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u/Parrad0x · 1 pointr/longboarding

So I have had this [Atom Drop-through board] ( for a while now, but I just recently learned to ride. And let me say, I am enjoying it, really getting into the whole thing. I want to upgrade it, but to be completely honest I do not know anything about what it came with or what even needs upgrading. For now lets say my budget is $50 Maximum. Everything I have on it is stock (wheels, bearings, trucks, etc). What is the best thing to upgrade for my money?

If it matters, I don't do any extreme sliding on it, I just enjoy speeding up and down on the hills in our area. Anything to increase speed honestly.

Also, where is the best (online) place/brand to buy A helmet? I know I need one. Also knee/elbow pads and gloves?

All help is appreciated!

Edit: And if I were to get a new board, what is the best for $200? I just want one to go fast up and down big hills. I also would like one a little shorter than the giant 41 inch. Maybe something that would be easy to learn to slide on???

u/r0x_n194 · 1 pointr/longboarding

Hi. Looking for advice regarding my commute.

My daily commute is mostly miles of flat lands, but near my work is about a mile long hill. What I am looking for is something that is stable on downhill, while easy to push for the rest of my commute. I am currently looking at 3 boards: the Landyachtz Switchblade, the Pantheon Trip, and the Loaded Dervish Sama.

The switchblade is the one that I’m leaning to the most because I feel like it’s going to be the most stable of the three when going downhill. My only reservation is that it might not be comfortable for pushing LDP due to the aggressive W concave. Also, it looks too heavy to lug when I’m going up the hill.

I like the Trip’s small size, which will be great when I actually have to carry my board around, and it seems great for LDP. It looks like it is too flexy though for me if I do decide to bomb the hill.

I included the Dervish on my want list just because I love the way it looks. In reality, it is not very practical for what I will be needing, and is more of a “wishful dreaming”.

My current (and very first) setup is this Playshion complete from Amazon Even though it is super cheap, it is actually really good for cruising around, and helping me learn how to ride. The thing is, this is just not designed for downhill bombing, especially for a beginner like me. I will definitely still keep it in my quiver as a beach cruiser.

u/david605048 · 2 pointsr/longboarding

Hey guys,
I recently noticed a few guys on my campus that would ride longboards to class. I was really fascinated by them and want to get into longboards. I did quite of bit of research but I am still stuck on which board to buy. I really want this one ( but a few questions come to mind like: Is this a quality board? Is Playshion a good manufacturer? Will this board last? Is it good for dancing? Tell me what you guys think. If you dont think this is a good board can you recommend some boards to me? And when you recommend me one, please have it available on amazon, under 100 dollars, and similar shape to the one that I'm intrested in (I just love how that looks). I appreciate all the feedback! :)

u/recnik · 2 pointsr/longboarding

I just got into longboarding a few weeks ago, my girlfriend tried to get me into pennyboarding but my feet are too damn big, so she bought me this board as a gift and I immediately fell in love with riding. It's a cheap board and I expected it to ride like a cheap board, but I didn't expect to outgrow it quite this fast.

I lose so much speed so fast and rocky/uneven pavement is a nuisance on extended rides. I know I can correct both of those by getting new bearings and wheels, but I'm honestly not sure where to start when it comes to shopping for them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

As for just getting a new board - I actually really love the size of the board - it's small enough that I'd be perfectly okay riding it around my college campus every day and taking into class with me.

u/uniqlov3 · 1 pointr/longboarding

Hey all! I've been wanting to get into something new and recently my interest in skateboarding kicked in. I've always wanted to do it, but couldn't, due to where I lived. Anyways this community seems awesome, and a longboard seems to be just what I'm looking for (just something to go to school with, go to the gym/nearby restaurants/cruise around town for fun) but I'd like some help. I've researched a little, and have narrowed down my options into these two (tho certainly I would take recommendations - only thing is I'm on a tight budget), and

The 44 inch one (2nd) seems to be great, according to the videos and reviews I've checked on it, while people claim that the 34 inch (1st) can use a change of wheels. The thing is, I do want something that's more on the portable side, and I've never seen a 44 inch longboard (or any longboard actually) in my life, so I don't know just how tall that is, but I'm assuming it's not very easy to carry around? As compared to the 34 inch one atleast.

