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u/omegafivethreefive · 3 pointsr/mechmarket

Honestly your choices are limited but you can still get a beginner board.

Go over the following link to get a better feel of the available boards:

Not sure if you wanted < TKL or > TKL but for that price, if my suggestion is that you go with a Magic Force 68. Never used it personally but it seems like the go to for budget boards. You'll be able to switch the keycaps and the case easily if that ever becomes your thing.

In any case, good luck with your search :)

u/nerdponx · 1 pointr/mechmarket

I would love a "classical" colorway like White on Black with the big SA font (as long as it's dye-sub and not engraved), or Black on White like Ice Cap.

0.01 on Discord also suggested there might be a MIX Granite coming soon. I'm definitely in favor of copying popular existing colors. A copy of the YMDK Dolch would be great too.

u/TourneyCollector · 1 pointr/mechmarket

I've used several artisan cases in the past and I really only liked 3 of them so far in terms of aesthetics and durability as well as how well it protects my caps.

  • Storage Box that I linked in discord (same as what /u/GeeWhizWithout linked).
  • Acrylic storage for my caps that I like to look at but don't necessarily need protected (Not ideal if you want to travel with your artisans).
  • This one if you really want your caps protected and if you are traveling.

    If your caps are of the highest tier, you'd probably want to use small tin containers such as the ones which holyoops uses.

    I'm probably still going to join this GB if it does happen as I'm always open to more options especially since I haven't even tried these myself. Is there a way we can get discounts if we order cases for several hundred key caps?
u/GeeWhizWithout · 0 pointsr/mechmarket

13.50 is steep especially if that isnt including shipping. I mean thats like, what, 15+ for something a 3-8 dollar plastic storage container can do?

i dont mean to be rude, but you can EASILY get these cheaper from within the USA.

this dauber storage is cheaper and holds more:

im using it right now. perfect size for one cap. they dont move at all.

edit: downvotes literally is stupid as hell. im trying to help the community save money. i mean i know we all like overpaying for stuff, but this is an INTEREST CHECK for gods sake.

u/brianjking · 3 pointsr/mechmarket

Right here. I'm not saying yours is a bad price, however, I personally would buy a new one. I've already got a Pro 2 Type-S and JP both with Hasu BT controllers. Regardless, your HHKB is in great shape and not a bad price at all. Best of luck with the sale. :)

u/SeedyOne · 3 pointsr/mechmarket

Haha, I get asked about my storage boxes every post. I might need to make a little addition to it. Unfortunately, the smaller black one is a one-off I got from another /r/mm user a long time ago. He didn't recall where he got it from so I bought it off him.

The other larger one that you have, in case anyone is wondering, is from Amazon. You're right about it being a little hard to get caps out of but it holds very tall caps, which is nice. A trick I use is to grab an old pair of tweezers and wrap the ends in something soft like duct tape, heat shrink tubing, etc. Then you can easily pull stuff out without damaging caps.

u/megaflopz · 1 pointr/mechmarket

No. All sorts of mech parts and boards come on here. If your interested in a TKL with browns, I’d recommend a MagicForce 68.

Mechanical Keyboard Wired Keyboard Blue Switch 68-Keys Mini Design (60%) Gaming Keyboard White Silver by Magicforce Qisan

Outemu browns are pretty nice. I’ve owned this board for over a year and have been satisfied.

u/NoSatellite · 4 pointsr/mechmarket

Unfortunately, you’re not going to find much on this sub for less than $50.00.

You could look at the Magiforce 68 - it’s an excellent starter keyboard.

Drevo is also a good place to start. The Gramr is less than $50.00. The Excalibur is a bit more expensive, but it is also a nicer board.

Hope this helps, and GLWB!

u/JeffIpsaLoquitor · 1 pointr/mechmarket

Trying to price my Type Heaven which is hardly used, but there's no good Amazon information. Would love some advice.

u/Ninja53147 · 1 pointr/mechmarket

I got one of these a while back and it makes desoldering really easy. I'd recommend you get one and do it yourself - it would likely be both quicker and cheaper :)

u/crj3012 · 1 pointr/mechmarket

It wasn't one of the easiest things to desolder. I lifted a pad for the first time and had to hand wire one switch. I used one of these and soldering wick to do the whole thing.

