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u/Heifzilla · 1 pointr/lasik

It's possible you keep your eyes open slightly as you sleep, it's called nocturnal Lagophthalmos. I have it, and it's really annoying.

I've been using these safety goggles when I sleep now and it's been incredibly helpful. They're cheap, and pretty comfortable once you get used to them. They have foam inserts that help keep the moisture in, which is really helpful for people like me who keep their lids open slightly. Couldn't hurt to try.

u/Eddie_Arkadian · 1 pointr/lasik

As far as the dryness, this is normal. The laser cuts the nerves that send signals to the brain to make tears. It should improve after a month or two, but some people just have permanent chronic dry eyes after LASIK/PRK. You can try using preservative free lubricant drops (not the same as tears). That would get applied just before you go to bed. It will help keep you from drying out at night.

Also, don’t sleep with a fan or A/C blowing directly on your face anymore. Add one Omega3 tablet to your diet every day. Lastly, you can try wearing a sleeping mask over your eyes at night, to help force your eyes to stay shut, and to keep air from blowing across your eyes.

u/dumpbox · 1 pointr/lasik

I had similar issue but its been about 4+ years & mine has improved a lot. I was on restasis & over the counter eye drops.

I highly recommend you use eye heat mask once a day & every morning when you take a shower... walk up to shower head and let your eye lids feel the force of warm/hot water. I do this for about minute each eye. It will massage the eye & improve your tears. It has become my routine because you take shower every morning anyways. This trick is similar to treatment called Lipoflow for dry eyes. This is from lot of research I have done on reddit & other online resources.

Also get Bilberry its natual for dry eyes.

u/HiyaGeorgie · 1 pointr/lasik

I've read that it takes a lot of time. At least wait a few weeks to a month before you get too nervous. I'd say at 6 months, your eyes will be at their best.

You should ask your doctor if vision vitamins will expedite the healing. These things make my vision super crisp:

u/tomato065 · 1 pointr/lasik

Lets see...punctual plugs 23 days ago. All four ducts, but one plug fell out. My eyes improved a bit slowly for my taste, but it was still improvement and my doc seemed pretty pleased at a checkup 17 days ago. Then my prescription drops came in 15 days ago (bring on the wacky amniotic fluid eye drops!) and about 7 days ago I realized I was no longer worried about random dry eye attacks. I still have dry eyes in the morning, same as before my surgery. Prescription drops twice a day. OTC drops preemptively every few hours, but I rarely feel like I actually need them.

Plenty of options of your current treatment doesn't work out. OTC nighttime ointment if your doctor okays it. For some reason my doc doesn't recommend it until a month after surgery. Plugs in the upper ducts if you don't have them yet. Xiidra. Autologous serum eye drops derived from your own blood. Baby fluids. Amniotic membrane bandage.

...And I thought shooting lasers at the eyeball was weird.

u/h8rGunnaH8 · 3 pointsr/lasik

The brand I like the best is
SYSTANE ULTRA Lubricant Eye Drops, 60 Vials, 0.7-mL Each

I like blink too but I think the above brand does a better job.

u/Silent_Session · 2 pointsr/lasik

I think I know what Addipaks is, and I've used them in a pinch before when I needed to change out my contacts and my eyes were dry. They don't feel as moisturizing, but that's just my experience.

I'm looking at my box of artificial tears and it looks like they have polyethylene glycol or carboxymethylcelluose in them, and the percentage of sodium chloride is lower.

Systane, Refreshe, Blink, Bausche and Lomb, TheraTears, etc. are all brands of artificial tears that you can look into. I'd pick whichever feels best for you, and is cost-effective.

I tried Systane and didn't like the feeling, and prefer Refreshe Plus. I get a 100-pack of Refreshe Plus artificial tears (single use vials, but you can recap and get like 3 uses of them) for like $16-20 at Costco. I think it's similar price at Sam's Club. On, they're $25: You can also get the store brands (CVS, Walmart, etc.) for much cheaper.

u/Darkstar20k · 2 pointsr/lasik

Yes. I am using this ones at the moment Blink Tears Sterile Single Use Vials, 25 Count, 0.01 Fluid Ounce Each

But I feel like their effects don’t last long enough as I would like

u/naedawn · 2 pointsr/lasik

This is the mask I bought, but have seen the Bruder mask recommended here.

And the Retaine MGD is non-prescription and yep it’s the link you posted in another comment.

u/DigitalStone · 2 pointsr/lasik

Is it one like this? Saw one on YouTube. Figured I would give it a go.


u/playingod · 2 pointsr/lasik

Have you tried eye gel for dry eyes? It’s a super viscous version of artificial tears and might help your condition until the nerves grow back. Ask your doctor, but here’s an example product: Systane Nighttime Lubricant Eye Ointment 3.50 g (Pack of 3)

u/SuperAuDDoc · 1 pointr/lasik

Are you guys both talking about this Ocusoft Retaine MGD Ophthalmic Emulsion, Milky White Solution, 30 count Single Use Containers, 0.01 Fluid Ounce

u/tomanonimos · 1 pointr/lasik

Install f.lux and invest in computer glasses. If these do not make it better than its most likely Lasik. I haven't gotten lasik yet but I do have the symptoms you have now and installing f.lux fixed the vision loss.

u/drlin_iqlaservision · 3 pointsr/lasik

I personally been using these the last few months

and also some from the local market that my mother in law has bought for me but I have no link for it.


I also combine it with a drink comprised of this,







It's mostly not for eye health but overall health but it has helped me tremendously when combined with ginseng.


I usually do green tea packet with teaspoon of tumeric powder, teaspoon of psyllium fiber, 1/2 tablespoon of brain octave, half scoop of green powder, small slice of butter and add hot water to mix with the ginseng.