Sorry for the all over the place message, I'm too excited and also too sleepy. Would appreciate any insight anyways. Thanks!!

u/paisley04 · 1 pointr/longboarding

I’m trying to get into long boarding and upgrade a board I got years ago but was wondering if this setup would work.

Would these trucks (9” axle ones) work with both these wheels (unsure about these i’m trying to keep the cost down without sacrificing quality too much and i’ve read good things about these) and this board ?

i’ve posted here before and some great suggestions and info but I tend to over research everything and this is no exception. If anyone has any better suggestions for trucks and wheels that would work for that board and not break the bank that’d be great!

Thanks in advance for any help!

u/JumpyCattle · 1 pointr/longboarding

Hey all, newbie here! I've been trying to learn how to pivot for a month or so I would say, and I don't think I've gotten anywhere.


I feel like part of the problem might be my board. I'm not trying to blame my materials instead of my obvious deficiency of course, but I can't help thinking about it. Currently I have the Quest Super Cruiser. It weighs 10 lbs and the wheels have a durometer of 80A.

I have a really old, crappy skateboard that I can do a pivot on with relative ease, which I guess isn't surprising as it's much shorter and lighter. But I also tried my friend's board briefly the other day and I felt like it was much easier to pivot (still couldn't manage it all the way). Her wheels were definitely harder (85A).


I looked up lists of longboards other people recommend for freestyle, and they were all around 7 and a half pounds, except they had a tad softer wheels. I'm pretty confused at this point.


I looked at a YouTuber I watch's set up video, and I think I know now that I want 85A wheels. Would this solve the problem though? I'm also aware that the pintail-ish shape isn't ideal for this style, but I hadn't done enough research when I first bought it. So would getting a different shape help too? Would it be worth it?


So, what's the main issue here? The wheels, the shape, the weight, all of the above, something I'm overlooking, or just not enough practice?

Edit: Thanks everyone! I managed to get it down :-)

u/starryey3d · 3 pointsr/longboarding

Hey everyone

I'm new to longboarding (couple of weeks) and I bought my first board off amazon (yeah I know they suck but I didn't have a lot of money to spend and just wanted to try it out so don't judge me please).

So I got this board for like $70

Turns out I really like riding and wanted to invest some more as I progress. My question is, is it worth to upgrade the trucks/wheels on this board or not and just get another board from the brands at sidebar wiki beginner guide? Or if you have any tips in general regarding getting a board for noob

Thanks in advance! Have a great day

u/lablack786 · 0 pointsr/longboarding

Hi! I'm a beginner and I'm shopping for my first board. I have an Amazon gift card so I'm kinda limited to just Amazon boards. I was pretty set on picking up the Quest Super Cruiser and some Zealous bearings because basically every beginner picks this board up to learn longboarding and the bearings would replace the standard crappy ones, but I just found this new board on Amazon called the Quest Super Cruiser Remix (basically a shorter version of the original Quest board). I can't find that many reviews online about it, but it's shorter (i'm on a college campus with tons of pedestrians so this would be a huge plus), and has a sick design (I love blue lol). Any thoughts on the board? Should I get the original black Quest 44" or opt for this "Remix" at 36"?

Link for OG Quest Board:

Link for Quest Remix Board:

u/Mr_Lemone · 2 pointsr/longboarding

Best complete longboard for under $200?

What's the best quality longboard that will get me some skater cred, I longboarded for over 3 years using $20-30 pawns shop boards, over 6 miles a day usually, I finally got out of high school and into the work feild and I wonder what a decent longboard is like.

My favorite cheap longboard was a drop deck like this Atom board:

I really like the stability and decent turning radius, it is for a semi urban areas with really kinda shitty roads and sidewalks, mainly for comfortable cruising from destination to destination.

