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u/overpourgoodfortune · 1 pointr/intermittentfasting
  • References to consider:
    • I recommend understanding some of the science behind fasting, as it will help you understand what is happening with your body when fasting. If you're up for it, I found the following references from Dr. Jason Fung really great. His take on diabetes and obesity I find quite fascinating and has answered a lot for me when choosing to incorporate intermittent fasting into my life. He has a couple books - I've read the Obesity Code, but he also has a very similar book with a bit more emphasis on Diabetes called the Diabetes Code. With your use of metformin - the latter might have a bit more meat to it for your situation.
    • Prior to diving into those books though, you can access some YouTube videos online to give you a taste of his perspective on Obesity, Weight Loss & Diabetes:
  • Other advice:
    • Choosing an IF protocol: Our natural circadian rhythms are such that hunger hormone is the lowest in the morning. That makes adopting a 16:8 protocol of 16 hours of fasting with an 8 hour eating window fairly easy to adopt since we are naturally just not as hungry in the AM. Still, some people work up to 16:8, and instead try 12:12 first. I'd sooner address carb/sugar intake and aim for 16:8, than try 12:12 with loads of sugars/carbs with the occasional attempt at 16:8.
      • That said, there are so many alternatives - but whatever protocol you choose, just recognize the first couple days are the worst... Ghrelin (hunger hormone) levels actually SPIKE! Expect to feel like crap for the first few days. Thereafter though, it should get much better as Ghrelin tends to reduce over time with a fasting protocol.
    • Feel free to ignore everything I've just said! :) I'm just a stranger on the Internet with my own perspective. I'm not a woman, and not diabetic and have not struggled with obesity. Not much to relate to for you I'm sure. I'm a Dad with a couple young daughters (2 & 4) which have been a blessing, but have also shifted my life around such that I haven't slept well for 4 years, have overeaten to compensate for the lack of sleep/exercise - because hey, energy had to come from somewhere. Finding IF for me has been amazing, because it has shown me I can lose the weight and feel much better without solely relying on exercise, which I used to rely on heavily before. I just can't work in gym time with my life & kids at the present time - so IF for me has been huge, and literally a weight lifted off in more ways than just the fat.
u/clbrto · 1 pointr/intermittentfasting

I'm old, have gained & lost a lot of weight over the years

what is critical for ME for successful weight loss is a weekly IN PERSON weight loss support group

it may be because it "sets my intention", I'm very competitive or something else - don't know, but it works

I did a class at my local YMCA and now am in TOPS. both are far from perfect (all the diet advice is the counter-productive mainstream garbage), but I only lose weight when I commit to going. TOPS is cheap, it's a weigh-in, games singing, etc

sounds like OA might help you too, it's 12 step, no weigh ins

ICYMI, this is the best weight loss book ever written

and here's a terrific blog :)

u/tstaffordson · 1 pointr/intermittentfasting

I wish I had gotten my scale sooner... for the whole IF journey.


The data is from the Feelfit app (ios) that came with my Abyon scale... link to scale:


There are a lot of sub $30 scales on Amazon right now.


Here is a better rated model that I have seen recommend on this sub.

Link to Renpho scale:


Disclaimer... I'm not sure if I would trust the measurements coming from these scales implicitly, but as a point of reference the information is good to have.


I love having the data at hand for future reference, sharing and motivation.






u/Musing_Geek · 2 pointsr/intermittentfasting

I do, and it’s SUPER easy. I bought a [Toddy Cold Brew System] ( from Amazon and use that. It has instructions and everything. But basically, I grind 6oz (half a bag) and add it to the brewer with 3.5 cups of water. I let it set (steep or brew, if you will) for about 24hrs. Then drain it, add it to my storage bottle and pop it into the fridge. It lasts 7-10 days, having a 16oz coffee every morning. It’s a concentrate, so you then pour some to your cup, add water and ice. I dont have an exact measurement, as I eyeball the pour. But it’s probably around a 1/4 cup of concentrate? It’s up
To your tastes and how strong you prefer it.

In a pinch, I’ve done it in a mason jar and then Strained through cheese cloth and then a coffee filter. But it’s messier and I don’t like it as much. I love my Toddy system!

Another important factor is finding a coffee bean that you like. I personally find I prefer a medium-dark Roast. I tried various roasts and “flavors” until I found a blend I liked best!

u/neverhavearrivedhere · 2 pointsr/intermittentfasting

The FINAL answer is whatever works or you, and depends on what camp you subscribe to.

