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u/EvinceAgape · 1 pointr/lesbianfashionadvice

I'm usually skeptical about ordering online, but I gave these a try: (Meeshine Women's Perforated Lace-up Wingtip Leather Flat Oxfords Vintage Oxford Shoes Brogues)

They turned out great in my opinion! They fit true to size for me, doesn't bother the back of my heel, and look good with khaki, jeans, blue pants, etc.

u/here_pretty_kitty · 1 pointr/lesbianfashionadvice

I use fashion tape! or

It can be annoying (if I try to unbutton my shirt at the end of the day and forget I stuck tape in) but I've found if I treat the shirt more like a pullover, the fashion tape often holds up through many washes - I just throw it in the laundry and it generally comes out still sticking after many washes (and without damaging the shirt). I've found it works best if I take the time the first time I stick it in a gap to really position it well so it lays flat, since then I can leave it there and forget about it.

u/asiangoliath · 4 pointsr/lesbianfashionadvice

that's fantastic.

I have this one and it's pretty great: myotape

u/LadyOpheliaMartinees · 2 pointsr/lesbianfashionadvice

Thanks! Which section? Please don’t say boys because I’m too tall for the boys section which has some amazing stuff.

P.s. I googled Dino shirts after seeing your post and check out this lovely top 🦕

u/zippyfrancis · 2 pointsr/lesbianfashionadvice

Match Men's Fit Tapered Stretchy Casual Pants (32W x 31L, 8103 Dark red)

They have like 45 colors to choose from. It’s amazing

u/L4dyF4660t · 3 pointsr/lesbianfashionadvice

They’re Doc’s ! They’re the pride boot from a few years back. They’re so loud and unnecessary, I love them.

u/sendumtothemoon · 1 pointr/lesbianfashionadvice

I'm not sure if this is exactly what you're looking for but I got this light beige canvas messenger bag on Amazon that is only about $12. It's not the most robust material in the world but for the price I love it: much less bulky than most messenger bags. It's just the right size to hold my key items (huge phone, keys, wallet, three thousand lip balms :p).

u/yaryblehs · 25 pointsr/lesbianfashionadvice

Mens 2 Piece Suit Notched Lapel Sport Coat Floral One Button Slim Fit Tweed Suit, K1, Medium

Here it is :)

u/nautical_ninja · 5 pointsr/lesbianfashionadvice

I wear a surfer's rash guard and men's trunks over a one-piece. I sail way more often than I swim, but I wear the same thing in the pool.