I'll be buying today and would be happy to post a follow up review if you're curious.

u/Qwahzi · 2 pointsr/longboarding

I posted this towards the end of the last daily thread, so maybe I'll get more responses here.

I want to give longboarding a shot (used to skate back in junior high), but I don't want to spend too much. How much should I be spending on my first longboard? Is something like this good enough?

/u/buffitout suggested I build my own, and gave me some good advice, so I might go that route.



Ordered the Churchill Kray (Freeride option)! :)

Thanks for the help!

u/MipselledUsername · 1 pointr/longboarding

I was looking for transportation that didn't require too much maintenance or storage for work. I (impulsively) settled on this Quest 44" board today.

I have 0 experience riding anything like this, but I figured youtube and safety gear have me covered

I feel like I should leave something here for discussion, but I'm just super pumped and felt like sharing (and didn't feel like junking up your sub with a "my first xyz!" post)

u/reddenblack · 1 pointr/longboarding

Hey guys!
Just subscribed, I'm new both here and to Longboarding in general, so please be gentle!

I just bought this on amazon. I know it's not a top of the line board or anything, but I'm brand new to this and I don't want to spend 180 bucks on something and end up not enjoying the hobby.

A lot of the reviews said it's a good beginner board and good for the price, but most of the negative reviews mentioned the wheels, and bearings. So my questions are:

  1. Did I make a really bad decision? Should I just cancel the order?

  2. If I do decide to upgrade the wheels, bearings or trucks, what brand or type should I get, and is there a good youtube tutorial that will show me how to go about doing it?

    Just so everyone is clear, I'm really just looking to cruise around the neighborhood, and get me to be a little more active. Not looking to race downhill or anything, if that matters for any advice.

    Thanks a lot for listening to me, and this seems like a cool little sub, hope I'll be spending more time here in the weeks to come!
u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/longboarding

Alright, thank you for the help, I really appreciate it!

Would I be better off getting a complete kit off of Amazon, or building it as a custom? And with the specifications I provided, would this be a good option to consider or would I get better bang for buck from Muirskate? :

If not that, then how about this?

Thanks so much, you guys are seriously helping me not throw all my money away on generics

u/flaspd · 1 pointr/longboarding

Hey guys, I am looking for a cruiser board.
I have minimal experience with skateboarding (I can ride them, but can't really do tricks).
I was mostly interested in using a skateboard as a transportation tool (can't stand riding on my old skateboard in surfaces that are not flat) and thought of getting a cruiser.

I am pretty tall (6'3) so I am not looking for a small board.
I searched amazon and thought about buying this ['quest' board](

Could anyone recommend this one for a newbie?
It's a 34 inch long board. will it fit me well?

(already got some bad comments on the quest board. but I would like to hear more opinions / alternative boards in the $60 range if possible

u/bphamftr · 4 pointsr/longboarding

I need help with choosing a new wheel. I'm still new to longboarding and my sister bought me this for my birthday! I live in a neighborhood where there are plenty of small rocks on the streets and cracks in the sidewalks. I know that my board comes with a 65mm and a 78a wheel, but I feel like if I get better wheels I will be able to handle my street better. I just plan on cruising around and not doing tricks anytime soon. Thank you.

u/DetectiveJohnKimbel · 1 pointr/longboarding

Hey I am 6'4" and I have huge shoes about size 14, I want a board like this or this . I like the first one more and want to know what different types of boards are used for (ie: cruising, shredding, fast, minimal effort needed). Personally I will go cruising around a lot so a minimal effort board that takes a few pushes to get going fast and for a long time without having to push again, and I want a board easy to balance on while going down medium/small hills with it. I will definitely be hitting some moderate hills though so I'm guessing most of you would recommend upgrading to a more expensive board by then but for now I am not very serious about gearing up. Also what is the difference between a pre built board and one you have to get parts for and assemble? Thank you to anybody who can help me out!

u/gitterwibbit · 2 pointsr/longboarding

Thanks for your input, but I'm really not looking to learn all of this stuff. I really just want to get a decent board online or somethin', fully setup, and be done. Sorry if I sound ignorant, but I just wanna get somethin' good and be done.

