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u/benide · 3 pointsr/itsnotover

Congrats on the run today! Remember when you do something like this to focus on how good it is that you did it, not on the times that you didn't do it.

> If I loved the reward of these things, why was it so hard to do them?

You have very strong neural pathways already built that are counter productive. You might add The Upward Spiral to your reading list if you want to learn some details. This book has been integral to breaking out of some habits caused by my depression. It's very scientifically motivated. In fact, I get the feeling that it's a colloquial rewrite of this guy's PhD thesis, though I never looked that up to see if it's true.

I'll have to think about what my core areas would be...

u/Phil_McRack · 2 pointsr/itsnotover

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate the advice. It is priceless. Thank you.

  1. I agree completely. It is easier said than done, but I agree. I am actually reading this book called The Power Of Habit. The author mentioned something called "keystone" habits. These habits were small, but once developed they would develop into other habits. What you are saying reminded me of these.

  2. I'm glad you used consumerism as goals, because I am very materialistic. So that worked out perfect.

    I really liked your two steps. I will give them a shot! I will let you know how it goes in future posts!
u/NotYourMomsGayPorn · 1 pointr/itsnotover

Absolutely. I saw the post regarding the last book you read Is this new one also a motivation/business/perspective type, or something different? What are your top 3 most life-changing or life-affirming that you've read? What was the last book that sucked you in more than you had expected?