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u/hagdiggity · 1 pointr/mazda

I'm not familiar with wireless scanners but I would be curious if the added cost is worth the convenience. This one is around $100 and looks like it has a lot of features that you might not necessarily need/want if you're just looking for something that will read codes. Poking around on Amazon some more might find you a better price tool with less features.

If you don't mind the plug-in tools I would highly recommend - I bought one to troubleshoot a recurring CEL and was pretty happy with the price/ease of use. The Autel tool only reads and clears codes; you'll have to google the actual code to figure out what it is. Good luck!

u/Taegire01 · 2 pointsr/mazda

Just bought a 2016 Mazda 6 Touring i.
The entertainment and system are pretty neat, but it has its drawbacks.


  • Excellent all wheel drive, along with a sport mode and the option to turn off traction control so it practically becomes a race car, Depending on trim level all leather seats and leather steering wheel, Mazda 6 Grand Touring includes all of this, with Sunroof, Halogens lights, spoiler,

  • Tech Package - Bluetooth, Pre-Wired Navigation (If your Mazda dealer doesn't give you a navgiation SD card you can buy it from amazon as seen here , Hands Free Voice Activation, Reverse Camera


    The only con, in which I am currently frustrated with, is the safety lock feature, as you're driving you will be locked out of some settings. For example, if you are driving with another passenger, and they decide to enter an address into the navigation system, the safety feature will lock you out until you come to a complete stop. Same with Bluetooth.
    I guess the reasoning for this is Mazda doesn't want to be responsible if some idiot runs into a tree while messing with his in-car electronics. I am hunting for a work around and made a post about this on the subreddit a few moments ago see here
u/BlanchDolor · 2 pointsr/mazda

I'm new to the Mazda club as well ('16 CX-5 GT), and I've read on other forums that 303 is very popular for cleaning and protecting vinyl and leather on car interiors.

I just bought some, and plan to test it on the wife's car first to make sure everything checks out :) I'll be interested to hear what others recommend.

u/kraegar · 1 pointr/mazda

I don't believe you can downgrade the firmware. Installing the version 70 first is a requirement for the "official" android auto. I paid $162 for the USB cables and dock ( ), and $10 for the trim kit ( )

I found the instructions to follow here:

There's a link to an 'hdrive' site, find the NA firmware, put them on a USB key (16gb or smaller) and follow the instructions to the letter. It's easy.

Then find the folder for the videos of the cable install, find the closest match to yours. Also easy.

Firmware took an hour (mostly sitting and waiting). Cables took an hour in my 2018 CX-5.

Both were easy as far as anything technical I've ever done. Very easy. Just take your time, follow each step carefully.

u/ejatx · 2 pointsr/mazda

There’s a CarPlay/Android Auto retrofit kit available that can either be installed at Mazda dealerships for $300-500 or the kit can be purchased online for about $150 and self-installed. The kit comes with a new usb hub to replace the one the car comes with and a new cable. I own a 2019 CX-3 Sport and just ordered the kit on amazon so I’ll be installing it with the help of a mechanic friend pretty soon.
Here’s the one I ordered:

u/3rdtimes · 2 pointsr/mazda

I'm not sure what he used, but I have a 07 Mazda 6 and I used this headlight restoring kit from Sylvania, and it did an amazing job! It has a lifetime warranty and it has lasted over a year so far. It took about an hour to do both headlights and I got mine at an Advance Auto store if that helps.

u/l4ur · 1 pointr/mazda
  • I love clean things and I want to pickup the CX-5 branded all weather floor mats and cargo tray. Is there a better option?

    I have the Weather Tech mats and they're awesome.

  • When cleaning the inside I planned to only use a microfiber cloth and/or a slightly damp with warm water microfiber. Is there a better way?

    I keep a microfiber towel in the glove box for quick wipe downs, but every few weeks or so, I'll use Meguiar's to clean the interior.

  • Are there any accessories I might not know about that are must haves?

