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u/Dissostu · 1 pointr/ketamine

Helpful info on the best water to use.
I use cold tap water. I also filter through a micron filter into 10ml amber glass resealable vials. I make my own bacteriostatic water by doing cold tap water with .09% benzyl alcohol. This ends up being 9.1ml of water and .09ml of benzyl alcohol. The benzyl alcohol I get comes in a 50ml resealable sterile bottle.

Here's a link to the 27 gauge 1.25" 3cc sterile needles I get. It comes as one unit with the needle already attached to the syringe. I get my vials, benzyl alcohol, needles, and alcohol wipes from medlabsupply. They have way cheaper pricing and everything you need is on there. Just make sure to get everything you need all at once to avoid paying too much for shipping. I use these 10ml syringes for making the actual solution. You can reuse these as long as you use a fresh micron filter as it will filter any potential bacteria.

You should really research how to do IM injections to avoid getting any abscesses/infections as you can lose a limb. IM is much less forgiving than IV as it's very easy for bacteria to spread in muscle tissue so infection needs to be taken much more seriously. You should be using a fresh needle every time, using alcohol wipes to wipe the top of your bottle of solution if you're using a premade solution, and wiping your injection site before you shoot it every single time.

I'd suggest making solutions since using a micron filter is much safer than a cotton ball. It makes it easier since you can just filter your entire solution at once and use only a single wheel/micron filter for one or two solutions (assuming your doing 10ml solutions). Then your whole vial is filtered and sterile and you don't have to worry about it until you go through the whole vial (1 gram of k per 10ml vial).

As far as injection sites the thigh is definitely the easiest and most forgiving. I'd say glutes are second. I just alternate between each thigh muscle personally. If I did it more often I'd do each thigh muscle and then one or both glutes (choose the one on the same side as your dominant hand if just doing one).

Here's a link that shows your how to find the site properly. Here's another one showing injection sites, how to find them, and how to do IM injections safely. This one is a good video for finding the injection for glutes and where your sciatic nerve is. Even after you know how to find the sites you should still look up images of the nerves that run through the given muscle you plan on injecting into. That way you can know exactly what you're avoiding and it'll will prevent accidentally hitting one.

u/Dr_DeathMD · 3 pointsr/ketamine

Pretty simple really. First you'd want a nasal spray bottle like [this] ( They hold 1oz/30ml liquid max with ~0.1ml per spray/pump. Then you'd want to use Distilled water or saline solution preferably, but plain old water would work too. Then just figure out a ratio that works for you. For example if you were to dissolve 1g/1000mg K into 5ml liquid that would be 200mg/ml and roughly 20mg/spray. Or 1g/10ml then end up with 10mg/spray. Add the powder into the spray bottle, put your desired amount of solution in, shake and done. Ketamine is freely soluble in water.

You can look around for different nasal spray bottles as some of them have different amounts of liquid per spray, some let out more than .1ml of liquid per spray.

Not the most effective method if you're trying to do higher doses or k-hole since you'd have to spray a bunch of liquid up your nose but you mentioned lower doses like 30mg so this method should work fine.

u/Zorbithia · 2 pointsr/ketamine

Yup yup. You can get yourself a totally usable milligram range scale (as far as I can recall, it's accurate +/- ~2mg or so). The one I have is the American Weigh AWS Gemini-20 which weighs up to 20 g X 0.001g, comes in a nice little setup with a hinged cover, calibration weight, tweezers and a little metal weighing dish to use that has a sort of funnel kinda tip on it that's perfect to use for filling up capsules and stuff. I paid about $22-23 bucks on Amazon with free shipping, came in a day. Keep in mind you shouldn't measure less than 10mg with this thing, and if you have anything that's requiring exact milligram accuracy where 1 mg in either direction can make a world of difference, obviously you should be using a far more expensive scale because this won't be good for that. But otherwise, for something like K and 90% of drugs/RCs, etc. you can absolutely use this...make sure you're weighing at least 5mg with it and use it away from any fans/wind flow, put a little flat piece of glass or a piece of anti-static weigh paper/wax paper on top of the weighing tray to stop things from sticking to it.