I'm thinking of picking up one out of these:

Which would ya say is the best in terms of durability, stability, and handling. I'm really looking for something that can make swift turns, pick up speed, and be stable.

Sorry that I'm incredibly uninformed on how all this works. But I really just wanna pick up a solid, decent board that can do those things.

Also, my neighborhood has some rocky, bad roads, sometimes. Sometimes its solid, sometimes its jagged. Which one of those boards above can keep up with it while still being stable?

If those can't do the job, could you link something that could thats >100$?

u/BATMANisMyBro · 2 pointsr/longboarding

Hey Guys so I'm completely new to longboarding, and I am excited to try it out, I had a few questions on which board I should get. Amazon has a 44 inch Quest Super Cruiser that I'm thinking about getting, but I read some of these comments and some of you guys recommend getting something smaller. So should I get a 44 inch or 34 inch?
(Here's the board I'm thinking of getting,

Thanks for all your help

u/arhvm · 3 pointsr/longboarding

Hi there, I have always wanted to get into longboarding but never had the money to pay for one. Recently though, I was looking online and came across this longboard: I eventually want to get into dancing but at the same time I don't want to have to buy another one later on, should I just spend more money and get a landyachtz (as suggested by my local skate shop) or should I make this purchase? Any help would be great, thanks!

u/TheKingOfKarp · 5 pointsr/longboarding

I'm getting into longboarding now that all of my friends are; however, I currently do not own a long board. My friend has an extra one that I have been borrowing, the Quest Super Cruiser 44". I like how easily this board can turn, but dislike the size of it.
The two I'm currently looking into are the White Wave Rocket and the White Wave Missile which seem to have nice quality for a good price.
My only issue is I am not sure which one to go for. The main difference seems to be the length (31.5" vs 28") and the trucks (180mm vs 5").

Just curious on opinions/advice for a longboarding newbie.

u/TheIceRange · 2 pointsr/longboarding

Alright friends,
I bought a 8bit board off of amazon before I understood longboards better. I'm looking at getting a new longboard with my graduation money and wanted to know your opinion on what I should get. I want to get into sliding this summer because I have a sweet hill to practice on.

Should I just upgrade the parts on my old board ( or should I get a new setup completely?

My budget probably would be 150-250. (Not sure yet because I haven't got my graduation money yet.)

u/weirdalrock · 1 pointr/longboarding

So I've never longboarded before. My friend let me try it this past week and I have to say, it's more fun the riding my bike. However, I know absolutely nothing about buying a longboard. I just went on amazon to see what kind of longboards there were. I saw a few that looked ok and were relatively cheap

Could anyone tell me if these are any good or if I should be looking somewhere else to buy a longboard?

u/Save_Gamehendge · 1 pointr/longboarding

I have $80 in Amazon gift cards to buy a first longboard for a birthday present for my girlfriend. Just looking for something nice and easy to cruse with. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to what to get? Heres what I've picked out so far. Which of these looks best?

Open to any other suggestions. I know $80 isnt going to get me much, but its really all I can spare right now. Thanks guys and gals

u/CyberPlatypus · 3 pointsr/longboarding

I'm new to skate/longboarding and was thinking of getting something cheap-ish to cruiese around on. Would anyone have any recommendations? I was hoping to get something around $50-75 and around 30" or so.

