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u/L3337_H4X0R · 1 pointr/malaysia

>You can get plant from that river what.

Technically yeah your brother is correct. Java fern originated from our own local rivers.

>Uncle: what fish you're rearing? None? What's the point?

Owhh boy, there are tons of beautiful fishes in the planted tank. Guppies and neon cardinal tetras. All of it suitable in our local climate, and if you hardworking enough at keeping the environment stable, guppies and neon tetras can breed more fishes.

I recommend this channel:

James Findley (refer to the guy in the video) usually use top of the line equipment from ADA (aqua design Amano). Expensive for beginner or someone that doesn't have a deep pocket. My suggestion is to cut some of the equipment to a more cheaper alternative. ADA tank is beautiful, but super duper expensive. My recommendation is, get a tank suitable for your budget per square cm. Which mean, get what is the biggest that you can afford, because of the bigger space, the lower the chance of mess up (like overdose fertilizer etc). For soil, ADA still the best for value. Get the Amazonian soil, and get the granular type, not powder as the granular type is less "cloudy" when pouring water.

For plants, get Monte Carlo for carpeting plant. Don't get hemianthus callitrichoides 'Cuba'. From my experience, monte carlo is more forgiving than HC. Monte Carlo can survive without CO2 injection. HC need cooler water and CO2 injection. It is doable for HC to survive in a hot climate like Malaysia, but need a CO2 injection. Monte Carlo is like a big version of HC. Usually, HC is for a nano tank. Owhh yeah, these kinds of plants usually float. So you will need to be careful to anchor them. For java fern, you can anchor to the rock. Java moss you can either glue (use waterproof glue) or better use rope. ADA has a biodegradable rope. I recommend using the rope rather than glue, and ADA rope is cheap IMO.

For CO2, depends on budget. You can DIY (not recommended because it fizzles out quickly in a few weeks), or get proper canister + regulator and solenoid. As I said before, you can get away from not using Co2, especially in Malaysia, as Malaysia has higher rate exchange of O2 and Co2 due to the temperature (don't quote on me, I forget the source). That's why our tropical rainforests are among some of the oldest in the world. As our climate suitable for plant growth (we don't have winter, and tons of perennial species). It translates also to underwater growth from seaweed and local flora. You can get away from Co2 by using some of the plants that are originated from our own backyard. But if you truly interested, I'm recommending this book: But a bit warning, without CO2, the growth rate is slower than using Co2 injection. So need to be patient, and cannot overdose on fertilizer. Need to keep that in mind. Fertilizer is like a vitamin. Better low dosage than overdose. I recommend Seachem Flourish. If you want to keep red plants, you must buy the iron supplement. But for a beginner, just get the balance (NPK is the exact ratio like 10:10:10 with trace elements). ADA also have their own fertilizer, but you will need to check their local price. I'm using DIY method because I've already had my own liquid fertilizer from Serbajadi. Serbajadi also has liquid fertilizer intended for a normal household plant, but the ratio of NPK is super duper high (21:21:21) with trace elements. This is too high for the aquarium and if you are not careful, algae will grow rapidly in this setup. I'm preferring this method as it is cheaper than buying top of the line aquarium fertilizer as I have my own plants (chilies, tomatoes). So usually I dilute the fertilizer and shower the plants and use the rest for the aquarium.

Buy also API freshwater masterkit. Expensive, but worth every ringgit. Why? You can test almost every metrics available, from PH to water hardiness. Our local tap water PH usually ranges from 7 to 8. A bit "hard". So keep that in mind to always check the source water. Not only that, you can use the kit for a nonspecific test that is not aquarium related. For example, testing local river water quality (for fishing).

Filtration. Get an Eheim filter if you can afford it. I'm dead serious. My Eheim filter still running for 2 years. Most of the cheap filter dead less than a year. Some anecdotal review stated Eheim filter can last up to 10 years. That's how quality it is. It is super duper quiet and you literally can sleep beside it and not hear a single decibel. If you prefer overhang type, get the Fluval. Cheaper and if you get the C4 version, it has tons of filtration. If you literally broke, just use cheap pump and overhang box. Or better still, DIY like this video:

Don't sacrifice filter or not using a filter in the setup. As a good aquarium need a good filtration and water movement to facilitate bacteria growth and gas exchange/diffusion of Co2 and O2. Don't believe any videos that showcase aquarium without a filter. Also, the filter can act as a vacuum pump for mosquito larvae, a problem in Malaysia that Aedes mosquito like to breed in fresh, clear and clean water. A stagnating water is good breeding ground for mosquito. Keep that in mind.