u/riemann_zeta · 3 pointsr/ketamine

This is the best and most convenient way to self adinister ketamine IMO. You can buy metered sprayers on Amazon. They pump 0.10 mL per pump. So five sprays will give a dose of 100 mg. Ketamine max solubility is 1 gram per 5 mL. One baking teaspoon of water is also almost exactly 5 mL and also weighs exactly 5 grams. I would recommend sterile saline eye wash as your dilutant, available at any drug store. To ensure sterility optical solutions contain a preservative like benzalkonium chloride which will keep any funk out of your spray. To tell the truth I've used tap water but if you make big batch a little preservative is nice.

Also, ketamine drip tastes like ass. I recommend one drop and one drop only per spray bottle of peppermint essential oil. It will open your sinuses and kill the taste of the ketamine. But that is strictly optional.

Believe me this works. And it's going to be more effective than key bumps. You are just limited by how much fluid your nasal membranes can absorb at once. But you can discreetly spray every few minutes and be floored. It's not a waste at all. Infiusion clinics prescribe this as aftercare for their patients (it's made at compounding pharmacies). Use the strongest solution you can make, usually a gram per 5 mL. A small amount of heat, like dunking the spray bottle in a cup of hot water can help the ketamine dissolve.

Also if you use preserved saline or bacteriostatic water, you can inject this solution intramuscularly. The bioavailability of IM is about twice that of the nasal ROA. And 100 mg of ketamine shot into your shoulder muscle (where you get a flu shot usually) will rock our world. You will K hole if you don't have a tolerance. Just be lying down because the IM method will hit you hard and fast.

u/GodasSpace · 2 pointsr/ketamine

I recommend taking an actual extra strength supplement if you are using ketamine more than 3 times a week.

u/Vloshko · 2 pointsr/ketamine

Grab an Oximeter just in case you have an anxiety attack while on Ket and feel like your heart is going to beat outta your chest.

If it does happen:

  • Put Oximeter on finger.
  • Lie down.
  • Control your breathing; in through nose out through mouth.
  • Heart rate between 60bpm and 100bpm is good/normal.

    Also, I get IM Ketamine for about $80 per visit. I'd look into the book Ketamine for Depression. It will give you some really great information not only about it's use for Depression but a malady of other issues.
u/transc3nder · 2 pointsr/ketamine

Try not to get angry about it, you can't change the fact that you bought it now. Maybe you could sell it to a friend? At least you know what the crack is now though :)

Imo though, magic bullet or not... using k alone to resolve depression is equivalent to having a bad cut and just bandaging it up... you'll stop the bleeding, but the cut needs stitches. It may sound hippy-esque to some, but look into mindful scanning meditation... I got the technique from this book that explains Buddhist concepts in easy-to-understand terms: book

I imagine different people need a different weapon to beat their depression, this has been and continues to be incredibly helpful for me. I definitely feel happier for putting those concepts into place, although as with anything worth doing... it's not easy. not difficult either, but requires some effort. Meditating was almost impossible for me at first, now I don't even need headphones, I did it in the middle of a banging rave last night to calm myself down before a live electronic set.

u/autodidactdyad · 2 pointsr/ketamine

The metered bottles of Amazon are enough hold 30mL. I usually make in batches of 3.5g s-ketamine to 22.5mL saline, which gives me 15mg per spray.

u/BobsBigInsight · 5 pointsr/ketamine

Clean up that mess properly

I think it comes in gold and silver too 😜

u/evergreenBoys · 2 pointsr/ketamine

Anytime. Right before you k-hole is pretty wicked too.

I put 1 - 3 Nitrous chargers into a Whip cream dispenser and inhale

u/Necromancy4dummies · 1 pointr/ketamine

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u/bdog2398 · 3 pointsr/ketamine

Pharma-quality EMPTY Nasal Pump Sprayers, 20ml (2/3rds oz) 3-pack
These nasal sprayers
Everything else just buy at Walmart or any store really. Just saline nasal spray liquid and peppermint oil/extract

u/so_bendy · 1 pointr/ketamine

Fuck all that hippy bullshit, this is the only thing that will properly unblock your nose from k