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u/JohnnyRockets911 · 9 pointsr/ketochow

Sure! Here is what I personally do for that picture:

  1. Weigh your Nutribullet cup & blade (or whatever blender you have). For example, the Nutribullet Rx 45 oz blender cup and the blade together weigh 720.5 grams.

  2. Pour 375 grams of cold water in Nutribullet Rx 45 oz blender cup.

  3. Add 5 packets of Splenda (Only because I’m using the Base Powder, which means I have to add my own sweetener) (And yes, I made the mistake of not knowing I needed to add sweetener a few times; my god that tasted awful.)

  4. Add 70 grams of Keto Chow Base Powder (5 servings)

  5. Add 150 grams of MyProtein Salted Caramel Together with the peanut butter, it will be roughly 25g protein for each of the 5 KC servings. (If you're using the pre-flavored Keto Chow, of course replace all of these 3 steps with just a single step of adding KC powder. Then re-calculate calories accordingly for how much avocado oil is needed.)

  6. Add 104 grams of Chosen Foods Avocado Oil (Adjust this up or down depending on how many calories you want.)

  7. Add 60 grams of Peter Pan Peanut Butter (200 calories per 32g serving) (Any peanut butter will do; this one is just cheap.) Note that this is less than 2 servings for 5 meals of Keto Chow. This helps to a) keep the net carbs and sugar down but b) still taste amazing!

  8. Add another 375 grams of water on top of all the ingredients. Water on the bottom AND the top helps to blend really well. Blend it all up for a smooooooth silky texture.

  9. I calculated everything so it would be exactly 2000 calories for 5 meals. So therefore, each meal is 400 calories. The macros per meal are 28.72g fat | 3.9g net carb | 25.85g protein | $2.60. Not bad for $2.60, right?

  10. Now, as to how to pour it out so each serving is the same, as in the picture with all the nalgene bottles: Weigh the full blender and subtract the weight of the cup & blade alone (from step 1). For example, if my entire blender pitcher weighs 1870.5 grams, and the empty cup & blade weigh 720.5g, that means there is 1870.5 - 720.5 = 1150 grams of liquid. 2000 calories divided by 1150 grams of liquid = 1.74 calories per gram. If I want to measure out 400 calories, then that is just 400/1.74 = 230g liquid. So I measure 230g blended liquid into 4 containers. For the last one, I have to pour, add a little water to blender, close it, shake, pour it back in, repeat once more. I do this just to get every last calorie out! I also add 50-100g water to each nalgene bottle because I blend it a little thicker than I like just so that it fits in the Nutribullet. Then of course put the bottles in the fridge overnight like normal for easy grab and go in the morning.

  11. Adjust the avocado oil (or any of the ingredients) however you like to match whatever calorie target you want. I want 400 calories per meal, but you might 450 or 500 or 600, etc.

  12. [Edit]: To clarify, I only have 2 of these 5 meals per work-day Monday through Friday. I have one 400 calorie meal for breakfast, and one 400 calorie meal for lunch, Monday through Friday at work. I make 5 meals on Sunday (2000 calories) and that lasts me for Monday’s breakfast & lunch, Tuesday’s breakfast & lunch, and 1 leftover for Wednesday’s breakfast. I then blend 5 more KC meals on Tuesday night so that I have 1 more meal for Wednesday’s lunch, Thursday’s breakfast & lunch, and Friday’s breakfast & lunch. So then I have a total of 800 calories (actually 830 because of 2 fish oil capsules) before a normal physical keto food dinner each weeknight with my girlfriend since she likes to actually eat with me for dinner! (She DOES do KC for breakfast and lunch during the work-week too though, just like me, but she likes actually eating dinner!)

    Anyway, that's how I make my Keto Chow! It might seem like a lot of work. HOWEVER, doing it this way, I only have to do it twice per week, since that makes 10 meals and I only have it for breakfast/lunch during the work-week Monday through Friday. And once you make your Keto Chow in bulk in a blender, you won't go back. It's so silky smooth, and blended together with the peanut butter, mind-blowingly delicious! Pretty freaking amazing for $2.60 per meal! I have lost about 45 lb doing this and have almost 8% body fat. And I have the abs to prove it, thanks to Keto Chow! (NSFW!) ;)
u/buzwork · 3 pointsr/ketochow
  1. I use the following, in order of preference: butter (4tbsp), heavy whipping cream (1/3 cup), avocado oil (1/4 cup). All are great but butter is aweome.
  2. If you order the weekly special (10% off) and grab 4 bags (5% off) you'll get both discounts. There are coupons out there occasionally as well. Without coupons it works out to 84 servings at $2.69 cents before your fat/oil source. If you go with Baja Precious avocado oil from Amazon, with subscribe and save it works out to $0.55 per serving. That's $9.70/day if you do 3 shakes. Now Ultra Omega 3 works out to $0.23 per day bring you to $9.93 per day.
  3. Immersion blender is the way to go. I spent the first month using shaker/blender bottles. It's slow and doesn't always fully mix. Immersion blenders are super easy to clean and it takes me about 3 minutes (or less) to fully clean with hot water and dish soap.

