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u/theycallmewildfire · 3 pointsr/marchingband

Hey friend.

Maybe over the summer, hit some books over leadership. Band really is a great place to learn and apply leadership skills.

Some books I recommend:

Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink

How To Win Friends And Influence People by Dale Carnegie

I can't recommend Extreme Ownership enough, though. If you take extreme ownership of your section they'll respect you a million times more than they already do. When they respect you that much more, they're that much more likely to not put you in bad positions anymore.


I've gotta add that it'd be good to listen to some podcasts and videos by leaders, too. Since I'm already talking about Jocko Willink, he has a TED talk, too. Here's a link.

u/SOGIST · 2 pointsr/marchingband

Two words: bari harness

I play and have marched clarinet, bass clarinet, alto, and bari and this harness makes bari a lot easier and comfortable.

I trust this strap with my life. It has never broken and has worked just fine for the entire year I’ve been using it. It still shows no signs of letting me down.

u/Sam_Vimes_AMCW · 7 pointsr/marchingband

I've used SABRE, they make a gel that's really good too. Personally I carry a knife and a kubaton and pepper spray, but I've seen the gel in action and it's really good.

Or if you wanna go budget, you can buy a 4pack of pepper spray for like 50$, I'll edit with a link

first one

two pack of the same product

u/Poopsmash78 · 5 pointsr/marchingband

What kind of neckstrap are you using? I would suggest using a bari sax harness. It takes the weight off your neck.
This is a great one I use.
Neotech 2501162 Soft Harness, Black, Swivel Hook

u/Upholder · 3 pointsr/marchingband

I bought for myself after 30 years playing on a Holton 680.

I've been very impressed with it for the price. It's a Bach clone, .547 bore, open-wrap F-attachment.

u/123eyeball · 8 pointsr/marchingband

Nah, this practice pad is a million times better. Don't waste your money.

u/_ToastyBunz · 3 pointsr/marchingband

If you value the use of your neck/back for God’s sake buy a Harness .

u/idk-wut-usrname · 3 pointsr/marchingband

Did you know that if you have one of those leather ligatures with the one twisty tighteny thing, you can balance it on your stand or finger by that one tightener thingy and it’s a great way to scare directors, section leaders, techs, and generally anyone.

This style of ligature:

u/Moisac · 2 pointsr/marchingband

"Moist sac" or "Moisac." It's from the humidity pack in this.

u/Callawaybros · 1 pointr/marchingband

It's the GoPro Hero3 Black. For brass I used the GoPro Headstrap and for the woodwinds I used the GoPro Chest Harness. Also for the Marimba and Vibes I used the GoPro Roll Bar Mount

u/qwertyberty · 2 pointsr/marchingband

Seriously, my disks in my lower back shifted because I was a 5 foot tall little high school girl who was guilted into marching with a sax that was almost as tall as I was. With certain activities I still get moderate back aches as an adult. Our first chair had this brilliant harness that might help.