Also, any opinion on this Quest Cruiser I found on amazon? It seems like something I might like. Thanks a bunch!

u/LurknessMonster69 · 1 pointr/longboarding

Hey all, just bought my first longboard and I'm loving it! Picked up the yocaher drop deck, link to it is here:

Any beginner tips that you all may have for me? Does my board have decent wheels/bearings etc, or should I be looking into upgrades? I am mainly going to be using the board for cruising, but am interested in learning slides. I know nothing about the sport, and any and all advice will be appreciated.

u/itsmesp24 · 2 pointsr/longboarding

Im a newbie and to be honest Im not interested in sliding or any tricks yet, I just want to ride fast and cruise around. Do you guys have any wheels to recommend? I was thinking Orangatang Inheats or 4Prez. I just want to accelerate fast with smooth comfortable ride. Here is my board if that helps guys -

u/releasemysack · 3 pointsr/longboarding

Hello Reddit, I'm moving to a home about a mile away from the subway soon and decided instead of catching the bus that I'll get a longboard a ride instead. I'm a newbie when it comes to this so I just want to be steered in the right direction. I'm looking into these decks right now from Amazon, what do you all think? Should I look into a specific brand? What's decent for cruising? Sorry for all the questions, just want to make a good decision. I don't want to exceed 150 dollars on the deck and accessories.

Ride on buddies. Appreciate any help <3

u/4cut · 4 pointsr/longboarding

Hey, I've boarding on a pennyboard for four years as a way to get around a small campus.

Right now, I think that I'll need a faster board to get to school which around 4.5 miles away. It'll also be nice if it's good dancing board.

By the way, my friend got one of these and I'm wondering if this one is okay for what I need.

u/kristuhfur · 1 pointr/longboarding

Hey guys I'm generally new to skating and I want to buy one for getting around campus. I'm not too interested in the huge longboards, so I've been looking at small cruiser ones (White Wave's Rocket) or (Sector 9's Bambino)
Although I'm not yet comfortable riding around a group of people yet, I can still manage to get around.

Is there anything you guys can suggest for a newbie like me? Any other boards you would recommend around this price range?

u/TacoCowboy14 · 1 pointr/longboarding

I'm looking to buy a longboard for the first time and I want to spend under $100. The two boards I've been looking at are:

The Quest Super Cruiser

And The Yocaher Professional Drop Down

Which one would be better for a beginner? I'm also open to other suggestions if you think another board would work better for me.

u/g2bpro · 2 pointsr/longboarding

The truck where pretty tight I think know having adjusted them. They are the standard ones that come with this board
and Thank you for the welcome.

u/Smalmthegreat · 3 pointsr/longboarding

Brand new that board is like 75 bucks. Save you're money and get something a bit nicer.

u/yuyurashed · 3 pointsr/longboarding

Yup! 😊 thank you!

I'm am currently riding this board

The only thing I changed were tbe bearings (bones red).

I was trying to practice the tricks today and when I found it so hard I decided to stick to cruising and carving and just trying to be more stable, balanced, and confident on the board and just enjoying it instead of obsessing over what I can't do but I thought maybe there was something I could do to make the process easier or if there was something I was doing wrong. I read online that alot of people were able to cross step on they're first try and I couldn't even raise my foot without falling off.

u/campl0 · 1 pointr/longboarding

Thanks for the guide. I wish I had come to this sub before purchasing my first board.

I picked up a cheap Quest Board from amazon. For the price I cant complain I guess. I just wanted something cheap to learn and cruise around on. After a week I started to feel like the board was too unstable, but after tightening up the trucks a bit it really helped. I'll probably ride this for a while until I feel the need for something better.

u/shemari · 1 pointr/longboarding

I'm looking to learn how to ride, I don't want to spend much on my first board until after I've learned. I've found this used board on craigslist and this new one off amazon.

If you guys could let me know if these are good deals and what I should look for when I go to see the used board in person that would be awesome!

u/WHARRGARBLLL · 1 pointr/longboarding

Thanks, your comment led me here. I think she'll love it.

u/zase7 · 1 pointr/longboarding

I have this longboard: Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard Skateboard, 44"

I've been wanting a deck with more flex so I can carve and ride easier, could I just buy any deck with flex? Or does the deck have to "fit" the specific trucks I have now?

u/wraith333 · 1 pointr/longboarding

Any suggestions for bash guards or tail guards? I found some on Amazon:

but wondering if there are any other options to consider. gonna likely get one for my Kut-thaka and even my Tarab but not sure if having one will make beginner level free style(for the Tarab's case) difficult. I just wanna take as much care for these decks as I can

u/Waldo226 · 2 pointsr/longboarding

I'm pretty new to longboarding, and I just started going down hills and it's a blast. The only issue I'm having is the only way I know how to stop is to jump off, and I'm almost positive there's a better way to go about stopping. Any tips?