For your best bet if you want a FINAL answer, I suggest reading The Complete Guide To Fasting ( Dr. Fung is cited a lot on here, and he makes a lot of good points in that book including why he sees fasting as either water only or water/tea/coffee without additives fasting.

There are several things to take into account:

Whether or not diet sodas are truly 'bad' for you not is still up or debate-the long term effects of some of the ingredients are unknown.

Whether or not the sweetness affects insulin levels.

Whether it affects what you eat while you're not fasting. For me, I LOVE Diet Coke, but I know I drink it I'm MUCH more likely to crave and then binge sweets and carbs later in the day, so I choose not to drink it during my fast. Occasionally I'll have it as a treat.


I wish you luck on your fasting journey. You've got this!!!

u/sknick_ · 3 pointsr/intermittentfasting

Dr. Fung's main point is that the body does not have a method of interpreting, measuring or counting calories in the food we eat. Instead, the body responds hormonally to what we eat & how often we eat, and that tells the body whether to store additional fat, or burn existing fat.

IMO, he doesn't COMPLETELY disregard the usefulness of tracking calories, but rather thinks it should not be the PRIMARY focus of dieting. He believes the primary focus should be keeping insulin levels low for as long as possible, which signals the body to turn to bodyfat stores for fuel (instead of using dietary glucose & glycogen stores). Fasting is the ultimate way to keep insulin levels low, and low carb dieting is the next best option.

His other main argument is that sustained CICO dieting leads the body to an excessive metabolic rate slowdown, and a subsequent weight loss plateau & weight regain. Over time with CICO, the body tries to match energy output to your reduced energy intake. You start to feel fatigued, cold, hungry, etc, as a result of the body being economical with its energy usage, & weight loss soon plateaus. With a drastically lower metabolic rate, you are primed to quit the diet & regain weight at a rapid pace.

An important point to remember - the vast majority of energy consumed by the body comes from the metabolic activities of life & NOT by exercise. Think 80-85% metabolic activity, 15-20% exercise (assuming you actually exercise intensely multiple times a week).

Honestly that's why we're all here on this subreddit, is it not? CICO helps you lose weight for 3-6 months, you plateau & quit the diet (because of diminishing returns) & you gain the weight back. Rinse & repeat, cycle off & on the same 20-30 lbs. People are here because they are looking for a different way, because CICO has worked in the short term but then failed them repeatedly in the LONG run.

Fung proposes that intermittent fasting & low carb dieting prevents the excessive metabolic rate reduction that CICO brings on. He argues that spiking insulin frequently blocks the body from efficiently using stored fat for energy; therefore when dietary energy is scarce, the body lowers the metabolic rate to conserve energy. Preventing insulin spikes allows the body to go to fat stores for energy, so the body can just take energy from dietary sources & grab other needed energy from fat stores, without the need to downregulate the metabolic rate.

With the metabolic rate not moving downward any more than necessary, you should theoretically lose fat & keep it off much easier. I'm not entirely 100% sold on that, but that's his stance. Your best bet is probably to combine all of the strategies - fasting, low carb & calorie counting - but he would probably argue that if you get the former two right then the latter isn't as critical.

Anyways, here are some actual free materials people can review if they are interested:


Main website with free articles by Dr. Jason Fung:

Other free articles by Dr. Jason Fung:

Controlling the Body’s ‘Fat Thermometer’

The (Lack of) Evidence for Caloric Restriction in Weight Loss

The Useless Concept of ‘Calories’

The Science of Why Caloric Restriction Fails

What Is The Difference Between Fasting And Caloric Restriction?

Why Fasting Succeeds Where Caloric Restriction Fails


The Obesity Code by Dr. Jason Fung


Video: Dr. Fung lecture on fasting, calories, weight loss, etc

u/Captain-Popcorn · 3 pointsr/intermittentfasting

Most people start with 16/8, meaning eat during an 8 hour period, and abstain for 16 (including sleep). For most this means skipping breakfast and no snacking.

Another version is 20/4 sometimes called the warrior diet. All food consumed within 4 hours.

Still another is eating one large meal a day (normally dinner, although i have done lunch). OMAD. Basically 23/1.

Here are some resources i have collected that are helpful to people getting started. Good luck.

Intermittent fasting - good intro video:

Good second video (rewind if needed).

Good write up

DietDoctor website:

Brad Pilon website:

Dave Asprey website:

Third video. Interview with Fung.

