! This specific item works with 6 & 8 qt electric pressure cookers, and is best used after a pressure cook.

u/swiftb3 · 4 pointsr/instantpot

If you like Indian, her cookbook is totally worth the buy.

u/pazzaglia1 · 1 pointr/instantpot

Well, OF COURSE, your comment made me curious so I checked the waaaay back machine. There was only one snapshot of the ULTRA product page and the description did not mention Sous Vide - though many reviews did. It's here:

Unfortunately, I don't have any details on the internal thermal sensor - they must have used a different one for the ULTRA. Just a guess, but I wonder if it's one that reads in whole degrees celsius?!?!

I feel like they still don't have the marketing part down. It doesn't make any sense to push Sous Vide, and even sell a branded circulator, and then make a model that doesn't support that. Just another "sloppy" to add to the pile on the ULTRA. I really don't understand what happened here - this model just doesn't have the same kind of thorough thinking as their previous efforts. I was sorry to do this so-so review but it is what it is. : /

u/iheartbrainz · 1 pointr/instantpot

I prefer to use an old fashioned steamer basket. Serving is easier and I can always find it!

Chef Craft 100% Stainless Steel Steamer Basket, 6-Inch Expands to 9.5-Inch

u/RoxesX · 1 pointr/instantpot

I got mine from They made a sale on september 100 euros but it's been out of stock for eons. Here is the link if it helps or not

u/physixer · 1 pointr/instantpot

The link is in the sidebar (this one).

Mine has both "Pressure" and "Manual" buttons (just like in the image in the amazon page).

u/AlexTakeTwo · 1 pointr/instantpot

I dug around on the Internet and compared a couple of yogurt recipes (never trust random blogs. . . .) and in the end I followed this one: Team Yogurt Instant Pot yogurt.

I used 1/2 gallon of whole milk, and 3TBPS of 0% Fage as starter (from another recipe) but will try with 2% Fage next time. The Fage is easy to get in small containers at my grocery, but eventually I'm hoping to find some yogurt starters online that I can just keep in the freezer (you can also keep/freeze some of the home-made yogurt to use as the next starter.)

I'm not actually a big fan of eating yogurt, but so far I've made a French Onion-like chip dip, am working on a "chocolate pudding" recipe with it, will throw it in a blender with some frozen fruit for smoothies, and am considering a home-made yogurt Ranch dressing. For everything but the smoothies, I strained half the batch using this strainer, but you can also use cheesecloth and hang it to strain.

u/river-running · 3 pointsr/instantpot

My go to for getting stubborn smells out is to steam a couple cups of white vinegar in the IP for a few minutes, disassemble the lid, and then run the pot, lid, and ring through the dishwasher.

I did buy two extra rings to keep on hand (and because I like the colors).

u/oOflyeyesOo · 4 pointsr/instantpot

I know it's not the same, but they do make a air fryer that fits on top of the instant pot. To help on space.

Mealthy CrispLid for Pressure Cooker -

u/Reddywhipt · 1 pointr/instantpot

Since buying my nonstick pot, I haven't used the stainless one once.

I also recommend the silicone trivet/steamer set.

u/FajitaofTreason · 4 pointsr/instantpot

Does anyone have the airfryer conversion lid that you can put on the regular instant pot pot? If you do, does it work well?

u/thetownisnew · 1 pointr/instantpot

Thank you for the reply! I was reading some of Amazon reviews and some people included pictures and mentioned that the company said it is known to happen. But not sure if it varies for each product. I was looking into the 3qt duo for 2 people and maybe meal prepping.

u/wee0x1b · 1 pointr/instantpot

They're three dollars more:

Worth it because you know they'll work. Mine have.

u/OddJackdaw · 1 pointr/instantpot

> What's Amazon warehouse?

Refurbished & returned merchandise

Just look on the right side of teh product page for "Used & New from..."

u/Mikebyrneyadigg · 30 pointsr/instantpot

BTW, 6 quart instant pots are the cheapest they've ever been on Amazon right now for anyone looking to pick one up!

u/patientbearr · 5 pointsr/instantpot

It might be okay, but if you don't want to chance it Amazon sells replacement pots.

u/camobit · 2 pointsr/instantpot

there is the glass lid to allow for non pressure cooking that wouldn't involve the seal. obviously you wouldn't get the benefits of pressure cooking but it can make your IP more flexible for other tasks.

u/Don_Hammer · 2 pointsr/instantpot

Got a genuine pot from Amazon

Genuine Instant Pot Stainless...

u/radix89 · 1 pointr/instantpot

It's the Hiware 7" springform pan I can't find the brackets on my phone to do the link. Hiware 7 Inch Non-stick Springform Pan/Cheesecake Pan/Leakproof Cake Pan Bakeware - Accessories for Instant Pot 6, 8 Qt Pressure Cooker

u/WasabiHoney · 2 pointsr/instantpot

Oh sorry. You can go on Amazon and order another stainless steel pot insert for the IP.

u/KuKuMacadoo · 4 pointsr/instantpot

On sale now

Just got mine for 20 bucks off.

u/Reddittoomuch · 4 pointsr/instantpot

My version has a metal piece there that rises up.

EDIT: I have a different model. You can see my lid on this Amazon posting

u/isthisfunforyou719 · 2 pointsr/instantpot

Any thoughts on using stackable pans like this instead?

u/natelyswhore22 · 38 pointsr/instantpot

What type of lid was it that shattered? The normal IP lid should not do this, so absolutely do not buy a whole new machine.

Genuine Instant Pot Tempered Glass Lid, 9 in. (23 cm), 6 Quart, Clear

u/FLtiltedkilt · 3 pointsr/instantpot

Not op, but I save all of my whey when I make yogurt. I fill ice cube trays and freeze it. Then I use the whey later to make smoothies, to use in stocks, or in marinades. You can use the whey almost anywhere in cooking that a recipe calls for water or liquid.

Also, for those that can’t handle the lactose but don’t want to ferment for 24 hrs, I regularly make yogurt with Lactaid whole milk. I also tend to strain mine for days in the refrigerator with the euro-something or other yogurt strainer... I’ll see if I can find the link.

Edit: found the link:

u/cuppycakepie · 2 pointsr/instantpot

I have this one . It’s a cheesecake pan so I cover the bottom with a sheet of foil so it doesn’t leak. I’ve also used these disposable ones

u/magic_man_iac · 17 pointsr/instantpot

I know this isn't what you asked but I bought these to avoid that issue -

u/video_descriptionbot · 1 pointr/instantpot

Title | How to cook a whole "rotisserie" chicken in the Instant Pot
Description | Here is how to cook a whole "rotisserie" chicken in an Instant Pot. Full recipe is on my blog here: Pin the recipe here: Instant Pot (Amazon affiliate): Chicken noodle soup recipe: Chicken bone broth recipe: Let’s Connect! Blog: http://www.api...
Length | 0:06:13


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u/CarolinaHome · 2 pointsr/instantpot

The voltage could be adjusted for but the frequency of 50Hz would mess with the computer and timing. Will not work. But they do make models for that electrical system:

u/bobpaul · 1 pointr/instantpot

Or... the InstantPot Duo60 is $63 from AmazonWarehouse. These are generally items other users have returned due to minor damage during shipping (or maybe by the buyer to avoid return shipping).