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u/Mizzazz · 2 pointsr/katawashoujo

I don't really have the time to do a fully fledged critique right now, but the most prominent issue to me is your line work. It's very chicken-scratchy and not confident. The quality of line is what separates okay artists from great artists, and you will be able to sketch a LOT quicker once you get better at it.

This reddit has some great resources and lessons

It's by a guy who did lessons with a well known artist at CDA (Concept Design Academy), this guy is a freaking genius and I can only hope to even scratch the surface of his ability!

The owner of this sub also recommends this book - Which I'm sure you can get in a more illegitimate manner, but it's fantastic and a must-have for any budding artist.

I want to recommend this to /u/Anagram-Daine, too, if he's here at all.

As a final note, this video on line weights is great, too.

Line weight can really help establish forms in your work without needing to add value, and being able to think in 3D forms can help a lot. The idea behind this is that you simplify everything you see into primitive shapes, such as boxes, spheres, cylinders and cones. All of these shapes can be warped, distorted and bent to form anything you can possibly think of, so being able to know these shapes and how light would pass over them will give you the ability to draw ANYTHING, should you know what it looks like.

Have fun!

u/ForTheEvulz · 10 pointsr/katawashoujo

I think I might be able to help you out here. The track "Red Velvet" is a slow, pretty jazzy track, and so I think I'd begin by recommending Beegie Adair, whose albums are all jazzy easy listening tunes. I'm afraid I can't point you to any specific album though; I only have one of them, Parisian Cafe, and that doesn't seem to fit the mood and theme that "Velvet" has. In the same vein, I think you could definitely find something you like by looking at the easy listening genre in general. The L.A. Noire soundtrack might have a few things for you, like the tracks Minor 9th, Redemption Pt. 3, and Noire Clarinet. Also look into a Frank Sinatra album, In the Wee Small Hours, which has lots of tracks with a similar pacing, but with a gloomier mood than "Velvet."

For specific songs with vaguely similar and mood, the three I can think of are all songs from the brony fandom, which you may or may not like, I dunno. They are Luna (Nightlife Jazz Mode), Winter Jazz Up, and Becoming Jazzular. "Jazzular" and "Jazz Up" are quite a bit faster tempo than "Velvet," but I feel they're similar enough anyways to be worth mentioning (and yes, I dislike the puns just as much as you do).

For songs that are similarly relaxed in mood, but with a faster pace, I think you might want to look at songs like "No Hay Problema" from Pink Martini's album Sympathique. Also think about Milt Buckner's "The Beast", which is quite a bit different from "Velvet," but might be something you like.

For songs that, kinda similar, consider songs like Leonard Cohen's "Dance Me to the End of Love". I think "Dance" has got a more dreamy, floating feel to it than "Velvet" has, but you might like it, who knows.

Here's a brief summary of the artists, songs, and albums I mentioned:

Beege Adair

Minor 9th, Redemption Pt. 3, Noire Clarinet

In the Wee Small Hours](

Luna (Nightlife Jazz Mode),
Winter Jazz Up,
Becoming Jazzular

No Hay Problema

The Beast

Dance Me to the End of Love

If none of the tracks I mentioned really interested you, feel free to mention another song you like, so I can give you different recommendations. You should do this especially if you liked tracks from Katawa Shoujo's OST like "Wiona." I fancy myself quite the fan in quietly emotional piano solos from soundtracks, and I can talk your ear off with recommendations. Finally, be warned that while I directed to Amazon's album listings, you can frequently find better prices at a site called eMusic (though their selection is quite a bit more limited).

u/WolfyB · 2 pointsr/katawashoujo

You could run one day and walk the next and that would probably be fine. I'll let you decide what to do, but just make sure to pay attention to your body. Particularly your shins, knees, heels, etc. If you experience any prolonged pain in those areas that take a lot of abuse during running give yourself time to recuperate.

Pushing yourself if fine, but only to a point especially when you aren't in very good shape. Also I would extremely recommend looking into getting some good running shoes and sticking to soft surfaces like grass rather than asphalt.

Here are some very good sources for running injuries and choosing running shoes

Finally, there are some good running shoes I'd recommend here and here. I'm going to be buying one of these very soon as my old ones have worn down quite a bit, I personally am leaning more towards the New Balance ones because they seem to have the best reviews but its up to you to choose whichever ones you want.