Great book - The Obesity Code (can likely get at library)

u/Iowa_Dave · 1 pointr/intermittentfasting

>Can I drink water or unsweetened tea...

All you want!

If you want a really great resource, read Dr. Jason Fung's Complete Guide to Fasting.

It has all the info you need to fast safely and comfortably. It's also great motivation!

u/livmaygray99 · 3 pointsr/intermittentfasting

Hey!! We have like the same routine!! Minus the 24 hr fast.

I suggest this scale!!


It breaks down your body fat percentage, BMI, water weight, skeletal muscle, etc...

It is awesome! It feels good to see that just because lbs aren’t coming off it doesn’t mean I’m not losing in other ways!!

u/mmfl · 4 pointsr/intermittentfasting

This happened to me too! Someone on Reddit recommended these and they saved my life! Not going to resize until I order my wedding band 😊

u/AntiLaura · 2 pointsr/intermittentfasting

You can try Keto-ade. I make it with ice, water, bottled lemon juice drops, a decent dash of "lite salt", and you can always add some stevia drops but I don't. Also, some people use those Mio drops as well.


It's really great! You just have to not overdo it.

u/kjohtx · 2 pointsr/intermittentfasting

Takeya 10310 Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker with Airtight Lid & Silicone Handle, 1 Quart, Black - Made in USA BPA-Free Dishwasher-Safe

Get yourself one of those. I have 3. They’re dishwasher safe. We rotate thru pitchers. If you make the coffee the night before, it’s ready to drink in the morning.

Edit: sorry for the crappy formatting. Hopefully making tomorrow’s cold brew after the kiddos go to bed will make things easier.

Edit 2: If you have a Costco membership, I know they have some good quality coffee for less.

u/Measured-Success · 2 pointsr/intermittentfasting

I highly recommend this scale.

I bought it in 2016 and zero issues and never changed the batteries. I was on the market for a scale and bought a few and this was the winner. Bottomline, it’s accurate and extremely consistent. (Inconsistent scales are a huge pet peeve of mine.)

u/DreadyVapor · 5 pointsr/intermittentfasting

Jason Fung's blog is where many people get started. He has a whole series on fasting (intermittent and otherwise). You can get started here:

He also has a book that was published in October, The Complete Guide to Fasting, which is supposed to be very good.

Lastly, has great info on LCHF and fasting. Here's that link:

u/shannanigins · 3 pointsr/intermittentfasting

Recently finished reading The Complete Guide to Fasting (amazon). A lot of the book overlaps Dr. Fung's blog posts (site) but at the end of the book there are some explanations of different fasting styles and why Dr. Fung might recommend one or another for various situations. Might be helpful!

u/heathbarrrr · 1 pointr/intermittentfasting

I just recently bought the Weight Gurus scale from amazon, i think we spent $55 on it? it has an app that you can connect via bluetooth and it sends all the metrics to your phone and creates a neat little graph. i had a body fat scan in the doctors office and my scale was about 2% off. so it's not 100% reliable but you can't expect to get that kind of technology for a bathroom scale under $100. :) but it gives you your weight, body fat %, muscle mass, bone, and hydration levels. scale

u/skibbi9 · 1 pointr/intermittentfasting

I would look at some of the recent top posts-

There are a lot of people here who have been trimming from the 300-400 lb range and have posted their CICO and method.

Get the Zero App, Get a good water bottle, bunch of people use the renpho scale ( )
Read up from Dr Fung, Dr Rhonda Patrick, Dr Panda, Etc
Consider a good multivitamin and electrolytes and get moving!

u/ThunderNecklace · -1 pointsr/intermittentfasting

Your acerbic tone guarantees I'm not willing to put in the effort to copy/paste information from the index for you. I completed reading the book this morning and confirmed a nice index for personal review is included at the end.

If you're interested in learning a bit more about nutrition, particularly in regards to weight, obesity, and weight loss, then I would recommend the book I just read. It's called The Obesity Code.