Here is my board in case that matters.

u/NeglectedWalrus · 2 pointsr/longboarding

I'm looking to get into longboarding and $90 is the most i'll spend (initially), just in case I find this isn't for me. I've done a bit of research and determined that as I want to do lots of cruising and freeride, a drop through board will probably best suit my needs. Is this the best I can do for my budget? Should I buy used? If so where?

u/herpa_derpa_sherpa · 1 pointr/longboarding

I got this longboard for Christmas, and I've ordered some bones reds for it, but I was wondering what limitations should I be mindful of and not try to force with the board and what the consensus on the quality of the individual parts are. The wheels seem too grippy to attempt sliding with, but I don't know. If I'm not sliding do I need the slide gloves? I loosened the wheels a bit and cruised around and it seemed smooth and stable, though I had to push a lot so hopefully the bones will be a good investment there.

u/Timebombaz · 1 pointr/longboarding

Hey everyone,

I'm going to be 33 this year. Big boy, former ASU football player, and have NEVER rode a skateboard. My 13 year old daughter seemed to learn pretty quick on the longboard we got her and I'd love to skate with her, so I have a few questions:

1: I know this is probably a dumb idea, but how do I minimize injury as much as possible?
2: A board that will handle my frame? I'm 6'5 260 with a size 15 foot.
3: lastly, my daughters board is too big and she wants a cruiser to ride to highschool. We bought her this to learn on: and she wants to replace it with a better cruiser type board, something a bit smaller as her commute will be about 1.5 miles each way.

Thank you!

u/ghtuy · 2 pointsr/longboarding

It's 44, here. It does DH alright, and I can slide fine, but I want to get a dedicated board, and keep that one for cruising and dancing.

u/Alea_Infinitus · 1 pointr/longboarding

I'm brand new to long-boarding, so I don't really know how to identify any of that.

This is the amazon listing in case it has any information:

The best I can tell you right now is that this is the second of this identical board that I've had, and the first one didn't make this much noise, so I don't think it would be dependent on what the bushing, washers, etc that the board is actually using, right?

u/Ghoulbreak · 1 pointr/longboarding
  1. Not sure...
  2. Nope, it'll most likely help you for pushing, yes, maybe turning...
    3)my first was 100$ - here
  3. a week? 3 weeks?
u/Mr_Icy7 · 2 pointsr/longboarding

Does anyone have one of these boards? I really like the Rocket, Warrior, And Mayhem. Do you think one of these would be good for cruising around on?

u/ProningWalrus · 1 pointr/longboarding

Hey guys ive been looking to get into longboarding for a little while now. I used to skateboard but that was like 7 years ago. After doing some research ive come to the conclusion that I want a cruiser. Im wondering if a size 31.5" x 9.25" board would be an okay size for a 6'0 160 pound guy. Id really prefer a smaller board around this size for portability. Right now im looking at this: White Wave Rocket Bamboo Longboard Skateboard (31.5 inches)

u/CerealPsycho · 1 pointr/longboarding

I'm interested in buying a longboard for commuting between classes. I'm a complete beginner at skating.

I've read through the beginner's buying guide and I have picked some parts, but I'm not sure if I want to spend 220 dollars on it if I'm just going to be using it to get from point A to point B. I've also found some longboards on Amazon which are cheaper and highly rated.

