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u/DidgeridontDoThat · 3 pointsr/masturbationquestions

While I can't buy you a sex toy, I can give you advice on making one that's just as good as the several that I've used.

Alright, so grab a pen, you're all going to need to take notes. First things first, you need to find a bottle with a wide enough mouth and a deep enough well for your member. Keep in mind, you don't want it tight, but you don't want it loose, so you should be able to fit atleat the tip of your pinky in with your dick. My advice is this good size, good shape, a little unwieldy but otherwise perfect.

Step 2, your going to need some of these! About a tablespoon into a shallow pan to start growing. While that's happening, clean up the bottle and fill it to the brim with water, this part is best to do in the shower because it will get messy, and stuff your whole stick right in there. This will displace a good deal of water, what remains is a rough estimate of where to fill your bottle. Take note of this and empty the remaining water. Now, using either a drill or a hot piece of metal, punch a hole in the bottem end of the side. Not directly in the bottom, it's a thicker plastic than the side. Be sure to clean up the hole, you don't want any sharp barbs in there.

Step 3, play with the orbies. They're fun, they feel cool, and it's neat to see them bounce and squish. Get a feel for them, some batches absorb faster or get softer and are more likely to burst. Vet those out, you want solid, Semifirm, beads that are about the size of marbles. Now orbies come in various sizes, the link provided is the average size, about 1cm diameter. I've also tried larger 2.5 cm diameter, they're interesting but they burst easier and seem to leave more free space which leads to a looser feeling. It's best to keep them between 8mm and 1.5cm.

Now that you've vetted out the chafe of your jelly crop, go ahead and fill the bottle to about the level the water was at during step 2. You can refine the fit a little by adding or subtracting a few here or there. If it's not doing it for you, add a few more, if you're feeling them burst or getting a fine slurry on your pubes, take a few out. Once you've got the perfect fit, find a Tupperware that will hold that many and keep them together.

Consultations! You've diyed a high quality, disguised fleshlight!

Now for some basic tips.

Clean your orbies after each use, they're naturally kind of anti bacterial but it's good to be hygenic. Just pour them out into the Tupperware, give them a toss with clean, running water, and drain them. Wash the bottle as well.

Between uses, store them in the Tupperware. They won't dry out like they will with the hole in the bottle and if they're found you can just say you play with them. You can even store the orbies and bottle separately for increased privacy.

The hole in the bottle is to prevent a vacuum from trapping your dick. You can cover and release it for varying levels of suction.

The reason for this bottle specifically is that the flanged top keeps the beads in while giving you ample interior room for compression. This bottle specifically isn't required but one of this style is.

The orbies rupturing isn't really a hazard, it's just inconvenient. It decreases the effective volume, makes a big mess, and can clog your sink when you wash them.

Replace the orbies every few uses or any time they begin to smell funny.


u/pdxcb · 1 pointr/masturbationquestions

A cheap solution I've used is a battery powered toothbrush like this $5 one from Amazon. It's like using a vibrator. If you can't order from Amazon you can probably find them in local department stores or at a pharmacy chain like CVS, Rite Aid or Walgreens.

Get the kind where you can replace the battery because you're likely going to use it longer per session than its intended purpose. If the battery dies during a session, set it aside for a day or two; in my experience the battery will often recover and can be used a few more times before needing to be replaced.

Move the brush around. Keeping it too long in one spot can lead to a numbing sensation.

Note that a toothbrush isn't designed to be quiet. :D

If you're uncut like I am, I would caution against retracting your foreskin and using it directly on your shaft and glans (head of the penis) as it can be uncomfortable, at least at first. Until you're used to it, you can press the vibrating brush against the foreskin, or use something like a handkerchief between the brush and your skin.

u/[deleted] · 2 pointsr/masturbationquestions

Use some aftershave after, makes things easier.

I use a nivea aftershave balm like this:

The skin calms down a bit.