For lighting, get an LED lamp. Cheaper actually using LED as it uses less watt and less heat issue. Get the full spectrum 6500K version for freshwater. DONT get the blue spectrum LED. That lamp usually for a saltwater tank. I believe in Mid Valley shopping mall, there is an aquarium shop on the top floor. And it has tons of aquarium light selection. You can buy online if you like. But a bit cautious buying lamp from China, please ensure you get proper voltage and proper ballast. If you too afraid to dive into thousands of LED selection, I'm suggesting for you to get an Ikea lamp desk that has an E26 socket. And use LED bulb 6500K from Phillips. Hang it over the tank. Same thing, and you can change the bulb whenever you like. Also get a timer. I'm suggesting about 4 to 6 hours daily light. Don't over 12 hours. Trust me. Algae can grow much quicker than plants. More exposure of light means more algae can outgrow the plants. Also, most of those videos don't tell you this, but for the first few weeks, you cannot put fishes or shrimp in the tanks. The filter and the biodiversity still cannot support the additional load of fish. This is called nitrogen cycle:

That's where the API master kit is useful. You can test the water parameter until it is stable. Usually, it takes one week. If you have any more questions, feel free to join on Good luck.

u/johnnywatts · 0 pointsr/malaysia

>Explain that. Even the US of A couldnt run away from corruption.

We don't need a perfect system. We only need a system that makes it incredibly inconvenient and difficult to abuse.

No nation is corruption free. However, the US's system is far better than Malaysia's when it comes to curbing government power. To get any new law done at all you need to go through 4 stages of checks (House, Senate, White House, Supreme Court).

Remember Trump's Muslim ban? Overturned by the courts. Not even the President who controls the most powerful military in the world can do anything about it. It's why TIMES magazine named Putin the most powerful man in the world, not Obama at that time. Putin can do anything, Obama has to beg the House, Senate and Supreme Court for everything.

On top of all that you have 50 state governments. All of which has their own armed forces (National Guard and State Reserve system), and have the right to ignore Federal law and protect their own state. It's how marijuana can be illegal on the Federal level, but if you go to Colorado you can smoke until you syok.

Compare it to Malaysia's system, where somehow you had a PM who is also Finance Minister, and almost ended up with the PM holding absolute power. Power is highly centralized in the hands of the Federal government, and thus the PM.

>As for lack of natural resources as a reason for failure, I disagree. There is this theory called "resource curse". Its the contries with a lot of natural resources who are doomed. They get susceptible to colonisation and corruption.

This one my theory is based on The Dictator's Handbook and CGP Grey's The Rules For Rulers (also based on the same Handbook):

The summary is that all government power is based on the distribution of Treasure since no man rules alone.

In a resource rich nation, the Treasure is said resources, and if the government is able to keep the extraction of resources going, and makes enough Treasure to keep everyone happy, it will be stable.

In a human rich nation, the Treasure is the talents of those humans. The Treasure is based on increasing the amount of Treasure those humans generate (tax dollars). If the government keeps the humans happy, and get a lot of Treasure from it, it will be stable.

Malaysia is neither one or the other. And it falls into a valley where revolution and bloodshed is cyclical once it starts.

u/leonfook · 2 pointsr/malaysia

>plus the 2 journalists from Wall Street Journal, instead of some triad gangster.

Buy their book. That's the best award you can give them.

u/jwrx · 4 pointsr/malaysia

holy batman, walls of text...punctuation dear...punctuation.

I would suggest looking tru the Malaysian own intrest in Malayan history only extends to WW2, check out The Jungle is Neutral, one of my fav books of the period

>to see some furniture all the way from my home city

Stoke on trent?

