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u/pixel_of_moral_decay · 3 pointsr/jerseycity

It's extremely easy to DIY. I'd strongly recommend visiting YouTube. Most customization shops will likely do it, but AFAIK it's not that common of a task due to how simple it really is to do. There's videos for pretty much any popular car model.

A screw driver, some zip ties and maybe a knife or pair of wire strippers is all you'll likely need to do it right.

In case anyone is curious here's what's involved:

  1. Stick camera where you want it (likely behind rear view mirror as high as possible).
  2. Tuck wire between headliner and roof of car, you can use a little tape if needed, in most cars it's not really needed if there's some tension. You're wiring towards normally towards the driver side A pillar in most cases since that's where the fuse box is, however in a few cars it's on the passenger side. Check your manual it will tell you. Leave a little slack for adjustments by the camera. Just a tiny bit of slack by the pillar.
  3. When you get to the A pillar, there's normally some clips/screws that you need to remove and the plastic trim comes right off. It's made to easily come off. If your car has an curtain airbags they are here, so a little caution is needed. You can remove the neutral cable from the battery to fully disarm if you're really nervous but they aren't THAT sensitive, it's not like they inflate if you go over one of our many glorious potholes. Just don't punch the damn thing. For almost all cars there's a bunch of wires behind the airbag that go down into the dashboard. Use some zip ties and secure your new cable to those existing ones. The important thing here is to keep your new cable behind the airbag at all times, so you don't obstruct it. Just follow the existing cabling.
  4. Tuck that cable down the hole at the bottom of the a pillar and feed it down to where the drivers. You may want/need to unclip some plastic down there by the foot well.
  5. The ground wire can be secured to any metal part that touches the frame. There's always some screws you can remove one and use that to screw down the ground wire. Now you're half wired.
  6. Now the positive goes into the fuse box. Since you almost certainly won't have spares, you'll need to tap something. No worries that's simple just a matter of what to tap. You can find a fuse tap for cheap on amazon or any auto parts store. Note there's different sizes. Your manual will tell you what you need or just ask at an auto parts store and they can look it up. Look in your manual for what is what, you want to tap something non-critical. Obvious reasons. It's normally a table of each fuse position and what they power. For example the radio. Something that turns off when the car is off, but works when your car is on. Pull the appropriate fuse, put the tap in, then put the fuse in the tap. Then crimp the wire from your dashcam to your tap.

    That's really it. All that is a detailed way of saying "thread the wire around your windshield to the fuse box then bolt the neutral to bare metal and put the positive in your fuse box tapping a non-critical fuse that's only energized when the car is on."
u/objectimpermanence · 4 pointsr/jerseycity

I just have a casual interest in this stuff. You can find a lot of things online if you google something like “railroads in New Jersey” or check out the old threads on sites like

Or you can start with the timeline here and google anything that seems interesting.
This book is pretty interesting too.

u/benalene · 2 pointsr/jerseycity

Just don't call it bbq if you are grilling.

In all seriousness, though, if it is a gas grill, you can pretty much treat it like a gas stove + grill marks. If you are using charcoal, then there can be a trick to lighting it. Some charcoal "bricks" are pretreated to light quickly, but if you get natural lump charcoal, you either need lighter fluid (which can leave a taste), or be patient and use newspaper/paper bags to help light it. Having one of these helps immensely if you are going the non-lighter fluid route. And it is cheap.

u/cC2Panda · 3 pointsr/jerseycity

It's a cheat, but I try my best to down a liter of water with a packet of this after drinking. Helps in the morning too, just not as much.

u/JorgeCS · 3 pointsr/jerseycity

The Last Three Miles is a great book on the construction of the Pulaski Skyway and all the politics and nastiness that went on behind the scenes. Some great Hague anecdotes.

u/jonhuang · 1 pointr/jerseycity

If you have extra USB ports, you can also easily add a bit of space like this:

$36 per 128 gigs. It won't be as fast as a hard drive, but good enough for file storage.

u/davebozo · 1 pointr/jerseycity i would check this out as well.

good book on a very specific building/neighborhood in downtown.

u/v3ra1ynn · 1 pointr/jerseycity

Make sure you get yourself a pretty heavy duty chain and lock it up to something that can't be cut easily. Something like this. It may seem like overkill but if its parked outside without something like this its only a matter of time before it gets lifted.

u/xienon · 4 pointsr/jerseycity

I just bought 900 bags for 2 cents each on Amazon. Definitely not using any fewer bags than before.

u/Falstaff23 · 2 pointsr/jerseycity

I keep something like this in my backpack all the time nowadays.

Reusable Grocery Bags Set, Grocery Tote Foldable into Attached Pouch, Ripstop Polyester Reusable Shopping Bags, Washable, Durable and Lightweight (Moss) ...

u/PeterNem · 1 pointr/jerseycity

40th floor here and have a cheap thin wall mount antenna stuck to an internal wall inside a closet and have no issues with reception (something like this) - so I'm not sure this is neccesarilly true. Probably more to do with the direction you face - it's all broadcast from the top of the Empire State building so your line of sight to that and how much is between you and it probably makes more different than the floor you're on.

Have it connected to one of these rather than a TV and then stream it.

u/Peach-Os · 1 pointr/jerseycity

I have the Coleman Converta Cot, got it off Amazon. Coleman Converta Cot(TM)

I never use it anymore, and it's barely used as it, so I'm actually selling mine for $15

u/indiobravo · 3 pointsr/jerseycity

This should be a requirement for everyone who lives here.

u/wakasm · 1 pointr/jerseycity

I picked up a ARRIS SURFboard SB6141 DOCSIS 3.0 Cable Modem. It was also on sale when I did so. However here is a list of potential modems. My only requirement for it was it was 1 Gig minimum and 3 star cert, and then I have my own flashed router for my network.

u/inspectre_ecto · 1 pointr/jerseycity

Hey there - I bought a Mediasonic Homeworx HW110AN and it really suits my needs. Granted, there are stronger and "better" HD antennas out there, but this was under $10 and I don't have issues with it unless there is severe weather. Even then, it's not bad. I am on the south side of Mercer Street with a north facing window. So, my antenna points directly towards Manhattan.

u/AsSubtleAsABrick · 3 pointsr/jerseycity

The underlying premise is that free/cheap parking is bad. It causes inefficiencies in the whole system. The article indirectly references this book.