I hope this helps and whatever you do make sure you stick to it no matter what. Never give yourself any excuse to not run today and always look forward to your morning run and get pumped as to not begin to loathe waking up in the morning because that is how people end up quitting. If you don't already, I would get an mp3 player of some kind and get a playlist of fast, high energy music to keep you going on your longer runs once you get better. Anyway good luck and I wish you the best!

u/agentgruer · 2 pointsr/katawashoujo
  • I am not a voice actor for the anime, just a writer for it

    Personally, I recommend either the Blue Yeti or the Blue Snowball

    I own and use the Blue Yeti, and my work places uses them too. They are wonderful mics, but are a bit pricey. I haven't used the Snowball, but it is still a great sounding mic. A good handful of pod-casters swear by the Snowball, and Day9, the Starcraft caster, also uses it for his daily videos.
u/CplCrud · 1 pointr/katawashoujo

My Bad: - UK Link - AU Link - JP Link - CA Link

There are other links as well if you need them.

It looks like support is almost starting to pick up, and the reviews are starting to come in. 5 stars for the first review. Please keep them coming!

Also happy to use this thread as an AMA for Zemlya or for KS if that helps.

u/Anthrozil7 · 5 pointsr/katawashoujo

This player (or the 8gb version) has served me incredibly well. I've owned two of them over the past four years. They have fantastic audio quality and format compatibility. It also has a micro SD card slot, so I'd recommend getting the 4gb version and adding an SD card. The built-in clip is more useful than you might imagine at first too. The default UI/firmware is definetly alright, but for more features check out Rockbox, which is an open source firmware replacment for a wide variety of music players.

It is just a music player though. It specializes in music, and does that well. For something more like an iPod Touch, there are a few Android music players. I can't give an opinion on any of them though. I went straight from the Clip+ to my Nexus 7.

u/uomo91 · 24 pointsr/katawashoujo

Suriko and Aura seemed to be around in the KS IRC pretty regularly, /u/cplcrud also hangs out there in addition to posting on this sub.

cplcrud still writes and recently published this.

Raemz AKA Weee does art for lots of things, including this VN pretty recently. She has a patreon.

Last I heard Suriko is writing for two VN projects as well.

TheHivemind does a podcast as well as a serial fiction

u/Arodyrok · 3 pointsr/katawashoujo

The pattern on his sweatervest is called "Argyle" so if you search "Argyle sweatervest" you'll get results. Go to any department store that has a men section and you'll probably find one. Argyle is a popular style for casual-formal mens clothing, or at least it was when I worked in various department stores when I was a teenager.

Two amazon links for those that care:

u/Valjean_Lafitte · 3 pointsr/katawashoujo

I think you'd make a great Hanako! Just apply a bit of bacon burn makeup, and, depending on whether or not you want to go the realistic route, dye your hair purple and you'll be good to go!

Actually..this might sound weird and a bit random, especially if you're not a Disney/Pixar fan, but the way your hair is partially covering your face in this picture also reminds me of Violet (a.k.a Invisigirl) from The Incredibles.

u/Nairu · 1 pointr/katawashoujo

It is indeed an actual flavour my friend, Lipton do it. Relevant

u/Sawta · 1 pointr/katawashoujo

Ah, I can see how that might cause a few problems.

I'm surprised that they hadn't considered something like this during the development cycle. I have been reading a book on Indie Game Development and it covers most of the questions that you just asked over the course of three or four chapters and repeatedly emphasizes the point to work these details out, and have people sign paperwork if necessary, before shipping the product, free or otherwise.

u/Mirrormn · 1 pointr/katawashoujo

I was honestly thinking of offering to buy him one of these... but, really, it wouldn't help that much. The room he plays in just has too much ambient noise, I think, and although a high quality directional microphone with proper positioning could cut down on the ambient noise a fair bit, it wouldn't eliminate it. His piano needs tuning, too. Also it would be weird to buy things for a stranger on the internet.

u/zhujik · 1 pointr/katawashoujo

Also here is the link to the german Amazon product page: link

u/AlienWarhead · 1 pointr/katawashoujo

I ordered this one I should it Tuesday, I only had to pay shipping because Amazon gave me a $15 promo code because my copy of Fire Emblem Fates Special edition came late from them

u/Jelly-chan · 9 pointsr/katawashoujo

No, what i mean is different. There are toilets with a lot of weird functions (like playing music and other obscure stuff) and one of those being spraying or squirting water. But a bidet works too i guess.

Edit: Something like this but more andvanced and already built into the toilet

Edit 2: Found a thing

u/liliumauratum · 3 pointsr/katawashoujo

Seems to be "Billy Budd and Other Stories" by Herman Melville.

Amazon Link

u/Atario · 1 pointr/katawashoujo

It involves one of these and some squatting

u/man_and_machine · 1 pointr/katawashoujo

Here are a few of the artworks of Hanako that I think resemble Mikasa a bit. This one especially.

And just for kicks, here's a picture of Lilly that reminds me of I think Annie. It's been a while since I've watched SnK and I haven't been keeping up with the manga so I've forgotten a lot of the characters.

I also have this picture of Miki that reminds me a lot of Ayanami Rei from Neon Genesis Evangelion. Just cause I'm looking through Katawa Shoujo artwork where characters resemble other characters.