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u/KDirty · 2 pointsr/meat

Welp, before I finished reading your post I was going to suggest The Food Lab--it really is a great book for understanding why something should be cooked in a certain way, and not just how. I have a copy, so if you had questions I supposed I'd be happy to answer to the best of my ability.

Aside from that, Cook's Illustrated's The Meat Book would be my other recommendation. Cooks Illustrated also does a fantastic job of explaining why recipes work, so you can adapt them or apply the techniques you've learned to different dishes.


>please be gentle

That's Rule #1.

u/RajBandar · 2 pointsr/meat

Hi op, this was one of Anthony Bourdain's favourite cookbooks by one of his favourite cooks-if you've not read it I'd suggest that it's right up your alley.
Nose to Tail Eating: A Kind of British Cooking

I love his 'trotter gear' It's a rich & flavourful stock-type substance, highly versatile & hugely delicious.

u/beerchef · 2 pointsr/meat

The Meat Buyers Guide is a good resource.

I also enjoyed The Butcher's Guide as a general introduction to the business.

I recently attended a workshop by master butcher Kari Underly and her book looks pretty awesome although I don't own a copy.

u/austincook63 · 2 pointsr/meat

Not exactly butcher books, but I really love Charcuterie by Michael Ruhlman and Seven Fires by Francis Mallmann. Those two books literally changed my life by inspiring me to re-evaluate what I wanted to achieve as a professional cook.

u/auto180sx · 1 pointr/meat

A book I recently picked up, The Art of Beef Cutting would probably be really helpful for you. I've got a new apprentice I'm training so I got it mostly for him. Lot's of information and some great diagrams. Highly suggested for someone wanting to learn more.

u/j_from_cali · 1 pointr/meat

Not OP, but from the picture it looks like this one: Victorinox Fibrox. They're not high-end, but are good, cheap knives, with a rubberized grip that makes them not slippery.

u/Cdresden · 1 pointr/meat

Good on ya. Not sure this needs a posh garnish, but carry on nonetheless.

Once you start making sausages every month, an LEM 5# stuffer is a good investment, along with a decent electric grinder.

u/Okeano_ · 4 pointsr/meat

This? Granton recommended? Advantage of that vs a slicer?

u/daaa_interwebz · 5 pointsr/meat

What's your budget? The kitchen aid grinder attachment is your best option. A hand crank grinder might be less, but not by much...

u/drwormtmbg · 5 pointsr/meat

Also The River Cottage Meat Book although it is extra British, I consider it to be an essential read. Also, Pork & Sons is my favorite meat subject.

u/reece1 · 2 pointsr/meat

The Basics of Butchering Livestock and Game. - Mettler

Extremely practical, easy to follow.

u/JarvisHBD · 3 pointsr/meat

The description is a little far-fetched (or at least inaccurate). Being that it's almost 20 years old, it doesn't go into organic and grass-fed much, if at all. So don't buy it for that.

EDIT: You can see the table of Contents at the Amazon link. That may be a little deceptive, too. It's probably 3/4's recipes and 1/4th advice/information. But the recipes are matched with the subject/cuts being discussed and give you a a good idea of how to cook (and how not to) most cuts. Wich is most of what you need to know. You don't have to follow recipes (I never do), but pay attention to the techniques rather than the ingredients in the recipes.

u/l33tredrocket · 2 pointsr/meat

Buy these books: The Art of Beef Cutting and The Meat Buyer's Guide They're worth every cent and literally follow or set the industry standard for protein cuts.

And visit these sites: Bovine Myology and Austin Texas Butcher. The latter is run by /u/Reece1 and it's top notch.

u/Zombie_Lover · 3 pointsr/meat

Use a Misto. You can use whatever oil you like, so even infused olive oils are a possibility. It uses a simple pump to pressurize. I have four for my choices.

u/Rabbi_Tuckman38 · 1 pointr/meat

They have those grill pans. Only $20

I kinda want one now.

u/jubnat · -1 pointsr/meat

No issues if you use one of these.