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u/craig5005 · 3 pointsr/labrador

Bathing a dog isn't solving the problem, it's just getting rid of the dandruff that's present.

As others have mentioned, start giving your dog some fish oil in his/her food. This is the one I get. It can be pricey, but it lasts quite a while. I put 1 or 2 squirts on top of the food each day. My dogs love it and their coats are great. I live in a very cold, dry climate too.

If you are going to shampoo your dog, use a shampoo with an oatmeal base. Something like this. As for frequency, you should refrain from bathing your dog as much as possible. In the spring, when it's muddy out I just rinse my labs with water in the tub. Once it starts to dry up outside, I give my dogs a good bath as they start to stink. That's probably the only bath (with shampoo) they get all year and they swim in a river everyday from April-October. Their natural oils will repel water and keep the stink off. The more your bathe your dog, the more you strip those oils and end up with a stinkier dog.

u/Pineapplemkh · 2 pointsr/labrador

We have the full buffet of chew toys - shin bones, various nylabones, deer antlers, and the most recent addition, a water buffalo horn.

Our lab goes back and forth in her chewing habits and seems to like the variety. The latest fav is an x-large bacon Nylabone. It's getting a lot of attention.

Anyone got recommendations for an 80lb heavy chewer? We like to keep things interesting for her.

u/SwtSthrnBelle · 2 pointsr/labrador

Fulfill her retriever side by doing just that, retrieving. In addition to long walks, try playing fetch with a frisbee or tennis ball. I also like giving mine a treat ball to keep him busy/entertained/thinking.

u/TheDoctorBlind · 2 pointsr/labrador

We got/get our lab shin bones and water buffalo horns. They are the best. I get mine from IFA, Sheels and Amazon. I had 2 or three different options around almost every room for the first 6 months.


u/Soonermandan · 2 pointsr/labrador

This has been our lab's chew toy and fetching ball for like 3 years now. They're pretty indestructible. You can buy the treats to put in them but our lab doesn't care. She'll gnaw on it for like half an hour even when it's totally empty. It's a good fetch toy too because it always bounces in really weird directions.

u/SeaJaiyy · 1 pointr/labrador

Start working on clicker training. A good book to use is Puppy Start Right: Foundation Training for the Companion Dog (Karen Pryor Clicker Book)

Also here are some links to videos that can help:

KikoPup has a lot of videos, here's a starter:

u/gr00vychick · 1 pointr/labrador

Safari Pet Dual-Sided Stainless Steel Shedding Blade for Medium to Large Dogs (1-Pack)

These are perfect for shedding ...gets the undercoat

u/Relevant_User-Name · 2 pointsr/labrador

The ones I have don't squeak, but these seem to be some Kong squeaker toys. It does seem like there are other options.

u/mrswilliamson30 · 1 pointr/labrador

It's a ChuckIt brand. I got it at the local PetCo, but you can find them on Amazon. It's the only thing she hasn't ever been able to chew through. She's had that same ball since she came to live with us (4 months old). Highly recommended!

u/haywoodyoudome · 1 pointr/labrador

Had to do a little Google. It was this but it doesn't seem to be made anymore. PetCo had it for $19 and that's about the max I'd pay for something like this.

Only reason I did it was I only saw Lab while others saw hound. In hind sight I should have spent the money on more tennis balls : )

u/rabidpenguin · 1 pointr/labrador

We feed ours Natural Balance Limited Ingredients. Readily available, good quality, not too much filler. We chose it because we didn't have to change up the dog food from puppy to adult and it's stuck around. It's also cheaper than a lot of the other "fancy" dog food.

u/doofy10 · 2 pointsr/labrador

Get Water Dog... it will help you understand your lab more than anything. If you don't plan to train him as a hunting dog, you can stop about half way through the book. It's more for understanding exactly why labs were bred the way they were.

u/Disgruntledbrownsfan · 2 pointsr/labrador

Gentle Leader. It wouldn't help you out on the chain, but it will make walking 10 times easier. Plus, you won't have to worry about causing any physical pain as you would with a metal choker.