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u/Ximipe · 12 pointsr/kof


Also read A New Beginning, it has some of the best art I’ve seen for KoF, and maybe even manga in general. Here’s what the latest cover looks like for example.
It’s also probably the second best battle manga out right now close behind Kengan. (Link to where you can read the scanlations online)

An official English release is coming out on March 20th of next year and pre-orders are open for it so please consider picking it up. (Link to pre-order)

u/C-Abdulio · 1 pointr/kof

And THIS is why I'm investing in one of THESE -

Not that I'm dismaying stick players; i envy their fine-tuned control and there are some things you cannot do with a pad that you can do with a stick. I even tried practicing Bodega-chains with Kyo in KOF XIII with my old 360 stick.

But nothing feels more comfy for me than playing SNK games with pad. Been that way since I started with KOF 98 on the DC. It's a good part of why I love SNK games - All my button are on the face pad, and they're paired up so I just need to press 2 for rolls or blow back. Shoulder buttons are just extra stuff as needed.

u/XXXCheckmate · 1 pointr/kof

I heard the Hori Mini is a pretty good stick for it's low price. It's roughly 40 USD on Amazon.

u/FrittataHubris · 1 pointr/kof

DrMaster published them in English, but went out of business in 2009.
According to amazon Chi Wan Shun made it. Here is the english version on amazon

Although, I bought the first volume when it came out here in the Uk and it had this cover