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u/samsc2 · 4 pointsr/maryland

Absolutely. My favorite completely discreet as well as super easy to use/install are the flexible panels I talked about. They are awesome albeit they are long but they can pretty much replace shingles on your house for the most part.

This is what my friend got originally for his home in georgia and it worked great. In fact it's so hard to notice that when the power company came out to check out why his meter was going backwards sometimes(he had grid-tie) the meter inspector couldn't notice the panels and so just thought the meter was faulty and kept replacing it until he came by when my buddy was home and started talking about solar.

As for making things nice it's really all up to your imagination. Think about anywhere you want or have shade i/e car cover, awning, porch, garden, shed, etc... and just imagine putting up panels instead of regular stuff. It not only does what you wanted but now you're saving money by doing it.

Now tax write offs might not always be applicable for solar projects if you're DIY but a lot of them still are it just depends on which program you're applying for. As long as the products you're purchasing are inspected and the final project is inspected too i/e pay for an electrical inspector to come out and certify it, you should be absolutely good to go. The big things to look out for are fire hazards, wire gauges, pure sine wave if on-grid and synced to grid, and of course fire protection requirements. Just basically don't leave lots of bare wires and allowing water to spill all over it or fling matches all over it and you're good to go.

u/pnewell · 12 pointsr/maryland

>How can the sea rise more on one coast than all the others?

There are a number of ways. The first and most common is what you pointed out, land sinking (subsidence). But there are also more complex factors. Things like tides on the larger scale play a role (circulation 'rivers' in the ocean exist, and like a NASCAR driver on a steep turn, as they curve the water piles up on the outside and thins out on the inside) , as do the gravitational pull of continents (small, but a real effect), and I think there are some others I can't remember.

The book "High Tide on Main Street" covers sea level rise with some great details like these (having just read it is the only reason I knew about gravitational pull of continents, which I think is fascinating!)

Interesting note, the book came out a week before Sandy hit, ironic because that's exactly the kind of event the book describes as a possibility!

u/thermite451 · 1 pointr/maryland

LONG story short: I got the 13Amp because I didn't figure on need the power of the 15Amp normally (this is MD after all), the upside of which was that I could get a 14/3 power cord to go with it.

I bought that one because I was worried the cord would annoy me and I wanted a super flexible one. It was TOTALLY worth it. The cord is a little annoying, but I'd be more worried about the cordless one chewing up batteries and not having enough "grunt" to move as much snow.

I'm generally a pretty big fan of the 20v LiOn cordless gear, but for something I knew I was going to be running for a long time, it didn't make sense to me.

As a post script: I just ordered for my mother so she can clean off her deck and walkway. I don't know if it's as nice as the snow joe, but it was $100.

Post Post Script:

That's what it ended up like yesterday

u/DietSodalite · 25 pointsr/maryland

It's clear you know nothing about Columbia.

We are rated highly by many metrics including arguably the most important one: "Best place to live".

It's 15 min from Baltimore, and 45 min from DC.

Where the hell did you hear we have bad schools. The quality of our schools, which is high, is one of our most notable features. We've been rated The #1 School district in Maryland, #2 Best place to teach, and #3 district with best Maryland Teachers.

The ethos of the culture here is one of diversity and inclusiveness. It is extremely welcoming, with amenities that focus on making anyone from any background feel comfortable.

It's much more than a shopping mall. It's miles and miles of meandering bike paths, lakes, and an insane amount of tree coverage.

We've also been listed BEST PLACE TO LIVE IN AMERICA, MULTIPLE TIMES, and when we weren't #1 we were in the top 10.

