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u/sharmaamit92 · 3 pointsr/lawofattraction

The book has 21 different challenges/exercises that are to be done each day, for example: clearing clutter, forgiveness, gratitude, visualization, affirmations, appreciation, feel the feelings to name a few.

The exercises are designed to cause major energy shifts in a person, and both me and my business partner have felt tremendous shifts in our state.

My business partner and I have already manifested almost $800 each from our business. And the kind of enquiries we have generated for our business, it looks like we will easily cross our target of $1k each, this month. We don't belong to the US. In our country, $1000 is a pretty decent income.

This has been one of our best month (income wise) in the last 4 years since we started our business. We have tried all sorts of marketing techniques, but nothing worked. Every month we used to struggle financially.

For the last 6 months we started using LoA (happy money and glad giving) and slowly we became a bit financially comfortable as each month passed. This month we got to know abt this particular book from this very sub. We decided to give it a shot and it worked beautifully for us.

This manifestation has been done without any extra work, and working just abt 2 to 4 hours each day.

Next month we intend to manifest $1400 each.

I was going to share my success story after my successful manifestation of $1k, but I guess the universe wanted me to act today itself!

You can read the Amazon reviews to know more abt it here: Amazon link

P.S.: not associated with the author and not shilling for her.

u/khufumen · 2 pointsr/lawofattraction

I really like some of the older writings on LOA. I've been reading a wonderful series of books by Judge Thomas Troward. I think it was written in 1905 and he is probably one of the originals. One of his followers, Genevieve Behrend wrote some great books as well. Of course Neville Goddard is another great source. These folks did is out of sheer love and weren't out trying to make a buck off it. They do bring religious elements into their writings but not in any suffocating way. One of the key things I've learned from them, especially Troward, is that when you're working with LOA you need to spend a good 75% of your time focused on the Principle of the LOA and 25% of what you actually are trying to manifest. This means spending a major part of the time focused on the idea that it actually works, All things are possible through God, I am a distributor of divine power, etc.

Another more recent book that I liked was E-squared where you run a series of experiments to prove LOA to yourself.

u/petrus4 · 3 pointsr/lawofattraction

I would recommend The Secret, but truthfully more as a form of dramatic entertainment. If you want concrete information, Raymond Holliwell's Working With The Law is the single best book I've ever read on the subject. I discovered it from watching a video featuring Bob Proctor, who himself is in The Secret.

The two other primary books I would recommend regarding the LOA, are Pam Grout's E Squared and Bracer Jack's Law of Attraction: The Technical Manual. I can't give you a link for the latter because I don't have one; although I have it in my Kindle library somehow, it apparently isn't for sale any more. I'd still encourage you to try and find it if you can, though; AFAIK it only exists as an ebook.

Also, if you're going to watch The Secret, make sure you get the version of it with Esther; which I think is on YouTube.

u/abetterguy · 3 pointsr/lawofattraction

Well, to add on to the classic books that are going to be recommended, there are a few pretty interesting books that were released on kindle recently/last year and i got them using my KU subscription for free. Certainly worth the read:

  • The Divine Matrix by Gregg Braden : Very interesting stories and examples inside. I particularly liked the cancer treatment via placebo.

  • Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Joe Dispensa : Quite an interesting mix of neuroscience and the LOA. Worth the read.

  • Systematic Manifestation by Nathan Miller : This book's recently published. It blew my mind. Quite different and I suggest to take a look at it, it connected many dots for me.

    Still reading other books but these 3 definitely caught my attention the most. For oldie books, I'd recommend the usual:

  • The Master Key System by Charles Haanel

  • Feeling Is The Secret by Neville Goddard

    Hmm.. You don't really need too many books, just keep practicing. Meditate + Journalling is still the best way, I absolutely maintain. It's brought me immeasurable fortune. It's only increased in speed.
u/meromero7 · 2 pointsr/lawofattraction

Plan out your trip on a sheet of paper. What would you do there, what attractions will you visit, find the name of the restaurants where you will like to eat and incorporate them in your list. Visualize yourself in NYC everyday, give thanks the the universe for the opportunity to visit . Pack your luggage one afternoon and believe that YOU ARE in fact going to NYC. Go to sleep every night giving thanks for your trip to the universe.

if you need more help and tips, i would greatly suggest you to read this free ebook, it has great information to help you manifest money or anything you want.

u/TheQuantumZero · 2 pointsr/lawofattraction

> One day while stuck in traffic I had a random thought about how nice it would be to be in a Lamborghini.

Your thought about the Lamborghini, the imagination/visualization about how nice it would be to be in a Lamborghini and the positive emotions without any attachment to the Lamborghini is what made you attract more & more of it.

Please check this book, E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments.

> I was wondering if a person can 'unintentionally manifest' things.