    I use a gallon pitcher, add (1.5 cups avocado oil or 2 cups of Darigold heavy whipping cream or 24 tablespoons of melted Kerrygold Irish Grass Fed salted butter), 6 scoops of ketochow, fill it 3/4 of the way full with water, give it 60 seconds with the immersion blender, let it sit for 2 minutes, and do another 60 seconds with the immersion blender. Then it goes into 6 bottles which is good for 2 days worth. I usually do 3 pitchers for 18 total servings, or 6 days.

    I normally don't need anything else to get me through the day, but I keep extra stuff in the refrigerator if do need a snack, or I'll replace one of my Ketochow servings with a combo of bacon, eggs, cheese, and veggies.

    I am lazy AF so I also regularly visit Costco and buy bags of Babybel cheese minis (regular, white cheddar, and light), packages of Kirkland precooked bacon, and boxes of Kirkland peeled hard boiled eggs. I also buy cauliflower, broccoli, and avocados for snacks. I'll occasionally grab a few rotisserie chickens, cut them in half while they're still warm, and refrigerate them, and have half as a meal when I'm craving something more substantial than Ketochow. 350f for 30 minutes heats them up perfectly.

    I recommend to figure out your macros and deficits and to track your dailies.

    I've lost 31 pounds in just under 3 months eating mostly just 3 ketochow servings a day with a few supplements (omega 3, magnesium, fiber capsules). Started at 210 and I'm now 179 (46m, 5'10", goal weight 170, possibly 160).

    The only downside I've encountered is having to buy a bunch of sealed bottles (and having to wash them).
u/TheWishX · 2 pointsr/ketochow

I can tell you from personal experience that Torani syrups was a game-changer for me. I use Rich Chocolate keto chow almost exclusively (and love it as it is, but wanted more variety), so anything that goes with chocolate has been awesome.

I started with sugar-free Vanilla, Caramel and Raspberry syrups. All of them are awesome (Caramel is my new daily "breakfast" shake and Raspberry is my "lunch shake"), and because they work so well, I just ordered Orange, Black Cherry and Peppermint. The Peppermint works very well and the Black Cherry is subtle without being overwhelming. For measure, I'm using two pumps per 28oz Blender Bottle.

Pumps I use: here

Syrups I use:

Vanilla - Caramel - Raspberry

Peppermint - Black Cherry - Orange

Also, it really helps to let the shakes sit overnight in the fridge before consuming to ease up on the saltiness. That seems to "mellow" them quite a bit for me. Pull one out after chilling overnight, pump your Torani into it, shake shake shake and enjoy.

As always, your mileage may vary, but I've had great success with the Torani syrups. How I didn't think of this months ago, I dunno, but I wish I had!

u/Flamingherp · 3 pointsr/ketochow

I asked the same question a while back. Was out for about a month with no access to refrigeration. I survived, and lost a bunch of weight, good times.

One person had recommended using more MCT oil to meet your caloric intake. I did a couple times, but it can be pretty rough on your digestive tract, so unless you build a tolerance plan on going to the bathroom frequently.

I ended up using a powdered [heavy cream.] ( Worked great, just took a little more prep time. I just mixed the powder with water, added the MCT oil and the ketochow.

Chris pointed out previously that once mixed you should treat it like milk and keep it refrigerated. I simply drank it on the spot, actually wasn't bad at all and kept my energy levels up.

For in between snacks I just carried some meat sticks and nuts. Worked out fine and I didn't have to break keto. Hope that helps!

u/Hyu_ · 1 pointr/ketochow

The Baja Precious gallon bottle seems to be the best, although I have not tried it. I'm using their sweet almond oil gallon though, which is really great. A little cheaper.

Baja Precious Sweet Almond Oil:

Baja Precious Avocado:

u/atom386 · 5 pointsr/ketochow

I bought a gallon of it off amazon. Works good. Wish i bought one of those dispenser heads like lotion bottles have for easier pours.

Baja Precious - Avocado Oil, 1 Gallon

u/taegan- · 3 pointsr/ketochow

i have this 2 QT (64 oz) Stanley thermos and like it a lot. its huge so a little unwieldy and hard to clean, but keeps stuff hot or cold well with a huge capacity.
i use it for an electrolyte soup thing i drink during fasting though.

for ketochow i bring a concentrated mix of 2 or 3 servings in one blender ball container. and i have another container for my coffee.
so i drink the coffee then i pour 1/3 (if it was 3 servings) of the concentrated ketochow mix into my coffee thermos, add more water, shake it up and drink. this is easier for me than bringing 3 blender bottles (or even my giant stanley) plus coffee thermos.

if you want a ~40 oz thermos stanley has a 35 oz and 45oz. I have no experience with the one you linked. good luck

u/WhinterSnow · 2 pointsr/ketochow

I bought some protein plus peanut butter powder over the weekend to add to my regular chocolate keto chow.