I love the build quality and layout of the board, but I need MX clears, so it was worth desoldering the thing IMO even though there were a few headaches.

u/GTRor350z · 1 pointr/mechmarket

First off, good luck selling Razer on this forum. Secondly, I hope your currency is in CAD because you can get on on for around the same, albeit new

u/Necrologica · 2 pointsr/mechmarket

This board is worth every penny. Super solid.

CM Storm Quickfire TK

u/JMorand · 1 pointr/mechmarket

I have an unopened (it arrived today) Quickfire rapid with mx browns, this exact one, I bought from amazon:

But I got a good price on a logitech G710+ and now it's redundant (both are browns)

It's not backlit, but if you are interested, we can try to figure something out. I'm in Melbourne too.

Edit: corrected one information.

u/wishful_cynic · 2 pointsr/mechmarket

FYI this is $230 new, free shipping, on Prime, minus the blanks: - so basically $35 more for a blank version.

u/anthonyooiszewen · 2 pointsr/mechmarket

The CM Storm [MX Browns] is available on Amazon for $79.61 + free two-day shipping.

u/megalomartx · 1 pointr/mechmarket

I have a CM Storm Quickfire TK w/ MX Brown & White LED that I'm putting up for sale. Had it since December, but got a new Ducky Shine 3 on April. I'll post some pictures of the Quickfire TK when I get home tonight.

I also live in Southern California, if your interested, maybe we can do a local trade? Looking for $75 on the board.

u/RaageFaace · 3 pointsr/mechmarket

Dauber with Storage Box

They're a bit hard to get in and out, but it's a nice storage box for fairly cheap.

u/YisSerL · 2 pointsr/mechmarket

Maybe you should just get this as your starter board?

I think a lot of people start with that. I know I did...and now I am too deep in the rabbit hole.

Welcome to the community, btw!

u/acer589 · 1 pointr/mechmarket

I ordered like.... a hundred for 11 bucks off amazon.

EDIT: Sorry, correction, it's like a dollar fifty for a hundred


u/qihqi · 3 pointsr/mechmarket

I have a Leopold FC660C for sale. $175 shipped.
Also you might look at Novatouch,
It's a topre board with MX sliders so if you have spare MX keycaps they are still useful.

u/The_Daft · 1 pointr/mechmarket

For desoldering, I just ordered one of these. Typically I'll use solder wick and some flux but this seemed well reviewed, maybe it's worth it for you to order one and give it a shot?

u/swordknight · 2 pointsr/mechmarket

If you cant find a used one, this tomoko board has been picking up some traction lately as a decent cheap board. this magicforce also for a more compact layout. You'll likely have to buy new keycaps for either, but otherwise they seem very solid as far as <45 goes.

u/Will_26 · 2 pointsr/mechmarket

Just to follow up on what /u/UsualSuspectXXX said. These are available on Amazon UK and they have white legends unlike in the photos. Let me know if you want me to grab a set and send to you in DE :-)

u/Milky_Wayfarer · 1 pointr/mechmarket

I have a like new condition CM Quickfire TK w/ MX Browns.

$70 shipped.

u/7h3_Pr0v010n3 · 3 pointsr/mechmarket

At 2:29 PM EST, the Qisan Magicforce 68 w/ Outemu Brown switches goes on sale for Amazon Prime day here. That is, if you currently have Amazon Prime of course.

u/twodudesnape · 1 pointr/mechmarket

I use this for desoldering switches and it works really well and is cheap

u/rhagorol · 3 pointsr/mechmarket

For the giveaway:

I want to build a Let's Split with 185g Cherristotle switches and blank SA caps! I'm also going to try to cram a Raspberry Pi 0w running Arch Linux inside the case. I'd like to make the case and plate out of wood and sleeve my own cables.