Would the Atom be good enough or is there a reason that those boards on Amazon aren't mentioned in the beginner's guide?

u/chadafer · 1 pointr/longboarding

Hi can anyone tell me what is a good complete board to get as a beginner. I am currently looking at this board. I am looking for a board that is easy to push and will go for awhile, does anyone have any suggestions.

u/steezasaurus_rex · 1 pointr/longboarding

Board Question: I currently ride this Quest board that I got for $50.

I mainly use it for commuting around my neighborhood in the street and sometimes sidewalk. (never really over 1.5mi) I am also trying to teach myself some basic tricks.

Can I get some board recs? I was looking at Landyachtz dinghy, would that be a good choice for what I want? I like the price point of the Dinghy, and ideally would like to stay under $150, but I can go up to $200.

u/ayyitsjameslmao · 6 pointsr/longboarding

I want to get a long skateboard for cruising but I also want to skate hills and maybe do slides, I was looking at this board would it be enough? Thanks!

u/lollery123 · 4 pointsr/longboarding

i bought my first ever board like 3 weeks ago so i have no idea whats on it

its this one.

Thanks for the tips!

u/daspaz · 1 pointr/longboarding

I have an intro board: Atom 36'' Drop-through,

As my first board, it has been great. I feel much more comfortable on the board. However, I have begun getting into sliding, and am having trouble getting extended slides.

I guess my question is, is the board itself viable for sliding? Is it just me? If so, what can I work on to get better? I can begin the slide, but I cannot "slide", then straighten smoothly out of the slide.

u/Thunder10015 · 0 pointsr/longboarding

I had a crappy board made by some generic brand. The board looked like this It didn’t flex under my feet at all and I think it was way to big and heavy for me when I had it “I was like 5 foot 4 weighing only 90 pounds or so at the time”. And I am willing to pitch in a bit and spend more for a helmet. I don’t know much about brands for the boards but I do know that sector 9 has some really nice looking boards.

u/Epiclyill · 1 pointr/longboarding

I'm looking to buy a new board but have no clue what to look for. I really like this but don't know what brand's to look at and I don't want to buy something low quality. I'm looking to get something between 100-200$ and suggestions are appreciated!

u/pdxmph · 2 pointsr/longboarding

These have worked well for me.

Depending on the thickness of the board, you may need to loosen them up or tighten them before applying. To avoid scratches and grooves, I’d open them up a little, make sure they’re on straight, then squeeze them tight. They’re made up of flexible metal segments under a rubber casing, so shaping them is sort of like bending stiff wire.

They are a little shapeable, so they’ll fit most designs with a little bending/molding.

u/HunterCatato · 2 pointsr/longboarding

I recently learned how to skateboard on a Walmart Skateboard, and I really liked it. So I decided to get
this boi:

I live at the end of a culdesac on a hill (not too steep) and I want to get into Downhill Longboarding. How do I do that? Any advise is needed

u/The_Chosen_User-name · 6 pointsr/longboarding

Hey guys - new to longboarding! I recently picked this longboard
up and its alright. There's a weird rattling noise that happens when I want to loosen my trucks, but with tight trucks its completely fine. Any ideas?

u/Toxic-Donkey · 3 pointsr/longboarding

It’s a pintail. I googled pintail and found what looks like this exact board on amazon.

u/Drtrider · 1 pointr/longboarding

Yea was just taking a look. But it seems quite a few have vouched for the website. So, I think its a safe bet I was looking at this

u/50_Trails_Of_Snails · 1 pointr/longboarding

Thanks! :D And aren't they only like $15?

u/MrBarbarianx · 2 pointsr/longboarding

Is this long good for beginners?.
I only skated once in my life and I'm looking to start longboarding (Just riding in the beachside or maybe going to school or something)

u/iSeeXenuInYou · 1 pointr/longboarding

What do you guys think of this cheap af longboard? My broke friend just got it. He intends to just cruise around. I think it would be fine. May have to replace bearings and wheels eventually.

u/lizardsstreak · 6 pointsr/longboarding

hi guys i just bought my first longboard 3 weeks ago and yesterday i hit 40mph!!!

