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u/onejdc · 1 pointr/k12sysadmin

So, one word of advice is to define what your goals are.

  • Do you only care about catching vandals?
  • Do you want entrance/exit visibility in case of an active shooter situation?
  • Are you also looking to handle discipline cases?
  • Who needs access to footage? Central/Admin Office? Principals? School Resource Officers?
  • Do you require/want authentication?
  • Do you want a closed circuit system, ethernet/poe system (IP), something in between?

    Answering these questions will help guide your decision process. Having said, I like some of the following offerings Sony's OnSSI, Cisco's Video Surveillance Manager, and Trendnet

    These are larger offerings, and I would also recommend using a consultant to make any of these happen.

    If you're in need of something much smaller, quick-n-dirty, the Arlo indoor/outdoor system isn't bad (can get from Best Buy) and I've heard ravings about the Canary video system as well from some smaller schools.

    In the meantime, not the WORST idea in the world to look into a fake camera or 2 to at least try and deter the less malevolent.
u/imadethis2014 · 1 pointr/k12sysadmin

This: the only one I've used that worth anything. Another version without the metal case but a plastic one, and almost identical internals is sold by black box. Both are actually/probably made by Icron. These units are the few that actually support USB 2.0 specs and require a dedicated CAT5e between them (yes, it's technically Ethernet, but the spec is a little different and you can't plug a switch in between, they have to be connected direct)

This thing:

...has also worked pretty good for me, but not all USB2.0 devices seem to work with it. Also you have to manually reconnect it every once in awhile, and there was no way to set it with a static IP on the network (other than DHCP reservation) which I found pretty annoying.

u/cawfee · 3 pointsr/k12sysadmin

I don't think $50 is going to get you anything ceiling-mounted and powerful enough to cover a regular classroom, even with the fanciest little speaker you can get at that price range. That said, if the projector has USB ports to keep it charged, I have good experiences with this model in terms of sound quality and volume:

But once again, this isn't really a problem you can sufficiently fix for $50. We use these in a classroom setting:

They sell ceiling mount brackets for them as well and have excellent coverage. Just make sure you have accessible power plugs near the mounting tile.

u/biffnix · 2 pointsr/k12sysadmin

I second the use of Ubiquiti wireless bridges. You'll get plenty of bandwidth, very low cost ($300 per pair, or even less for the Nanobeam ACs, only $200/pair), very simple to configure. They even have these 900MHz pair for not-exactly-line-of-sight connections. We've blown through a line of trees with these for a short throw with no issues, and get 60Mbps throughput, full duplex.

Unless you're streaming multiple 4K video streams, it's a solid solution. Those small Nanobeams work great, as well. We've used a pair to connect a portable, when it was too expensive to trench over to it, and have used them for connections over 3 miles, with about 120Mbps full duplex. This is in the Sierra Nevada, so pretty harsh weather every winter - lots of snow and ice, and haven't had weather-related failures. In any case, they're so cheap it's trivial to have a shelf spare in case a radio dies.

Whatever you choose, good luck!

u/gaz2600 · 7 pointsr/k12sysadmin

CBT Nuggets has lots of networking related training videos, CompTIA Net+ to the advanced Cisco stuff. DNS specifically is something I've been searching for also, the best I've found is a book called "DNS on Windows Server 2003" and I did contact the author on Twitter and asked if there would be a new version, he replied he had not thought about it but would ask the coauthor, never heard back.


DNS is also covered a lightly in Active Directory and Windows Server Fundamentals type videos. Microsoft Virtual Academy covers a few minutes on DNS in this module under "Name Resolution"

This Udemy course might be worth it also.

u/Yangoose · 6 pointsr/k12sysadmin

I'm not remotely convinced of the value of Minecraft in Education.

People have been trying this type of thing for a really long time. For example a superman themed mathbook. Kids love Superman so if we combine Superman and math then they'll love math too right? No, actually not really.

Minecraft is being pushed for the same reasons and I actually think it can be counter productive. I see lessons from teachers trying to use Minecraft to explain physics concepts but Minecraft was never meant for that. Using a dynamite/water cannon to show wonky and unreliable results from a crappy physics engine really isn't very productive! The examples go on and on. I've looked at dozens of lesson plans for using Minecraft and I've not been impressed by a single one.

There are lots of ways to engage kids that do a much better job of actually educating them.

u/floydfan · 1 pointr/k12sysadmin

I have this Netgear switch that has worked well in both cold and hot weather. It's in a metal cabinet mounted on a pole near our maintenance building.

One trick I've learned is that if you're concerned about cold weather, put the equipment in a small cabinet and install an incandescent lightbulb in the cabinet. This will radiate enough heat to keep everything warm enough. A guy I know uses this trick to keep his plants alive in his garage over the winter.

I also just got through installing these babies to get connectivity to our bus garage and offices. The run is just over 1/10 of a mile, and I set them up as bridged so that equipment on the remote end still finds the main building's DHCP server. I could not be happier with their performance so far.

u/J_de_Silentio · 2 pointsr/k12sysadmin

We use dish racks with cables ties and friction tape on top of the counters. Sounds cheesy as hell, but it works really well. Teachers that did have cabinets or carts asked for them to be remove and the dish racks installed. Security has not been an issue.

As long as you have 30 or less, power shouldn't be an issue. If you're plugging 60+ into a wall outlet, you'll pop circuits. Some carts have ways to mitigate this by cycling power on and off to 10 or so at a time.

u/Net_Monk · 9 pointsr/k12sysadmin

We've used the StarTech ST122LE with a lot of success for a few years now.

u/flunky_the_majestic · 2 pointsr/k12sysadmin

I have never had a problem with any USB audio adapter on Chromebook, and have used several. Most recently, we used this one:

But yours probably would be fine, too. It seems USB audio must be pretty standard the way HID devices are.

u/altodor · 1 pointr/k12sysadmin

Any hypothetical kids I will have, will have one of these.
Please install an MDM on it.

u/jududdar · 1 pointr/k12sysadmin

Here's one similar to what has been posted, but doesn't require software:

I used to have an old Belkin one that worked well. Had 4 inputs and 4 ouputs with external power. Used it at work in a test lab so each PC (with different OS) had access to printer, scanner, and an electronic signature pad.

u/INTPx · 1 pointr/k12sysadmin

These are as durable as any non stamped metal vendor supplied product I've ever used. They have other sizes too, just look for permanent durable. As for incremental counter, you can do a fill down in a spreadsheet and use a code 128 font with the proper trigger characters leading and trailing.

u/termanader · 2 pointsr/k12sysadmin

I have installed two pairs of them in the last two months.

FWIW, I don't have much networking experience, and I had very little trouble getting these up and running. There is an app I installed on my phone, the app allows you to do most things remotely, from configuring them to updating firmware. it is really slick.

The antenna ($90 a piece), 1000ft of TOUGHCable ($150), Ubiquiti Universal Antenna Mount ($30 a piece), plus the cost of running cable from the antenna to a closet. Use the TOUGHcable for going through the external wall and connecting to the antenna, put a keystone jack just inside, and use regular cat5/6 on the internal runs.