    I have a jump starter just in case anything went wrong! Beyond that, hmm... I'm not entirely sure. I have done some light modding to my CX-5, but nothing that are like, "OH MAN, GET THIS!"
u/Interdimension · 2 pointsr/mazda

If you want something simple and easy to use, try Meguiar's Leather Cleaner & Conditioner. Can be found on Amazon (which I linked), or at Target/Walmart.

No, it's not as dedicated or strong in cleaning or protection as other products, but because it's a simple spray + wipe cleaner, you can easily clean/condition the entire interior within minutes.

I use it on my White Parchment Leather in my Mazda3 weekly.

u/Intrepid_Strawberry · 5 pointsr/mazda

I bought this one a few months ago for my '18 Mazda3. I've heard that people only have trouble with the '19s.


Just put it in and you'll have navigation. Drive around the block so it attaches to your VIN, then install the Mazda navigation software on your computer to create an account and update the maps. You should get three years of updates for free.

But yes, it will just work if you put the card in - although it's always best to have the most recent maps.

u/NawMean2016 · 4 pointsr/mazda

Always get the scheduled maintenance done that is recommended in the owner’s booklet. Typically, I’ll get my oil change done at the same time because it’s usually every 8,000km/5000 miles. Make sure the mechanic uses 100% synthetic, and not some 50/50 cheap alternative.

For that salt buildup, Krown protectant is worth it. Get that applied at least every second year. In Canada it’s about $130, so in the US it’s probably $75-90. If you’re doing Krown and planning to regularly get a car wash, DO NOT go for the carwash that sprays the underside of the car. This can rinse off the Krown protectant over time.

Since you’re at the 62K mile mark, you can start using Lukas oil stabilizer and Lukas injector cleaner . You wouldn’t need it if you’re under 50k miles, but once the engine gets older it starts to burn oil less efficiently;it’s normal. My mechanic swears by this stuff- and no he doesn’t sell it, he tells me to grab it at the local hardware/automotive supply store, so I know he’s honest.

u/SiffLawd · 2 pointsr/mazda

Mine were a lot worse than this and I've tried just about everything on the market. About a month ago I was at Pep Boys and found a new one from Sylvania. It is the best thing I have ever used, I really wish I would have done a before and after. Amazon link

u/X-Frame · 5 pointsr/mazda

Hey! Okay here is the link, let me know if it doesn't work for you. I haven't received them yet but I found this link from this sub Reddit with others recommending it and commenting on it's easy install. Lots of the reviews echo the same.

CX-5 LED (Amazon)

u/seihakgwai · 39 pointsr/mazda

I installed the parts myself over the weekend and it took me around 2.5 hrs. Grab a set of trim removal tools (around 10USD) , follow the service manuals closely and it's really not that hard.

You can get the parts today from Med Center Mazda on Ebay for $166.94USD - 15% off = $144.50USD (with coupon PICKFAST on EBay App ONLY), shipping free anywhere in the US.

u/goomba870 · 3 pointsr/mazda

I second this set, OP. I really love it. It's much brighter, and the color is very similar to the headlights.

It's subtle LED blue, which is far different than the candle yellow color with the regular bulbs (and virtually every other vehicle). In my opinion it really makes the interior shine.

It's potato quality, but last year I took a short video of my LEDs to show a buddy.

u/can23l2 · 2 pointsr/mazda

Those clips look similar to the ones that hold the door panels down. They were also super flush. I was able to get them off by using a flat head screw driver to lift them just enough to slide in a trim tool under the flathead, remove the flathead, and pry the clip with the tool. The tool I used came in a set. You could also probably get them at an auto parts store. I bought mine online.

Tresalto Auto Trim Removal Tool Kit, Set of 5 Pcs

u/sparky1337 · 2 pointsr/mazda

This is what I have in my protege:

It pretty weighted though. And the red is all gone after about 2 years usage. And it gets hot in summer and cold in winter. Also I had to raise the shift boot to the bottom of the knob.

u/Ceorl_Lounge · 1 pointr/mazda

Autel MaxiScan MS300 CAN Diagnostic Scan Tool for OBDII Vehicles

Bought one of these two years ago after my Jetta started throwing codes. Cheap, simple, easy to use, I just look up the codes online after scanning.

