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u/Life-in-Death · 1 pointr/medical

Hey, it is obvious you have systemic issues of inflammation, possibly autoimmune.

Do everything your doctors say, but ALSO, you can do TONS with diet.

Of course do the natural anti-inflammatories: turmeric (with black pepper), Omega-3 oils (I use flax like melted butter and get algae oil-- that is where fish get their omega-3s), low on saturated fats, animal proteins, fried foods, refined grains and sugar.

If you can swing it I would do a four week trial diet.

Some amazing resources are: (This is pretty extreme but use it as a "aspirational guide" (There is a chapter on inflammation)

I would definitely watch the Forks over Knives movie!

Basically a whole foods, plant-based diet is what you are aspiring for. See how you feel on it.

I have been on the diet for 15 years, completely recovered from an "incurable" illness. And am about to enjoy delicious "mac and cheese" made from cauliflower over whole grain pasta.

u/arbitrarytuna · 1 pointr/medical

I have EDS and many of us struggle with finger joint dislocations. I've seen many swear by these knuckle splints ( Never used them myself but they might be worth a try. Best of luck!

u/Alabaster13 · 1 pointr/medical

After a vacation the Dominican and playing volleyball there I suffer from mallet finger. Went to urgent care just to get an x-ray and all they did is give me an aluminum splint and wrapped it in a bandage material.

After 6 weeks which was the recommended timeframe to keep my finger straight, my finger still looked the same. I went to amazon and found many people praised this item.

It allows my finger to have fresh air vs being wrapped (as my finger started to get real smelly). It also holds the finger straighter than what the doctor gave me. They sent me a bill for $180 which is what I’ll have to pay, but this is a classic example of highway robbery.

Any experience with these amazon splints or in your opinion is that a good idea. I just don’t know how much longer to wear it and what to do afterwards when it is removed.

u/hipmama33 · 2 pointsr/medical

So sorry you are dealing with this. I find these to be incredibly painful. This cream has been a godsend to me. It’s hard to find in stores, but available online. Name is Tranolane, and can be used for other skin issues since it has no odor.

Best of luck! Tronolane Anesthetic Cream for Hemorrhoids, Dual-Action Formula, 2 Ounce

u/merseine_echo · 1 pointr/medical

Something like Mepitel would be ideal. It stays in place for up to 14 days, won't stick to the wound, but will keep it moist enough to heal properly without scarring. After applying that to cover the wound, put some non-stick sterile absorbent pads over the Mepitel to absorb any extra moisture. Then wrap the entire thing in gauze.

You'll have to call around to find where to buy the Mepitel if you don't want to get it online, but the rest you can find at any pharmacy/drug store. If you can't manage to find it, you can make do with just the non-stick pads and gauze.

Ideally, you want to keep the wounds as dry as possible, and as free from irritation as possible.

u/joltzipper · 1 pointr/medical

Luckily for you, I'm the author of The Complete Guide to Natural Healing of Varicocele!

I've helped hundreds of clients so far, and from surveys and talking with many of them, I have found out that my treatments are good enough to completely cure of pain, improvement in fertility, a 30-50% reduction in varicocele swelling, and a stop of varicocele progression (increase in size/symptoms). Only a few of my clients have noted a complete reduction in varicocele size.

The reason why natural treatments work is because they address the root cause of varicocele development e.g. unhealthy testicles, the nutcracker effect, poor bowel health, various poor lifestyle habits, etc.

I hope that helps! Shoot me a message if you'd like to learn more. Here are 4 varicocele treatments that you can access right now that will help demonstrate the effectiveness of my treatments.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/medical

I can see why you're concerned, with the previous injury and the shaking/numbness. If you're worried about carpel tunnel, in the meantime you can try wearing one of these when you type and at night. Make sure you get a splint (example, not a recommendation), and not just a wrap. It's more fun if you make up a good story to go with it though ("I busted mah wrist hitting this jerk in the face!").

u/OriginalZombie · 0 pointsr/medical

I'm having a hard time understanding what I'm looking at in the picture, but I can almost guarantee based on the location and itching this is a fungal infection. You could try some antifungal cream like this one and see of that cures it

u/wicksa · 1 pointr/medical

No need to wash it with hydrogen peroxide twice a day. If you really feel the need to clean it all that often you can use sterile saline or just soap and water honestly. The antibacterial ointment is okay.

If it isn't open or draining any fluid you don't really have to put a bandage on it, unless the rubbing of your pants opens it up, or it is painful without a dressing.

If you still feel the need to keep it bandaged, I suggest a 4x4 gauze (or two depending on the size) wrapped with something like kerlix around your thigh to keep it in place. Don't use an ace bandage or those stretchy wrap bandages because they will tighten throughout the day and can cut off circulation.

you could also keep the gauze in place with a piece of stockingette. Just cut some and it is like a little sleeve you can slip around your thigh over the gauze pads.