I had been buying regular chocolate and adding PB2 because I like extra peanut flavor. However, when I saw Chris used peanut flour I decided to try that instead since it has less carbs and more nutritional benefits.

Whelp, it's pretty much perfect. If you're missing Chocolate PB I'd highly suggest investing in peanut flour.

u/fxdemolisher · 2 pointsr/ketochow

I use Baja Precious avocado and almond oil in 1G quantities (purchased at amazon). The avocado oil has a very light hint of taste and the almond oil is pretty much tasteless. Both don't need to be refrigerated. I keep two 500ml dispensers with one of those little spout valves on them for KC prep since it makes it easier.

u/Idyotec · 1 pointr/ketochow

My fridge/freezer is fairly old, probably not as cold as it once was. Not sure if that makes a difference, but worth mentioning I guess, lol. I bought some of these for my straight-to-fridge batches, but it sounds like you've got bottles covered.

u/gregnmitchell · 4 pointsr/ketochow

I have been doing only avocado oil for more than a year after doing only HWC for nearly a year. Other than it not quite being as thick, I love it and for me its easier to track my macros. I also know I am not adding additional carbs, where with HWC, despite it showing 0 carbs, actually has carbs. I buy my avocado oil through amazon and never noticed a difference in taste.


u/JaundiceJones · 1 pointr/ketochow

I bought an olive oil dispenser to store my MCT oil, and now that it's arrived I'm wondering if that tiny opening will possibly spoil or cause some of the MCT nutrients or whatever to uh, go away or something...? Anyone use an olive oil dispenser like this for their oil or is a pump or something that can seal tightly ideal?

u/HelloEnemyOfMyEnemy · 2 pointsr/ketochow

search for insulated bottles instead of specifically hydroflask, this one looks pretty good link

u/823423jfsdjf · 2 pointsr/ketochow

Costco sells very good quality avocado oil at reasonable price. Or you can get it online from Amazon. Here's two links to decent oil that is well priced:

u/Unique_NY · 13 pointsr/ketochow

I think the Classic 28oz works best for single-meal sized containers.

I got the 3-pack from Amazon

u/tynenn · 1 pointr/ketochow

I don't know if this is the best powdered heavy cream for keto,I just remember his being my preliminary choice

u/Ahadiel2112 · 2 pointsr/ketochow

I have the blender, but I have noticed, when I use it, my shakes don't thicken as much.

I am going to try a few with the blender, and then just shaking them to see what the real difference is. I bought one from Amazon for like 16 bucks the other day. Now it's like 14.

It's not the best, but if you only use it for less than a minute at a time, and let it rest a bit, it seems to be really decent for the price.

u/timetostartisnow · 1 pointr/ketochow

Nice idea! After looking around for some time, I'm deciding between the following 3: 1, 2, and 3.

Which do you think would give me the most bang for my buck?

u/SpenceMan01 · 1 pointr/ketochow

I've been getting the Viva Labs MCT Oil off of Amazon:

Viva Labs Non-GMO, Gluten Free MCT Coconut Oil, 32 fl oz

u/mitchels6 · 1 pointr/ketochow

I had ordered peanut flour due to it being advailable for next day shipping. Do you believe it is ok to sub this one for the bryd brand that is recommended for chocolate peanutbutter?

u/tehcrashxor · 1 pointr/ketochow

A couple of questions:

Has anyone flown with KetoChow? Even assuming that it's in the checked luggage, I'm not sure what TSA would think of traveling with powders.

Has anyone tried powdered oils? I ran across Quest's powdered MCT and Coconut oils, and the idea of not needing refrigerated cream would make making ketochow easier in the office.

u/val319 · 2 pointsr/ketochow

BlenderBottle Classic Loop Top Shaker Bottle 3-Pack, 28 oz, Colors may vary the three pack isn't bad on cost.

u/infinitewarrior · 3 pointsr/ketochow

I bought this one:

The Official Keto Chow 1.5 recipe calls for 10g/serving of peanut flour, and recommends a 28% fat product from Byrd Mill.

u/TegidTathal · 1 pointr/ketochow

This one has nutrition info and is basically the same as Heavy Cream (0.5g/serving)

u/Zubei_ · 2 pointsr/ketochow

Guess it depends on which one you get. This one is 4 net carbs for 30g. The chocolate peanut butter keto chow has about 6g net carbs while vanilla has about 4.

u/toweler · 1 pointr/ketochow

It should, I ended up with these.

Cheap and they work amazingly.

u/ryanmercer · 2 pointsr/ketochow

No, but I have the MCT powder. it's pricey but I've been adding it to my mushroom coffee most mornings, blends well and adds no noticeable taste. No 'pissing out my ass' like oil would either.