u/MrCorwyn · 1 pointr/mazda

looks like you can do both.

built vs. bought

u/adamaid_321 · 2 pointsr/mazda

Are you just after additional power from the USB sockets? If so, trying a power only cable may work - from my reading this ought to negotiate with your device (i.e. iPhone) by spoofing a dedicated charging unit, so that the maximum 1A is drawn. From other forum posts it seems that the port can provide up to 1A in a power only mode. This improves charging, but obv. won't be as good as a 2A option - also caveat emptor - I only think this will work ;-).

u/redbaren5 · 1 pointr/mazda

You can change the halogen bulbs to LED bulbs. I am not sure what lightbulbs the Mazda 2 has. I just purchased these headlights for my Mazda 3: LED Conversion Kit

I am sure you can find the right bulbs for your car. All it takes is a bit of research.

u/shark_and_kaya · -1 pointsr/mazda

Props to dedication and much appreciated guide However why go to all that trouble when you can buy these for 35 bucks and install in 15 minutes. Honestly they are as good if not better than Bi-Xenon(my opinion). No cut no modification its just a plug in.

u/hotmoltengarbage · 1 pointr/mazda

I highly recommend a magnetic mount. I use this one. Actually, my whole family uses them now. It's the best mount we've tried, and we've tried a lot.

The mount is a magnet, and you'll get a magnetic sticker to attach to your phone so it sticks. I adhered the magnet sticker to my phone case, to avoid damaging the phone itself. You can just pop the phone onto the magnetic mount and pop it off. No meddling with annoying levers or clips or anything.

They also make ones that stick to your windshield, in case you don't like the vent-mount setup. :)

u/thedarkavengerx · 2 pointsr/mazda

Here is a link that you can get it for $99

But I would not get the navigation and would install CarPlay/Android Auto instead.

u/UndeniablyRexer · 1 pointr/mazda

This worked in my '17 Miata. Do your own research to confirm model numbers:

u/ltmcbaggin · 1 pointr/mazda

Personally I use 303 aerospace protectant. Used to work in a boat shop and we used this a lot on upholstery due to direct UV ray exposure. Have used this in all of my cars and have never had warping or fading of the dash/trim.

u/Ikeelu · 1 pointr/mazda

Yeah I was looking at that. I also noticed a few people on mazda247 went with This kit from Amazon $18.99. A bit curious what the quality difference and brightness is on them.

edit: Ended up ordering these. Someone on Mazda247 was recommending them and talking about how it uses the newer chipset. Not sure what the difference is, but for the price I figured I'd take a shot and if I didn't like it, at least it was a cheap mistake.

u/ragingxtc · 1 pointr/mazda

I'd be nice to configure it to go directly to the Torque app, but unfortunately, I have not found a way to do that with the MeMOPad. It'd probably be possible if it were rooted, but I haven't found a root method for it yet.

For power, I usually just let it run off the battery, but I have an extendable USB cord that I can run up to the tablet if needed.

Here's the OBDLink MX scan tool.

u/rustysurfsa · 10 pointsr/mazda

I agree with everyone else. Someone bumped you. When two slick bumpers meet at low speed usually there's no paint damage just plastic collapsing or folding. I've had it happen to me before. Hope you have comprehensive insurance. You could probably get a bumper guard to cover this, something like this or this

u/xDrive4MaticQuattro · 1 pointr/mazda

There has been some discussion on this. It seems that USB power + data limits power to 0.5 A but power only connections receive 1 A.

I think people have bought charge-only cables/adapters to make this work.

I'd link the discussion but I'm on mobile and too lazy

Plugable USB Universal Fast 1A Charge-Only Adapter for Android, Apple iOS, and Windows Mobile Devices

u/Trendiggity · 5 pointsr/mazda

> Cabin filter, people freak out over the price, but seriously most of that is the cost of the filter and the dealer doesn't set the price on that shit, corporate does.

People freak out because this is an exceptionally bad example of flat-rate gouging.

It'd be one thing if it was a 45 minute job and you charged an hour's labour to do it. But it's a 23 (US) dollar filter and 75 dollars of labour for what is literally a 5 minute install.