I bought the Let's Split PCBs and rpi0w months ago and am finally getting around to ordering all the other parts. In the meantime, this is my only other keyboard:

I've soldered together other electronics projects before, but this will be my first DIY keyboard.

u/Cavemann6 · 3 pointsr/mechmarket

Hey Shinz0, I use this to hold my artisans and works well.

u/starmiemd · 3 pointsr/mechmarket

This kind of post would be better placed in /r/mechanicalkeyboards. From my understanding, this subreddit is primarily for people looking to sell, buy, or trade keyboards between current owners.

Regardless, if you're looking for something similar to the Blackwidow, try the CM Storm Quickfire Rapid for $80. Its a TKL with brown switches (comes in blue also) but it doesn't have a backlight. Coolermaster is releasing a backlit version called the Rapid-i sometime soon, but it will likely be above your price range.

u/anonymouscrayon · 2 pointsr/mechmarket

yup, $75 ($85-$10 MIR) new here on Amazon

u/neocpp · 1 pointr/mechmarket

Is the only difference between the two versions the switch type? Trying to figure out why one is $40 and the other is $60 on amazon.

u/friday9x · 1 pointr/mechmarket

Your caps are 12.99 on Amazon btw.

Rosewill 104 Keys Mechanical Double Shot Keycaps with Puller for Mechanical Keyboards, Blue (RIKC-13002)

u/TryhardasaurusRex · 1 pointr/mechmarket

My first (and only keycaps) were these

mainly because I'm super new to the hobby and currently broke but I'm planning on eventually saving up for something else

u/langtuqn2007 · 1 pointr/mechmarket

The only option I can find for you is CM Storm Quickfire TK:

It's not standard full size, but somewhat really close.

Or you can just go around this sub and find out if anybody is selling their keyboard that fits your need.

u/FrancisTheMule · 1 pointr/mechmarket

Taihao Bumble Bee Doubleshot PBT Keycaps 114 Keycaps for Mechanical Keyboards (cherry switches compatible) + keypuller

u/hchen · 1 pointr/mechmarket

I've got a CM Storm Quickfire TK Cherry MX Brown

Can send you time stamps when I am home. It's lightly use but the right keyboard foot fell off so you'll have to use it flat.

I can do $65 shipped for it.

u/mrknister · 1 pointr/mechmarket

I bought these for 20$ including shipping to germany, which should be a lot less for domestic shipping.

u/ensulyn · 2 pointsr/mechmarket

You can see the box label in the pic, 2 seconds of Google brought me to this

u/barelyincollege · 2 pointsr/mechmarket

Is the Novatouch's price in USD (235 CAD)? sells it for $199 CAD + taxes brand new.

u/joelfong · 1 pointr/mechmarket

Amazon Italy has new in stock Novatouch keyboards for sale. I bought one for myself just over a week ago. They are in Italy ISO format contrary to what the product description says. It's not particularly cheap and the price has gone up in the past week, but it's new.

u/reverov · 4 pointsr/mechmarket

You can buy a brand new Novatouch for less than you're selling it here.
Amazon link

u/ridiclewis · 2 pointsr/mechmarket


Fair warning: it is very very hard to take out the artisans once you place it in but it does its job in storing and separating them.

u/ARCFXX · 1 pointr/mechmarket

Brand new, $40.

Or you can get a new K552 with not amazing but still clicky switches for $28 +$$$ for backlighting, though.

Not going to find much else decent in that budget, especially around here.

u/Raptor12225 · 1 pointr/mechmarket

What are you looking for? I have 2 GMMK compact keyboards. One of them is barebones and the other has kailh box jades and budget keycaps i got from amazon because my spacebar keycap was faulty. Here is the keycaps if you want to look at them.

u/Aperture_Sci · 1 pointr/mechmarket

I actually bought it off amazon and it came broken, so buyer beware - they do not accept returns. So that is why there is only the top half


u/iArson · 2 pointsr/mechmarket

I've contacted a few acylic places in the states who already told me they cannot reproduce this. I will continue to try to find someone that can. Trust me I know its expensive, but we don't really have options other than

Quite frankly its shitty. Hate it.