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u/OnyxRaizel · 2 pointsr/kpophelp

Thank you! I tend to look at history as a whole picture, as events tend to not occur in a vacuum. I started doing that with researching what led to genocide and the long term consequences of it, but it also applies to stuff like K-Pop.

I don't know how much you're interested in K-Pop history, but if you want to do research, here are some resources that I use:

  • Globalization and Popular Music in South Korea: Sounding Out K-Pop by Michael Fuhr
    • If you’re interested in learning about K-Pop from more of an academic view, this is a great book for that. This book even goes as far back as the late-1800s to explain how music in Korea changed after westerners started hanging around. It’s primarily written from a cultural anthropology view, but also goes into music theory. The only problem I had with it is the inaccurate information it states about H.O.T basics (that could easily have been checked on Wikipedia). Amazon is pretty much the only place you can get this book.
  • Pop Goes Korea: Behind the Revolution in Movies, Music, and Internet Culture (2nd Edition) by Mark Russell
    • Informative book primarily about the history of movies and Chaebol companies in Korea. There are also interesting chapters about television and comics. Not the best source for learning about K-Pop, as the small section mainly just talked about Lee Soo-man. I also got this book from Amazon.
    • Short for “Korean Foundation for International Cultural Exchange”, this site has a wealth of information about the Hallyu Wave. Most notably, it produces Global Hallyu Reports about how the Hallyu Wave effects Korea’s politics, economy, and cultural outreach.
u/SirBuckeye · 1 pointr/kpophelp

Socks make a nice gift because you see them around them around the house, but you can keep your fandom on the downlow when going out.

A bracelet of her bias is also pretty cool if she likes to wear things like that.

u/BoraFan · 3 pointsr/kpophelp

To clarify - by IU's Japanese album do you mean the Good Day EP? That's strange because it's on the UK store too; odd that the US store lacks it.

There are a few other English language download sites than iTunes (Amazon Digital & Google Play have some KPop) but by and large iTunes is the most complete. IIRC you can also get digital downloads from Soribada but again, less choice. It might be easiest to buy the physical CD, here are a few places you can get it:


Yes Asia Special Edition

Yes Asia Normal Edition

Yes Asia is a reputable site so you shouldn't have any trouble ordering from them if you choose to - I think they offer PayPal too. So yeah, at least in my experience, I use iTunes 95% of the time and then usually end up buying the physical album if it's not available on iTunes.

u/rilacutema · 1 pointr/kpophelp

Gdragon released one for his coup d'etat album that's on amazon! .. for $275 ._.

I also found that taeyeon released one for her i mini album and infinite released two, one for their paradise album and one for their back album but I wasn't able to find any places selling them sorry;;

Hopefully the wonder girls will start the trend of more albums being made into vinyl fingers crossed

edit: I found another album! Jung Eunji's solo album Dream is on preorder rn on Ktown4u for only $34! :-D

u/Trevarr · 3 pointsr/kpophelp

It's called a 뿅망치, and uh, yeah that basically means "sqeaky hammer"

I've never seen any for sale in the US but they're cheap as hell in KR. Bought one in Korea for like 3 dollars and ^^^^^^drunkenly annoyed the shit out of my friend I was staying with for a couple nights.

Just go to your local Emart or equivalent it's called and spend all your hard earned wons.

JK just go to Amazon, amazon has everything!

u/saranghaja · 4 pointsr/kpophelp

These are pretty trendy right now, just search "circle wire frame glasses" or some other combination of those words. Eyebuydirect has several options from like $25-35 if you want prescription glasses. If you just want the frames you have plenty of options – Forever 21 for $6 (they're probably pretty much unisex even though they're shown on a woman), Amazon for $9, H&M for $10, etc

u/saramdapgae · 1 pointr/kpophelp

it's probably better than nothing, just don't bang the tin around and mess up the edges. obviously you don't want to do it forever, in case moisture makes it's way in, or if it can rust. Still the best possible thing would be to put them in card sleeves and then in a rigid top loader card holder if you want to keep them pristine.

u/SparkleShit · 1 pointr/kpophelp

I have kpop cartoon socks that I LOVE and that aren't super expensive. I know there are ones for Shinee and EXO as well.

u/The_Other_Alex · 1 pointr/kpophelp

Just wanted to let you know that, that album is out of print and since MR. MR is a smaller group, it will be hard to find.

I did some looking through all of my usual websites and only found one on Amazon but it's priced very high because of it's rarity.

I don't know where you live but in my area we have a facebook group for swapping CDs and it's a good place to find hard to find CDs. You might want to try that avenue as well.

u/cloudburst04 · 4 pointsr/kpophelp

How about a plastic stair/step display? There are plastic risers too. Not sure if they're available in your country though.

As for the glass vitrine with lights, LED string lights are pretty cheap now so you could do it yourself if you want. There are ones that plug into an electrical outlet and others are battery operated.

u/lonely-love-bird · 1 pointr/kpophelp

So if it's a CD or DVD, it could be not licensed? Because I also see a lot of "used" albums under the album name like in here. How could an official seller sell used CDs or DVDs?

u/SCAposting · 2 pointsr/kpophelp

Yes! I use ultra pro pages from Amazon.

u/EvyEarthling · 3 pointsr/kpophelp

Book easels! Here's a clear plastic kind, and here's a fancier variety.

u/Revalize · 3 pointsr/kpophelp

There are smaller, 4-pocket binders, like this one

u/Turquoise-Turmoil · 3 pointsr/kpophelp

To continue our conversation here: Amazon is only an official seller in the US so won't be of any use here in Europe.

i wouldn't worry about contributing to charts etc anymore however for HYYH:YF so you're less restricted anyway.

Some options:

  • r/kpopforsale example: HYYH:YF for 14€. SInce they're Europe based, the shipping could be quite fast.
  • the ebay link you gave: the amount of postive reviews is overwhelming. I think it's safe to assume that you'll get your cd. they're based in SK, so shipping will take time. The estimated delivery date they give is end September/beginning November.
  • Amazon, but since you don't have that in Belgium, pick the German or French one. Delivery is probably the quickest.
u/extrasolarplanet · 1 pointr/kpophelp

Amazon has some posters of U-Kiss for sale, but she might have them already.

u/mehahashi · 1 pointr/kpophelp

Infinite spent 8 days in America for their Destiny MV shooting. The video is available here and this is the DVD they released.