Pop into any bookstore, buy the Kampung Boy series by LAT, the sequel is Town boy, it shows a lovely pictorial refference to Malaysia in the 60s-70s

u/mjong99 · 1 pointr/malaysia

Anyone here that owns or tried a Samsung Odyssey + VR set care to share their opinion?
I'm really tempted to get one from Amazon right now for $290+$50(shipping)

u/dzof · 2 pointsr/malaysia

This predates the rise of Daesh/ISIS, but worth a read for background context:

In particular, it goes some way to explainin why and how groups like Al Qaeda could influence and make use of Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines as bases of operation.

u/nohablaespanol · 1 pointr/malaysia

Have you tried these forums: Malaysianunderwater/ Malaysiandivingcommunity?

Guide books?

The major dive operators are on facebook, you might get better responses there.

PNM, the National Library at Jalan Tun Razak is well equipped, and no registration needed if you need to sit down and do your research.

u/Rebelsuns · 2 pointsr/malaysia

Way beyond legit. Head editor wrote a book (and became a movie) called John Dies At The End.

It even has it's own Youtube channel.

Signup at the Writer's Workshop and ask around, especially on payment and what to write.

u/hopeinson · 2 pointsr/malaysia

You will not get an appropriate response from denizens here, I suggest that you read this book instead; that way, you will not be buggered into further derision.

u/Zegmar · 4 pointsr/malaysia

According to this book the blog is "reviewing": Walt Disney, infamous for his alleged antisemitism, even which his grandniece, of all people, acknowldged this, is furthering an evil Jewish agenda through his movies.


Dude writing this seriously needs to be hit to the side of his thick skull with a hardcover copy of Walt Disney: Hollywood's Dark Prince.

If you are talking about Jewish CEOs like Michael Eisner, that's understandable, but that guy got kicked out years ago. The blog and the book even barely touches the hidden LGBT messages within Frozen. "Let It Go"? t's really an anthem about coming out of the closet.

u/kucingtulap · 3 pointsr/malaysia

Sorry to hear this.

So in essence, you want:

  1. To separate yourself and your mother from your father as soon as possible
  2. To have minimum, ideally zero, contact with your father as long as possible
  3. To take care of yourself and your mother as soon as you are able to

    Like what a lot of people had mention, you should check out AWAM, and that could help solve your first two problems. The third is tricky, but I think AWAM would have enough cases similar to yours, that they would have the right advice for you.

    Just a question, I understand that you have no car, but are you and your mother able to leave the house? Just wondering if you're locked up and unable to leave the house.

    The first three problems are technical problems, but there's also a fourth, longer term, problem that you should be aware about: living in a such a toxic environment brings subtle but powerful changes to the victims, especially to growing teenagers such as yourself. Do check out r/raisedbynarcissists. It's a subreddit for people who have toxic parents and perhaps you can learn more about your situation. You can also read Children of the Self-Absorbed by Nina Brown. Although it's written for adults that have not-so-abusive-but-still-toxic parents, I think this book will still be helpful to you. It shed light to the kind of parents I have, and provided steps that I can take to help me grow as a person. It's not a great book, but it was a necessary one. If you want the book, just let me know and I can send you a digital copy.

    For a sixteen year old, you have shown guts. But sometimes it's difficult to deal with this alone. I know I'm just an internet stranger, but if you ever need someone to talk to, about anything, just shoot me a message. You can keep your anonymity too obviously.

    Take care.
u/reallyannoyingtroll · 5 pointsr/malaysia

>Making and keeping people hungry is another necessity. The Israel startup ecosystem is often mentioned: a nation under siege, in a sea of what they see as enemies, and the leading role of the army as both a training for the youth and a key funder for research and development. Malaysia may seems “too lazy”, says the panel, and needs to find its own “enemy” to raise the competition mindset of its entrepreneurs.

The Myth of the Lazy Native: A Study of the Image of the Malays, Filipinos and Javanese from the 16th to the 20th Century and Its Function in the Ideology of Colonial Capitalism by Syed Hussein Alatas

u/throwaway12ki876 · 2 pointsr/malaysia

> it's not the Malaysian government who is going around killing and torturing them

Try reading the "May 13: Declassified Documents on the Malaysian Riots of 1969", you will be surprised what our government was capable of. That said, I don't think any country has any business meddling with other countries' internal affairs unless it's for humanitarian purposes, like natural disasters or outbreak of diseases. I am not fond of UN either, especially after that Korean dude attempted to criticize Malaysia on the handling of Sultan Sulu case. :/