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u/maxfromcastle · 4 pointsr/landlords

There's a comprehensive book called Landlording ( that contains all the info and advice first-time landlords need. As a first-time landlord myself, it was extremely helpful—but incredibly long and boring.

My co-landlords and I took very detailed notes on the book, and have made them publicly available in this giant Google Doc:

Hope you find it helpful!

u/mattluttrell · 7 pointsr/landlords

I wouldn't even touch the dispute. That's up for mediation or police.

I would only focus on things possibly related to your property. One might be:

> fruits smashed against the back of her house, back of house being egged several times, and things being thrown at the back of her house in the middle of the night and waking her up, frightening her.

I just put one of these on a rental and it ended some late night vandalism in that area

You can also check your gates and fences to make sure they lock and are secure.