here is my board:

how can i upgrade it to hit 50mph next time? i think i want ceramic bearings and 97mm wheels.

u/lincolnluxor · 1 pointr/longboarding

Mine is this one. Nothing special, just a beginners board. Can't speak on what boards the other guys use though. I'm too new to know brands or stuff like that.

u/CHAINMAILLEKID · 2 pointsr/longboarding

what you want is this

And I'll have you know that the lube Zealous uses is over $5 an oz, where as bones is probably cents.

u/InsaneBeagle · 1 pointr/longboarding

I've got a fairly cheap board off Amazon

So you think i should just get those wheels?

u/Reddit_Videos_To_Gif · 1 pointr/longboarding

So I got this long board to go down light hills and really i just want to know what you guys think of it as a beginner board.This one

u/GrryTehSnail · 2 pointsr/longboarding

Quest Super Cruiser Artisan Bamboo Longboard Skateboard, 44"

They even raised the price on this piece of shit. It was $50.00 two years ago

u/ourcore · 1 pointr/longboarding

Figured, but this looked okay: Not seeing much by Funbox.

u/shakkajohn · 1 pointr/longboarding

This has probably been asked a million times, but I'm looking for a 70mm wheel that is decently hard for speed, but grippy enough for carving.

I bought these:

They suck for speed but grip like no other. I'm looking for a good balance between the two.

u/MickeyFinns · 2 pointsr/longboarding

I've got a cheap Atom drop deck...

Removed some of the spacers to get it a bit lower and gottne the bearings running nice. It's a heavy board but all can really justify for this trip, as a above I've got enough time to walk the entire way if needed.

u/JonathanEarl · 1 pointr/longboarding

Looking at getting into longboarding and eyeing an Atom Complete drop through longboard on Amazon for $117. Would there be any quality difference between that and $150 complete longboard at the local Van’s store? Link below to the Atom.

Atom Drop Through Longboard (40 Inch)

u/RockinRollo · 2 pointsr/longboarding

I'm looking at getting into longboarding - my budget is about $150 CDN. Literally just to get to the coffee shop about a 15 minute walk from my house but I'm sick of walking. I have no intentions of using it other than to get to places around town. I was looking at this -

After browsing this subreddit it appears people fucking despise Atom. I weigh literally nothing (102lbs) any advice would be greatly appreciated. (Preferably purchase off Amazon as my local skate shop only has boards for $400+)

u/TheForkOfYork · 1 pointr/longboarding

Is anyone able to help me with getting a new deck?

I know Zumiez is frowned upon here but I'm going to the mall in a bit and I'm looking for a new deck to use for cruising and downhill/sliding and I found this one:

The deck I'm currently riding is an atom drop throughAtom drop through with Caliber II trucks and Sector 9 butterballs that I'm planning to put on whatever new deck I end up getting.

I also saw that the Arbor Axis' width is only 8" and I've heard that 8" width isn't the best for downhill/sliding so the other board I was looking at was this one but I've seen santa cruz gets some hate here so I'm just checking to see that I'm not buying a shitty deck.


u/Richmoneybucks · 2 pointsr/longboarding

I'm new here, and I was checking out the wiki. Does anybody have the images from "Hi kids, I'm a deck!"? The photobucket images that the wiki links to are broken. Thanks!

EDIT: I'm looking at this:
As my first board. The wiki says Quest is a brand to avoid, but it also doesn't give any reason. I've read reviews online that say this is a good board, am I being duped?

u/asnof · 4 pointsr/longboarding

$79.95 for the board, it is very doubtful you can afford leathers if thats what you spend on your board. I see on their website that the most expensive one is 120 dollars(excluding hybrid and electric).

From how little damage there was I doubt it was 40MPH as well, there would be a few more layers of skin taken off, there would also be more damage to his shorts considering the fabric itself is probably a loose woven cotton. Cotton doesnt survive against roads too well. I highly doubt that board could make it to 25mph before getting severe wobbles unless there were aftermarket trucks/bearings/bushings