If you have the energy to be a smartass on the internet, then maybe try actually being smart first.

u/mschepac · 20 pointsr/intermittentfasting

Looks like it’s time for some of these . Congrats!

u/junamuno84 · 1 pointr/intermittentfasting

Cold Brew is a good solution if regular coffee is too bitter for you. However, there are a few tips to avoid bitterness in cold brew. I recommend investing in a cold brew maker. and a coffee grinder. The grinder might be too much for some, but I love the result I get. Buy decent quality, whole bean coffee, grind it coarse (to the texture of corn meal), use filtered water. I start by adding a little bit of warm water (around 160 degrees) and the rest room temperature. Put it in the fridge for at least 24 hours, but no more than 48.

u/prendes4 · 5 pointsr/intermittentfasting

RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale - FDA Approved - Smart BMI Scale Digital Bathroom Wireless Weight Scale, Body Composition Analyzer with Smartphone App, 396 lbs

There's the link to the one I got.

u/IlikeBeer1001 · 2 pointsr/intermittentfasting

mortens lite salt... you can make your own gatorade with crystal lite packets. it is perfect because you are deficient for potassium on keto and you are not going to find an effective potassium supplement as it can kill you if abused so they ban it out right but allow it for low sodium diets aka lite salt.... also has calcium, sodium and magnesium, good balance 1/4 teaspoon once or twice a day depending on exercise should do you <fine>(

u/Whitey_Bulger · 1 pointr/intermittentfasting

I find that bean quality doesn't matter much at all if you're making cold brew. I use a Toddy maker and cheap beans from Costco. No acid at all, tastes delicious black, hot or iced. One pot lasts me about two weeks. It definitely helps to grind your own beans, though. Grinders are pricey, but it's a one-time expense.

u/thattimewhenwe · 6 pointsr/intermittentfasting

Magnesium! This seems to be a common problem with IF. Start adding way more leafy greens, pumpkin seeds and avocados, and/or supplement with magnesium.
I like Natural Calm:
It works immediately, so I keep some around for when I get that restless feeling.

u/plasticookies · 1 pointr/intermittentfasting

You should have a look at this book:

It's written by a nephrologist from Toronto who has successfully guided many of his diabetic patients through IF and other types of fasting.

u/MadeleinesMom · 1 pointr/intermittentfasting

I recently purchased this one: It was recommended by a friend and the price was right. I like it, and the app is cool, but it must be broken because I haven't lost any weight since purchasing it. ;-)

u/rebelolemiss · 7 pointsr/intermittentfasting

A guy over at r/fasting is on something like 100 days and he's only had vitamins and this stuff:

Full disclosure: I know nothing about fasting other than what I've read on here. I am trying 16:8 for the first time today, though :) and this is my first post in here!

u/kevingharvey · 2 pointsr/intermittentfasting

Try Thai tea with a cold brew. I use this: Thai Iced Tea Traditional Restaurant Style,16 oz (1LB.)

And this:
Takeya Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker with Airtight Seal & Silicone Handle, Made in USA, 1-Quart, Black

It's a very smooth, interesting taste.

u/sovmen · 3 pointsr/intermittentfasting

Dr. Jason Fung and Gary Taubes are incredible resources.
Dr. Fung places more of an emphasis on IF/extended fasting than Tabues.

If anything, watch this talk Dr. Fung gave at a conference about CICO. This talk is from last year and is primarily about fasting.

If you like books these are essential:

Why We Get Fat and What to Do About It

The Complete Guide to Fasting

Both books are written as easily comprehensible "science" books. You won't learn the inner workings of the hypothalamus but you are reading academically backed (and cited) results.

u/HairyJefe · 2 pointsr/intermittentfasting

RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Smart BMI Scale Digital Bathroom Wireless Weight Scale, Body Composition Analyzer with Smartphone App 396lbs - Black

u/My57Vettes · 2 pointsr/intermittentfasting

RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Smart BMI Scale Digital Bathroom Wireless Weight Scale, Body Composition Monitors Analyzer with Smartphone App 396 lbs digital weight scale - Black

u/therealdrewder · 59 pointsr/intermittentfasting

Fitindex Bluetooth Body Fat Scale, FITINDEX Smart Wireless Digital Bathroom Weight Scale Body Composition Monitor Health Analyzer with Smartphone App for Body Weight, Fat, Water, BMI, BMR, Muscle Mass

u/SapientSerpent · 2 pointsr/intermittentfasting

This, scales on amazon are 20ish bucks, worth it

Bluetooth Body Fat Scale,...

For example

u/IvoryNage · 3 pointsr/intermittentfasting

Also lots of people recommend this book for more information. Haven't read it myself though

The Complete Guide to Fasting: Heal Your Body Through Intermittent, Alternate-Day, and Extended Fasting

u/Cro370z · 10 pointsr/intermittentfasting

It’s relatively easy. Many people think it’s super hard but it’s not. When you get hunger cramps you’re actually thirsty so drinking a lot of water is key. What helped me the first few weeks was sparkling water (La-Croix) with 0 calories and sugar. After about 3-4 weeks your body adjusts. Black coffee also helps.