So many options! You should be able to pick this stuff up at any pharmacy, walmart, etc.

u/bumblebee_33 · 2 pointsr/medical

I don't know if this is a real thing, but it accidentally worked for me - I started taking Vitamin E because I read it helped with acne. While it did nothing for my acne, my stomach issues are virtually gone.

I've had IBS since I was a teenager, and managed it mostly with diet but if I ate one wrong thing or got stressed or nervous I would get diarrhea all the time. I can count the number of times I've had diarrhea on one hand in the last few months. It's been great.

I've also read that peppermint oil capsules work well, but I've never tried them so I can't personally vouch for them.

u/GetOffMyLawn_ · 6 pointsr/medical

They look okay. Keep them clean. If they get red and swollen then a little topical neosporin or bacitracin can be used.

Please find a different way to deal with this need. Like put rubber bands around your wrist and snap them. Check out this book They have a whole list of alternatives to cutting that are less damaging

u/HydroponicFunBags · 1 pointr/medical

Do you wear a watch or other jewelry? Could be an allergic reaction to a particular type of metal.

Try too. Yeah it's 13 bucks a bar, but it lasts a long time and it has been miraculous for minor psoriasis and skin irritations for me. It also cleared up my face acne in 2 days and has kept it clear long term. I've had maybe 3 total break outs since I began using it about 6 months ago, when I used to have moderate acne on a weekly basis.

u/elnet1 · 1 pointr/medical

Treatment via chemical cautery with a solution of 60 to 90 percent trichloroacetic acid (TCA) is most effective when treating few small, moist lesions, although TCA also can be used for vaginal or anal lesions. A small amount should be applied and allowed to dry until a white frosting develops.

I work in a medical field (not a Dr.), and have access to cryogenic liquids and it didn't work. I only have common warts, but developed 3 of them on my hands. I used trichloroacetic acid 100% and it took a couple of times, but they cleared up in no time.

u/Miss-Conduct · 1 pointr/medical

Zanfel is the only thing I've ever found that really works. It neutralizes the irritant (urushiol) by binding to it chemically and allows it to be washed away.

Most big drug stores have it but it's much cheaper on Amazon. I keep some in the house just in case my kids get it.

u/speakhyroglyphically · 2 pointsr/medical

I'm really sorry to hear of your loss.

I think your doctor is right about the stress.

> I am having an extremely hard time pooping anything at all.

Is this because you're not eating much or are you eating a average amount? If you are not eating then try eating something (white rice?). If you are eating and constipated don't push too hard (this is bad). I would add 100 mg magnesium citrate per day (take anytime). That should loosen up your stool. Be prepared first 3-24 hours. You know what I mean. If in 24 hours it doesn't work then increase to 200 mg. In this case the cheapo brand from walgreens ill be fine just make sure it doesn't have calcium or any other (major) ingredient added.

Probiotics: (if you don't already) get yourself some quality probiotics with an array of different strains. I recommend this particular one because it has strains beginning with both B (Bifidobacterium) and L (Lactobacillus). (take the maximum it says on the box to start)

Eat some greek yogurt daily, drink water..

There may be some supplements to help with your stress. I suggest ask in r/supplements.

Good luck.

u/CyphyZ · 1 pointr/medical

I experiment by putting different ones on my inner arms (ultra sensitive skin) so far the adhesive in all band aids set me off, and some stickers. Electrical tape works, and so does the surgical tape (found that out when my so had eye surgery) and they now sell that at most stores, so I keep those and gauze around. But my skin doesn't just turn pinkish, it blisters and peels off and the cut heals weird. Trial and error is the only way since they are all pretty secrative about their ingredients.

This stuff is epic.

u/MissHampton · 1 pointr/medical

I've been dealing with IBS (self diagnosed) for about 5 years (almost 19 years old). It's been a real pain and has affected me going out to places and school. The best thing I've found is for my morning classes I eat plain oatmeal with a bit of sugar or egg whites. I also take this every morning. If I know I'm going to be some place where IBS flareup would especially suck I also try to eat a small plain dinner. Also try avoiding dairy as much as possible, many suffers are also lactose intolerant. Other than that, drink plenty of water, read up on your type of IBS (D or C) and good luck.

u/bottleofawkward · 1 pointr/medical

I haven’t read this book. but do you mean something like this?

The Valedictorian of Being Dead: The True Story of Dying Ten Times to Live

“...for the sake of herself and her family, Heather decided to risk it all by participating in an experimental clinical trial involving a chemically induced coma approximating brain death.

Now, for the first time, Heather recalls the torturous eighteen months of suicidal depression she endured and the month-long experimental study in which doctors used propofol anesthesia to quiet all brain activity for a full fifteen minutes before bringing her back from a flatline. Ten times. The experience wasn’t easy. Not for Heather or her family. But a switch was flipped, and Heather hasn’t experienced a single moment of suicidal depression since.”