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u/roderickrandom · 2 pointsr/madisonwi

I highly recommend The Best in Tent Camping: Wisconsin, which has not just useful overviews for most of the State Parks (and some County Parks, too, I believe? I don't have the book on hand right now) but also gives specific tips on what campsites in those parks are the best. Hugely helpful. There was also a Flickr album with pictures of those sites floating around last summer when I was looking; I'll see if I can dig it up.

u/kinggeedorah777 · 1 pointr/madisonwi

Wow, that video is great. Pretty much sums it up.

Check out this book by a guy from Madison, "The Fox" as the Germans called him.

u/schlach · 1 pointr/madisonwi

I'm curious to hear the answer. I just enrolled in a Wisconsin DNR class on Learning to Hunt Deer for Food (haven't hunted before). This book made a believer out of a locavore urbanite like myself. Seems like redditors should be a good community to help each other out with local food exchange.

u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/madisonwi

If you're starting out, I recommend this guy. It's a great beginner guitar and around your price point. Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar, Natural by Jasmine

u/Johnny_B_GOODBOI · 4 pointsr/madisonwi

Oh, ha! If i were going to be out there for more than like half an hour I would use one of those grabby arm tools, like this:

u/bringabanana · 7 pointsr/madisonwi

Ice Age Trail. Pretty much any part of it, but nearby Table Bluff segment specifically. If you search this sub, it'll pull up past recommendation lists as well.

There's really a lot, I found this great book, 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles of Madison at Half Price and it has introduced me to some great spots I wouldn't have otherwise tried out. It's a little out of date but that's never given me any real problems.

u/--wintermute · 2 pointsr/madisonwi

This is a great book that should keep you busy.

60 Hikes Within 60 Miles

u/badmagis · 3 pointsr/madisonwi

You guys got a nice back-and-forth going here, but I'd just like to interject with a book recommendation on the history of police: Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America's Police Forces by Radley Balko (

It's a well researched and footnoted book - the author explains that police as we know them are a surprisingly recent development. Mostly affirming the info in the links shared by u/Gilgong0. What I found interesting is 1) we as people only started having police when people started living close to strangers in larger cities (because before that your family and church members just shamed you and/or physically dealt with you if needed) and 2) there is not technically a constitutional basis for police (but no one is making a serious argument they shouldn't exist)

u/vatoniolo · 1 pointr/madisonwi

/u/whysnow I bought a couple of this one and am happy with them

u/shakes_mcjunkie · 1 pointr/madisonwi

So yea, I'm gonna go with Absurdistan for the next book:

It was good meeting you all this afternoon!

u/ADDvanced · 0 pointsr/madisonwi

Step one: Buy these:

Step two: Install in front bumper, facing forward

Step three: Honk/flash high beams to get people to move. 118 deb of fury is like the parting of the red seas. It's amazing. :D

u/daniand17 · 3 pointsr/madisonwi

I started doing this too! I am also on the SW side. I got my picker from Amazon on Sunday. I regularly walk/bike these paths and decided to bring my picker and a few bags every time I'm out. I didn't want to get gloves just because they will get disgusting, and disposable gloves just generate even more trash.


I believe this is the one I got, and I'm happy with it:

u/ohmygadogado · 1 pointr/madisonwi

I got my first white one at ThinkGeek, the one I have now has tons of different colors...

u/LongUsername · 6 pointsr/madisonwi

No, it's not. The center iconography was changed. For example, here's the old one on Amazon:

u/Dodge-em · 1 pointr/madisonwi

The "working title" of the film on Barbara Hoffman's murders was actually the book about the same event.