Yes, all the time because our manifestation is directly based on our sub-conscious beliefs. So unless you ask for a specific thing or change your core beliefs, you are going to attract random things & events.

> One day while stuck in traffic

This is the best example. If you had visualized that the roads will be free, you wouldn't have manifested getting stuck in traffic.

u/appliedloa · 1 pointr/lawofattraction

I don't have it to hand, but I once bought a book by an author, Randall Fitzgerald, who wrote about some similar stuff Lucky You!: Proven Strategies for Finding Good Fortune.

The link I had to his online writing no longer exists but, if I remember correctly, he told a story about his win at a casino after he had done some affirmations for intuition before sleeping and then waited until he had a dream which he took as a signal to visit a casino and play on a particular machine. If you Google his name with some luck related keywords you might find a copy of his articles somewhere.

u/croisciento · 2 pointsr/lawofattraction

Don't try to rationalize your emotions.

What happens when we are younger is that we are unable to understand our emotions because our mind isn't up to the task yet. If our emotions are too "big", and it's too much for us to handle we're going to repress them and usually create a thought pattern behind it.

This thought pattern will come up everytime a situation or something makes these old emotions come back. Inner talk will be there for you to not experience fully these emotions.

But we have multiple bodies. Those that you need to be aware of in your case is your mental body and your emotional body.

When you are thinking it creates an emotion and in turn an emotion can often lead to a thought being created. A healthy cycle can become a viscious cycle.

If you want to be healthy and manifest consciously what you want, you need to have a healthy emotional body, it means you need to let go of emotions within you that have been surpressed.

Realize that thinking protected you in a period where emotions were just too much for you, but now you have the maturity to let them go through you and that it's actually healthy for you to do so.

The mind wants to protect you. If you feel bad and negative it will create a barrier for you to stop suffering. The mind does not understand that negative emotions are good for you.

It's the same in general. People generally welcome happy situations but whenever something terrible happens they start getting angry and refuse the situation without acknowledging that this negative situation is actually the best thing that they need in order to grow.

Your emotional body does not think. Being happy and feeling peaceful is your natural state of being. When you sense negative emotions within you, understand that they're here to pass through you so you can heal and become happy again.

People fall into depression after repressing negative emotions over and over again. And our society condemns negative emotions. If only someone told them that they have the right to feel bad, sad and angry... they wouldn't be depressed.

You need to shift your habit from thinking to feeling. You cannot get your way through thinking and this is really difficult for people who are used to mentalize everything that happens in their reality.

I'd recommend that you meditate regularly remembering everytime that uncomfort shows up as soon as you start getting in touch with your feelings. Don't listen to your mind which will want to stop or find something to get you away from it. Thanks your mind and show him love knowing that it protected you all this time, but now you need to experience something that exists out of thoughts in order to feel better.

There is even this video which helps letting go :

I highly recommend it.

If you're even more interested about your emotional "baggages" there is this book which shows you how to successfully become present and happy by learning how to let go of these blocks.

If you let go of the emotion, you let go of your fear and you let go of your self sabotage which prevents you from attracting what you want.

u/lasarg · 1 pointr/lawofattraction

I discovered The Power of Your Subconscious Mind by Joseph Murphy through Reddit and I loved every word!

If you prefer to listen rather than reading, by a pleasant voice then check out Dr Joe Dispenza

Recently invested in E-Squared: Nine Do-It-Yourself Energy Experiments That Prove Your Thoughts Create Your Reality and it is the happiest book ever! You even get to learn to experience with the "field".

Edit: spells amagad!

u/thinmintea · 1 pointr/lawofattraction

Oh my goodness thank you for taking the time to share all of that!

I am very interested in this. Often when we are working with affirmations or new beliefs it is like forcing the new positive belief over the old negative one. And people can have a very hard time with that, not believing the new chosen belief/affirmation because the old one "competes" in a way.

What you are describing sounds a lot like some of the therapy techniques of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic Therapy, and Inner Child Work.

CBT: states we have a hierarchy of types of thoughts and beliefs, ranging from shallower/more on the surface, "automatic thoughts" which are based on more deeply held "core beliefs" - "I'm not good enough" or similar, and they are all interconnected, and the automatic thoughts we have fleetingly throughout the day, or our inner monologue, represents these more deeply held (and often flawed/dysfunctional) beliefs about ourselves (ex "I'm unlovable"), others (ex. "Others will hurt me, so respect the worst"), the world (ex. "things always go badly for me"). CBT just works on fixing the thoughts, not with figuring out where they came from. I personally find this approach lacking. I needed to understand why I had negative thoughts and beliefs, not just try to change them.

Psychodynamic therapy involves going backward to identify where in childhood our beliefs and coping mechanisms and ways of relating to ourselves, the world and others came from, to gain understanding of the source and then modify as needed.

