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u/Thermidorien · 10 pointsr/mcgill

> Greenpeace has met with admin and sat in and proposed things for years following mcgill procedure. And mcgill doesnt give a shit? But oh no, the poor grass! Not the 1 cm of grass that the spray paint might possible kill for a week dripping on it!

I think you're misreading the point here. The issue at hand is that tagging has been done dozens of times at this point and obviously is not going to change anything with admin that meeting with them was not going to change. I've been at McGill for over six years, I've seen activist groups do a lot of things that have been done time and time again and pretend they embody change while maintaining perfect continuation with the previous "coup d'eclat". And obviously it doesn't change anything to tag those concrete stairs. It's just a bit funny to see people do that and then strut around as if they were starting a revolution. They just tagged those stairs and someone will have to come erase it. I talked about the grass because the biggest impact this will have had will be to damage a square meter of grass.

How about trying something that HASN'T been done so far? I know amazon is not exactly great environment-wise but you can definitely re-use the costumes for multiple events, and if you order in bulk it should alleviate the impact of the purchase.

On a more serious note, I was trying to highlight the lack of rigor in how you define an action as "positive". I understand where you are coming from and I would expect we agree on a high level that action needs to be taken, but shaming people for making fun of an action that's frankly ridiculous is not the way to spark change, and just because someone means well doesn't mean they should not be held to basic standards of common sense. It goes against common sense to claim any action is better than doing nothing.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/mcgill

If you want to start your own business, try reading an intro to project management book. This will help you structure your plans.


I like this one:

although it uses microsoft project -- this costs money. there are free alternatives out there, but I haven't looked for an alternative book that uses it.

I'm sure there are lots of books out there, mind you. There's probably some free ebooks through the library.

u/McGillFilterResearch · 1 pointr/mcgill I've purchased this one and have been using it for the past 3 years. It's really good, i personally think it helps me a lot :)

u/Excllencepersonified · 2 pointsr/mcgill

I honestly don’t know. You might want to consider buying one of these. I have one. Ofc, you would have to hole punch few papers at a time but sometimes, when I print almost 1000 pages worth. I hole punch them using these while watching tv. Could take an hour though.


u/djreoofficial · 2 pointsr/mcgill

I emailed the prof. (Sun-Young Kim) and got a course outline for GERM 300, as well as the PDF to the textbook:

I didn't figure out how to view the PDF to that, but here's an older edition on amazon, with the whole book viewable:

u/0x706272 · 2 pointsr/mcgill

You could consider getting one of these.

u/whytecliff · 1 pointr/mcgill

found some on amazon, but it's missing the hood.

u/justin55555 · 3 pointsr/mcgill

If you are in the mood to take a giant risk, you could order this and hope that the screen doesn't start flickering after 1 week

Edit: Also, as someone with a surface, do not get a surface pro if you plan on typing your notes, since its kind of awkward to position it on the small flip desks of large classrooms. (if you want to write notes with the stylus it should be fine)