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u/backstgartist · 1 pointr/londonontario

Yep, this is the easiest and affordable solution. There are commercial versions available too but regular plywood cut to size is usually the best.
This is one of the commercially available types:

u/numbersdontcount · 2 pointsr/londonontario

I was going to list my Weller WLC100 station on kijiji sometime soon. It's a pretty solid station, and mine's in good condition overall. I believe that this is the tip I have on it: Weller 185-ST7. $40 and it's yours.

u/sunnyday__ · 1 pointr/londonontario

Do you by any chance want to buy a kayak for really cheap? I have an inflatable one that I bought off Amazon a couple years ago and it's still in the box. :)

u/coffeeisamazing87 · 1 pointr/londonontario

I never said anything about chiropractors. This is just one person who has published this information online. This information is available in other places as well.

This book also covers the topic of unhealthy/healthy fats extensively. Written by a real doctor to keep you happy.

u/RoboWench04 · 1 pointr/londonontario

Apparently Amazon has it... Interesting read I got my copy years ago from Crimethinc when shipping cross border wasn't so expensive.

Expect Resistance is also worth checking out.

u/karadeniz0 · 6 pointsr/londonontario

I had one of those... I'd gladly give it away for free, but I threw it out when moving. Flimsy, doesn't actually chop for shit... Do read these reviews before falling for the TV commercials like whoever gave it to me as a present did...

u/Peekman · 2 pointsr/londonontario

Pretty sure I got it from Murder City. Or my mom trying to scare me as a kid.

That's a pretty interesting book though. It's from the records of an old OPP officer who was in charge of investigating a number of murders in London's surrounding area.

u/mediaphage · 5 pointsr/londonontario

Sorry about your luck. Tbh though, unless it's a brand new laptop I'd just buy one of these:

Or any equivalent thing.

u/xgoldenjackalx · 2 pointsr/londonontario

I’ll help. has them. Not sure if that’s the regular price or not.

Morning Star Sandalwood Incense 200 Sticks

u/hungrydruid · 1 pointr/londonontario

Not a... perfect solution and is super expensive, but Amazon US would get to you in 4 days?

u/joneil1000 · 1 pointr/londonontario

The book is called "Murder City", link to Amazon below to show you. However, it can be purchased downtown in local London bookstores.

There is some "weight" to the theory, but as others have pointed out, this city does not take critical analysis of any kind very well. Ironically because this city revolts so strongly against any bad press, and always has, this has allowed some pretty dark things to exist here.

When they are brought to light, more often than not the reaction is "oh, that happened in the past, we are not like that now."

Here's the book:

u/Barks507 · 1 pointr/londonontario

230W 180W AC Charger for Asus ROG TUF505DU TUF505DV TUF505DT TUF505DD TUF505D TUF505 TUF FX505DV FX505D FX505 Gaming Laptop Power Supply Adapter Cord

u/LinguisticTerrorist · -8 pointsr/londonontario

I’m trying not to laugh. And it is so freaking hard!

Back in 1955 the family farm house was empty, my grandmother was going to sell and had moved into her daughter’s place in town. The next weekend they headed back out to pick up more things, found the place had been turned into a booze and sex party pad, and totally trashed. All my grandmother’s china was destroyed, my aunts and uncles each lost stuff they still had at home. We were luck that my grandmother had insisted on taking the family bible (which has a lot of handwritten notes).

To see you dweebs whinging about stuff that has been happening since one of our ancestors invented beer, is all too funny. To hear the SAME REASONS that I heard the adults use to describe what happened when they talked about it so many years later, for the same sort of situation makes me fear for the future of the human race.

There’s similar problem in the book Beggars in Spain. What does it suggest to you?

u/sshuit · 2 pointsr/londonontario

There is a book called "murder city" which outlines how at one point in history London had more serial killers per capita than any city in the world. But it was almost 60 years ago iirc

u/ThePerdmeister · 4 pointsr/londonontario

>source please

There's mountains of evidence to suggest that "tough on crime" policies do little to actually tamp down crime rates (so, for examples, "broken windows" policies did next to nothing to reduce crime in New York; and crime rates plunged even after "stop and frisk" was abandoned by the NYPD); adding to this, we can recognize that places with relatively lenient judicial and law enforcement policies (say, Norway) have considerably lower levels of crime than places with relative harsh judicial and law enforcement policies (say, the US). Evidently, common sense would suggest the causal factor in crime reduction isn't (or isn't in any significant sense) a given political body's "toughness on crime."

But for more concrete evidence (of various levels of scholarly rigour) see here:

etc., etc.

So as far as sources go, you could read any of the dozens of scholarly articles or books written on the subject, but to be terse, let me just quote from the first linked article: "'tough on crime' policies are not supported by the scientific literature."