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u/kailey_hunter · 5 pointsr/litecoin

Blockchain Basics is probably the best high level overall business blockchain book, which focuses on proof of work mostly.

Blockchain Revolution is a good use case book. Not technical, but gets a little sci-fi with how blockchain may be used in the future.

But if you want technical, the best I've found is Mastering Bitcoin.

Business Blockchain was pretty good and gave me ideas for a couple extra slides for my Blockchain 101 presentations throughout my company.

But Book of Satoshi was probably my favorite read. It was great to get a slight history of bitcoin and see some of Satoshi's views from his perspective.

u/honza17 · 0 pointsr/litecoin

nth :) btw, this is really worth reading book about the long term investing: The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham.

The recent revision here, but you can find also translated versions in case English is not your native language:

It's nearly all about stocks and obligations. But the crypto analogy is obvious. It really helped me to understand better the market and stay calm during the actual bear period.

u/tkhendall · 1 pointr/litecoin

Buy the Jeff Bezos model
Garden Torch
JB Weld
Airsoft Rifle

If you want an actual flame thrower then give your money to these people X15

Or fill a super soaker with gasoline and save $500.

u/pazdan · 1 pointr/litecoin

if you want a nice case for it:

I launched this on kickstarter a few years ago, would be willing to accept ltc, btc, or eth for one if you want just DM me.

u/Abstrct · 5 pointsr/litecoin


Excellent book to help plan beyond just your own access to your hard hodl’d funds.

u/Ayoria · 2 pointsr/litecoin

try some of the suggestions for 6950s on this site

and to keep heat down especially with 3 cards I would recommend the use risers on either every other card or all of them and spread them out for better airflow.

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u/SKREAM · 1 pointr/litecoin

$27 for a 4" fan? He'd be better off with some of these, less noise and more airflow.

u/jocko271 · 1 pointr/litecoin

Pardon? Here before you do anything else, genius, read this first:

u/Psyk0Tripp · 8 pointsr/litecoin

I just got mine on Amazon in 2 days for $85

Ledger Nano S Cryptocurrency Hardware Wallet

u/dragonfrugal · 1 pointr/litecoin

I used this screen, but you can use any screen you want:

u/zerocode20 · 1 pointr/litecoin

Try these fans out. I have one of these fans cooling 3x 7950's in a 4U rackmount case. Temps stay below 70C !!