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u/somercet · 6 pointsr/kotakuinaction2

J. E. Gordon's Structures : or why things don't fall down had a very entertaining and informative explanation of the differences between a Greek temple and a Gothic cathedral. One thing he said particularly stood out: "If the Greek architecture of the Parthenon was inspired, the roof was intellectually squalid."

The Greeks laid wooden beams across the pillars and walls, then piled dirt and straw on top and smoothed them into gables, then laid tiles on top of the dirt to shed water. This filling made a good home for vermin, he noted. Trusses were beyond the Greeks.

I would like to see lacy steelwork on the inside, with a copper (treated) or bronzed roof that will resist tarnishing (I would love to see a copper-colored Lady Liberty again, as well). It should be good for 400 years.

u/Zeriell · 1 pointr/kotakuinaction2

I can relate to that to be honest, I like the incidental details of history like what normal people ate, how they lived, etc more than what king ruled when and who he conquered, although admittedly that might be because the latter just gets way more coverage.

The most interesting parts of that book in my opinion are where they quote a farmer telling his son how to farm, or the hilarious dialogue of pessimism.

Also for the heck of it I might as well link that dry book I mentioned. I didn't like it because it spends most of its time trying to conclusively decide why something happened and then comes to no conclusion, but it did win a lot of rewards and it has decent amounts of info on the bronze age collapse so maybe you'll like it more than I did.

u/future-porkchop · 3 pointsr/kotakuinaction2

If you're interested in learning about life under communism, I can't recommend this highly enough:

I might have a different approach to the book because I'm from the former eastern bloc so I could relate to it really well, but people say it's an interesting and funny read for filthy capitalist pigdogs as well.

u/MaccusLive · 1 pointr/kotakuinaction2

Some of the funniest roast reviews around.

On a side note, I can personally attest to the quality of their comic he advertises at the start. Pick it up if it looks like the kind of thing you would enjoy.

u/Jizera · 36 pointsr/kotakuinaction2

>Why does the left get so mad at these two posters?

Because it is mocking their stupidity and they are powerless against implications of it. There is no reaction to it possible that would not discredit them.

I am Czech and this is like Švejk's methods and it is very efficient for destruction of ideological idiocy. These leftist activists and various University officials are like 2nd Lieutenant Dub in the book. He is a schoolmaster, reserve officer, and commander of the battalion's 3rd company and he all the time preaches Austro-monarchist views and bullies soldiers. Read Czech satires like Švejk or The Miracle Game by Josef Škvorecký. You are endangered by the same type of idiocy as people in Austro-Hungarian monarchy or Communist Czechoslovakia.

If they really try some actions against people who are responsible for the flyers they will only increase publicity of the affair. The efficiency of these flyers is big just because of combining them. This is really very good idea. We need more such actually satiric actions. Humor and satire are very powerful weapons against such ideological idiocy, but it must not be open satire like a commedian in show. It must be masked and a real world activity, not a theatre.

u/Gizortnik · 105 pointsr/kotakuinaction2

>Who is deeming it unacceptable?

The Anointed Ones. Your personal betters. Your minders. Your racial superiors. The elites. The morally sound. The pure. The pious. The Intellectuals. Every single person that deems to be better than you in some way, and has the ability to use enough force to do it. The narcissists. The sociopaths.

u/FellowFellow22 · 3 pointsr/kotakuinaction2

Yeah, he did one of the stories in this book.

I assume you're familiar with his Wolverine comic.

u/mnemosyne-0002 · 1 pointr/kotakuinaction2

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u/aloha_snackbar22 · 33 pointsr/kotakuinaction2

> In How to Destroy A Man Now (DAMN), Dr. Angela Confidential (a business psychologist, consultant, and human resource professional) empowers women with a step-by-step guide for destroying a man’s reputation and removing him from power.
In easy to understand terms, the handbook reveals and explains the fundamental dynamics between allegations, the media, and authority as they relate to male misconduct in today’s society. It also unveils and details practical real-world methods for leveraging allegations, media, and authorities to dethrone a man from power.

u/wewd · 76 pointsr/kotakuinaction2

> So she is also going to be the next radical leftist to be on garbage t-shirts that only the most insane leftist soyboys and thots would wear?

This is already happening:

The revolution will be commercialized.

u/umexquseme · 0 pointsr/kotakuinaction2

Ofcourse. Due to the exceptional degree of scrutiny and criticism Psi studies have faced over the past century, the field is now probably the most robust among the softer sciences. Ironically, psychology is undergoing a replication crisis due to shitty methods and poor replication, while parapsychology is absolutely solid, and yet psychologists shit on parapsychology for being pseudoscience, when in reality their own field is the one that's full of garbage. This book is a decent overview of the scientific evidence if you are actually interested.

u/NotaClipaMagazine · 6 pointsr/kotakuinaction2

Which only really highlights how little they know about the subject. There are all kinds different rocket propellants used and not all of them are bad. The Delta IV uses hydrogen and oxygen which makes.. water. Not saying there isin't some nasty shit out there but it's mostly no worse than what you get when you burn diesel in a car (just a lot more of it in a short time). Read Ignition!: An Informal History of Liquid Rocket Propellants if you're into that sort of shit.