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u/NiceBirdAsshole · 2 pointsr/interiordecorating

I love that bed throw! I want one now, haha. I like the throw pillows you chose, too--those are pretty classic. Sometimes chevrons can be too trendy-looking to my eye, but I like those a lot. Good find! :D

The duvet covers you picked out aren't bad at all! The only thing I can think of to say is that you may want something a little brighter, since your other colors are pretty muted. If you go with another light shade, it might look kind of washed out. I like this one, but it's temporarily out of stock. I think I would wait on getting any more throw pillows until you decide on your duvet cover so you can make sure it's a good color match, but I think adding a bit more color would be OK! I keep feeling like it needs something silvery in there, haha. Don't know where that's coming from.

u/redroyaltiesllc · 1 pointr/interiordecorating

Thank you so much for your input, I can't explain how helpful it is!

So I'm going to go ahead and purchase the tan article couch :)


I'm also thinking of these items, do you think they're a good match?

Murphy Beds:

Floor Lamp:

Coffee Table:


If only I knew what color the rug should be!!

Also here is the type of faux concrete I was thinking about:



Ps: Don't be fooled by the view, there's actually a graveyard there ;) hahaha

u/2worldtraveler · 2 pointsr/interiordecorating

If you like bright rooms, you might try to find a more modern yellow color that you like that will pick up the flecks in that counter. I like these two for bright colors:

In other random suggestions from an internet stranger, there is such a thing as peel & stick countertop. "Instant granite". It is getting pretty decent reviews online. I have no experience with it myself, but you do not have a ton of counter space, and it is fairly affordable in small pieces. So if you get it and hate it, it would not be a big deal to get rid of. You might like the kitchen better if you didn't feel your counter came from hell. And then you could do whatever color scheme you've always dreamed of.

For example:

Great Falls for the wall color:
White Marble on the counters:
And a touch of fake backsplash for fun (I'd use half the height of what is shown):

that floor tho..... I hope you get the laminates.

u/StrongwaterStudios · 1 pointr/interiordecorating

Hi! As you can see in the pictures, the current duvet cover clashes horribly with the carpet. Any recommendations? I was currently thinking a solid maroon or burgundy, but am open to any suggestions. The yarn art hanging over the bed is totally replaceable, I made it to try to tie the current duvet to the rest of the room. Same goes for the canvases.

Currently considering duvet options 1.purple 2.marsala and 3.burgundy

Budget = $50-$70, maximum $85 if it's a long-lasting, quality product.

The wall is navy blue because it was a horrid gray when we moved in and we had to paint it a dark color to cover it. The other three walls are white. The curtains are currently white but I am happy to replace them at some point.

The IKEA MALM pieces are staying, I've put in too much effort into tracking them down from craigslist after they discontinued the medium-brown color. We also got the sleigh bed from craigslist, are hoping to stain it a darker brown one day, but won't be happening anytime soon.

Will buy new sheets/pillowcases once I have a duvet picked out.

If anyone has any suggestions for color themes / color palatte options to stick to, please let me know!

Thank you!!

u/PowerMonkey500 · 1 pointr/interiordecorating

So here's what I've gotten so far:

  • Pillowcases
  • Sheets
  • Rug
  • Throw pillows
    I'm looking for a teal (or something) duvet cover to tie it all together but having immense amounts of trouble. I'm looking at these and these but not sure.
    Right now everything is pretty much grey and white, I'm going to make the duvet cover be the colourful part.
    And now I'm also wondering if I should get more colourful throw pillows. I wanted the grey ones I linked anyway, they'll go on the couch if I get different ones.
    And I'm also thinking of a knitted white rug, something like this, for the foot of the bed maybe.
u/TheLadyStonedHeart · 5 pointsr/interiordecorating

Honestly, I don't like either. But red typically turns me off. What metal do you have in your bathroom? I always prefer something less cup-like. What about something like this in the metal matching your bathroom...

u/andrewpe · 2 pointsr/interiordecorating

It looks like you have a coax and standard power outlet.

First I would get a 90 degree coax adapter and fit that onto the outlet:

Second I would get (or keep the existing) power strip that has a flat head and sits closer to the wall:

Once the cables' ends are sitting flat, I would use a cable management cover to route and cover the cables from the outlets to the ground. These things can be painted so they blend into the wall better:

To cover the outlets I would find a way to create a box that can be stuck to the wall and matches your cable management covers. Something similar to this but better:

u/herdaz · 2 pointsr/interiordecorating

I'd do something like this chair and this table. Additionally, I'd use one of these in black - brown as an end table to the couch with a lamp (I like a low end table, so I use this a lot when I stage houses) and get a stand lamp to go with the brown chair you have.

u/GodelianKnot · 2 pointsr/interiordecorating

You could maybe buy a sconce (eg), and just not install the bulb part of it.