My number one advice for all of you guys is buy a smart scale because it helps you keep track not just of weight but BMI, Body fat, etc. it really motivates you. Every 2-3 days measure yourself in the morning after taking a piss and you have to be fully naked no socks for accurate measurements. Maybe one day I’ll make a video on my experience with more tips as I see a lot of people struggle with this. Good luck!

u/ilalli · 6 pointsr/intermittentfasting

Bought this one because it was an $8 lightning deal on Amazon. So far so good. I plan on trying this and this eventually. I personally prefer a capsule supplement over an electrolyte gel, chew, or beverage. It's also possible to make your own electrolyte water (see: "Snake Juice").

u/commitballad · 5 pointsr/intermittentfasting

I’m in the same boat! I found these size adjusters on amazon and I’m going to try them.

u/mox1979 · 1 pointr/intermittentfasting

Also a fan of And to anyone looking at the site, want to automate the data entry, but don't want to spend $130+ on a scale, there are other options. For example, I use this scale:

And their app syncs with my fitbit account, which in turn syncs with No need for an actual fitbit or their scale.

As for CICO, and I'm genuinely curious, but if you're not hitting your goals, what other options are available to you besides eating less (CI) or exercising more (CO)?

u/RudgeJeinhold · 20 pointsr/intermittentfasting

There's a lot of speculation (evidence?) that CICO isn't a great way to measure and it's largely about insulin (I'm by no means well educated here, just some things I've read). There are people who track, eat MORE than their TDEE and drop the weight. Check out Dr. Jason Fung - I just read his book, very enlightening.

u/matkyne · 3 pointsr/intermittentfasting

The App I use is Fitindex. The Bluetooth scale ($20) is available on Amazon.

u/fatsthlmswede · 3 pointsr/intermittentfasting

Assuming that she believes in science have her read the following book It has links to hundreds of scientific articles.

u/MNGopher23 · 1 pointr/intermittentfasting

I think this contains just about everything you need to know in regards to fasting.


u/becaboo5 · 2 pointsr/intermittentfasting

Hii! I’ve been using this for a couple months

I put 5 drops per 8 oz of water and it keeps me regular too because of the magnesium! I probably consume about 40 drops of it a day.

u/mimtek · 1 pointr/intermittentfasting

This is the one I bought:

Takeya 10310 Patented Deluxe Cold Brew Iced Coffee Maker with Airtight Lid & Silicone Handle, 1 Quart, Black - Made in USA BPA-Free Dishwasher-Safe

u/amf0324 · 1 pointr/intermittentfasting

You should really read Dr. Fung's book, or listen to the audiobook. It's phenomenal.

u/adiabatic · 4 pointsr/intermittentfasting

OMAD. The Obesity Code says that the only thing that lowers insulin is time. If you want to reduce your insulin spikes during meals, shift your foods to ones with lower insulin indexes. This means moving to a low-carb, moderate-to-high-fat diet.

In general, carbs spike your insulin more than proteins and proteins spike your insulin more than fats. Fats don't raise your insulin levels. That said, there's wide variation in insulin responses even among different types of carbs and among different types of protein sources.

u/beastmode10x · 1 pointr/intermittentfasting

Dr. Jason Fung on YouTube! He also has written a several books.

u/video_descriptionbot · 1 pointr/intermittentfasting

Title | Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss w/ Jason Fung, MD
Description | Dr. Jason Fung discusses how fasting changed your hormones, enhances fat loss and why it doesn't lead to muscle loss. ➢ Complete Guide to Fasting w/ Jimmy Moore ➢ The Obesity Code: ➢Sponsored by XYMOGEN: *Get the best Berberine HCl product avail: ➢ Read the Interview Transcript: -----------------------------------------Lets Connect------------------------...
Length | 1:09:23


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u/FlyingPasta · 3 pointsr/intermittentfasting

Broscientifically, potassium is supposed to balance out the sodium intake.

Why do you think you're craving so much salt? It makes sense to want salt after a 48hr fast with lots of water, because you're flushing the necessary sodium out of your body. Do you feel worse if you reduce sodium? Is it purely a craving?

You can also buy this reduced sodium/added potassium salt that I use:

u/00Lisa00 · 2 pointsr/intermittentfasting

Electrolyte Supplement for Rapid Hydration | NO Calories NO Sugar | 20%+ More Potassium, Magnesium & Zinc | Keto Flu & Leg Cramp Relief | 48 Servings