Columbia is considered to be not only the best place to live in MD but also the US. I have lived all over the state and have visited much of the country, and I have never been to an area where the quality of life is as high as it is here. Here is a link to a book detailing the history of Columbia. Feel free to educate yourself -->

u/mjt5689 · 2 pointsr/maryland

Not all antennas are created equally. If you're really serious about getting the most out of over the air TV, they also make large higher range outdoor bi-directional antennas like this that you mount on your roof where you can point one set of large antennas at one place and the other set at another. It's perfect for Maryland depending on where you live: You can point one or the other at whichever two big cities are closest to you whether that's Baltimore, DC, Philly or wherever else

u/mini_tonys · 2 pointsr/maryland

This is what I usually do:

- Make sure to have a ice scraper (I like this one) and shovel

- Salt around your car before the ice sets in

- If you drive, at least go the speed limit

- Buy snow boots (I got mine at either walmart or kohls). If you can't get snow boots, put plastic grocery bags over your shoes before you go outside.

- Make sure to give your car a couple minutes to warm up before leaving

- Someone mentioned it before but I'll say it again: If you don't feel comfortable driving, don't. The less people on the road, the better.

u/SyntheticBiology · 2 pointsr/maryland

Seriously! They've come down massively in price, they aren't full of mercury like CFLs are, they don't have a CFL's warm-up time, they work with dimmer switches, and they're now significantly pulling ahead of CFLs in terms of energy efficiency.

u/steinauf85 · 2 pointsr/maryland

unless you have voice service, in which case you need a DOCSIS 3.0 modem capable of telephony/EMTA. those are about $140 on Amazon.

still better off in the long run, but the break even point is longer

u/madmaze · 0 pointsr/maryland

How about a selection of old bay thing.. like Old Bay caramels and some Old Bay Utz chips

u/coozyorcosie · 1 pointr/maryland

You can get magnets that you attach the plate to and it will stick to the bumper on Amazon.

u/thatgirl098 · 1 pointr/maryland

Same here. I refused to stick it to my windshield with tape.

Edit: Also worth noting, they make these for the newer smaller passes too which is actually the one I have.

u/buddhacanno2 · 3 pointsr/maryland

Decided to look up some of these:

  • American Free Press - Wiki says they are "anti-jewish agenda, anti-israel, Conspiracy theorist, etc.

    Actually going to their website, it looks like a generic Pro-Right Wing news site. Positive articles about Trump, anti-big-government articles, anti-Military industrial complex articles, *an article about the US being better of Emulating China, written by "Kevin Barrett, Ph.D., is an Arabist-Islamologist scholar and one of America’s best-known critics of the War on Terror."

    That's a weird one for sure*

  • Atomwaffen Division - Size 80+ (2018) *(Nationally)

    They're "Statewide" yet the # of members in this state are unknown. Assuming a somewhat even spread in the 48, we're looking at what.. 2-4 members at most?

  • Barnes Review

    Holocaust Deniers who put out a magazine talking about all aspects of history, two examples from the most recent issue showing the extremes:


    >Those ignorant about the WWII era think Adolf Hitler was single-mindedly infatuated with murdering every Jew he could get his hands on. But, according to one author, dealing with the Jews was low on Hitler’s “to-do list.”


    >Why do the Hungarians speak a Finno-Ugric language—a language spoken only by a few far-flung groups quite removed from modern Hungary? One scholar has a theory.

  • Identity Evropa - "white nationalists"

    From their about page:

    >While the SPLC and the ADL may smear us as “White supremacists”, this is not the case. We are not supremacists because we do not believe that White people should rule over non-White people. Rather, we are ethno-pluralists: We believe that all ethnic and racial groups should have somewhere in the world to call home – a place wherein they can fully express themselves and enjoy self-determination. Even the Left generally agrees with this assertion, so long as people of European heritage are excluded.

    Their "education" page leads to selected books on amazon and articles from various sites that back up their views.

    Example: Identity -

  • Jamaat al-Muslimeen - "General Hate"

    Holocaust Deniers, Pro-muslim agenda group. "general hate" is apparently code for "holocaust deniers / antisemitic"

    Ran out of time to check out the rest, maybe later. What a colorful group! /s