Inner Child Work is very similar to what you are talking about and its about relating to that hurt "child" part of us that didn't get what they needed in childhood and now feels hurt and scared (etc) and how to step in as our own "loving parent" and to reframe these experience and provide to ourselves through compassionate inner dialogue and self care what we needed then and now.

Pete Walker has a good website on this and what he refers to as "emotional flashbacks"

Also coming to mind is a book called "The Presence Process" by Brown who gives a detailed program for "integrating" old stuff by going backwards and identifying where our negative beliefs come from.

In my experience you don't have to be overly particular about how far you can go back and how precise you can be. Even if you can identify a general theme or feeling, and track back to when you recall that feeling in your childhood to identify where the belief might have come from: ex,: "My mother always checked my homework, and that made me think I must be stupid or untrustworthy" - then that's enough to realize where something came from and start to undo it, saying to yourself, "No, I was fine and smart. I got all As and some Bs. My mother was just overly concerned with how our family appeared to others due to her own insecurities. That had nothing to do with me. I am smart and I am trustworthy."

Again, thanks for sharing all you took the time to write, and I think if you are interested in this sort of thing there are others resources that cost less than $5000 you can look into do do similar work.

"Healing your aloneness" by Chopich and "Inner Bonding" by the same authors are also good books with a similar theme.

My therapist taught me a 4 step process to do this when something happens that triggers me feeling those old negative beliefs:

  1. How do I feel?

  2. What does this remind me of?

  3. What decision did I make then?

  4. What decision can I make now?

    That process was immensely helpful to me to journal on events to rewire my negative beliefs that were based in old experiences.


    (edited to add links)

u/Sparkwood-n-21 · 3 pointsr/lawofattraction

Yep, and often for something new to blossom, something old has to fall apart to make space!

I have a theory that my big life changes keep happening to me in these ways become I'm stubborn, lol. Instead of being constantly in the flow, I get attached to my idea of how things should be. So eventually the Universe is like - "Fine, if you won't move on, I'm gonna make you!!" And bam, my job falls apart and it's temporary chaos.

By the way, a great book about this is The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer! It's about how he went with the flow of life, and how he went from being a yogi to a millionaire tech CEO. The synchronicities in it are amazing.

u/lasrevinuu · 1 pointr/lawofattraction

Here is a great talk from Dr Joe Dispenza explaining states of being, states of emotion, and how our attitudes are a product of emotional and thought habits. Dispenza's material is my favourite source of knowledge when it comes to explaining and dealing with this stuff, especially because his explanations are scientifically oriented.

I also recommend his book.

u/oldtowneast · 1 pointr/lawofattraction

> finding science based evidence for law of attraction, mind over matter, and we are all one consciousness etc and I think we are now entering a new paradigm where science and "woo-woo" are finally meeting.

This statement is spot on, I couldn't agree more with your suggestion that we are approaching a "new dawn" of understanding of ourselves and how we are all inter-related. Reminds me of this book I read back in college called Linked: How Everything Is Connected to Everything Else and What It Means for Business, Science, and Everyday Life.

I feel that the Law of Attraction is a very powerful and real thing and I fear that many may loose faith in it when things don't go their way straight off. Too often we seem sort of stuck on this idea of instant access, on-demand type of solutions to our problems. There doesn't seem to be a more guilty party than social media who dresses up everyone to be this version of themselves that they want the world to believe.

Without backstory my biggest problem with meditation is the fact that I had been involved in an accident earlier last year. The injury renders my right leg nearly worthless and while it is still fully intact and whatnot, I cannot bend it more than 45° or so. Does being unable to bend certain ways destroy the idea of meditation or yoga as a whole?

Thanks for your comment as well. Your knowledge of LOA is as impressive as your proper grammar. Something I only one day dream of having. Thanks again! (:

u/sloanluxe · 2 pointsr/lawofattraction

Not having a specific picture of what you want to manifest can prevent a lot of this resistance, and attachment, because you have not yet set your sights on anything in particular. Don’t feel pressure to formulate some picture or some super-specific desire; don’t worry about coming up with a very specific visualization overflowing with detail.

LoA will forever be something you study and apply to your lifestyle. You will have to spend some time getting to know you. I have a book I want to recommend. I was having the same issue as you are now. I didn't really know what I wanted to do with life. I read this book and it forever changed me. It helps you deal with so many different things.

u/gibmelson · 2 pointsr/lawofattraction

Found it here, digital download is free (might need to create an account).

u/BZColetta · 5 pointsr/lawofattraction

Joe Vitale (from "The Secret") wrote a book about this called "Zero Limits" (, and the story you mentioned is in the book. Ho'oponopono is a great technique to learn. I use it to clear "bad vibes" picked up from people and to help me reprogram unwanted mental patterns.

u/Sulaiman_the_dank · 3 pointsr/lawofattraction

I have not personally read E-Squared but I’ve heard it’s good.