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u/DontMentionWombats · 1 pointr/melbourne

The negotiation course I took at business school was awesome. It was based around a technique called "getting to yes", which sounds contrived and bullshitty but which tries to find positive aspects of a negotiation that the two sides are looking at.

For example, you may want more money, but do you only want more money? That may be a total showstopper for the other guy due to hard budget limits, so maybe there's other forms of compensation (training, holidays, etc.) that are more valuable to you, where the other guy can give.

Similarly, the whole thing focused on the phrase "where does that number come from"? Basically trying to find out why there is a limit. And if you can identify that (e.g. HR policy, my boss says so), then try to engage your negotiation counterpart in a constructive approach to changing that number. For example, let me help you convince your boss that I am worth more. Let's figure out what I can deliver to make you more comfortable - an evaluation period, salary contingent on clear, objectively measurable goals, that kind of thing.

You must also learn to understand what your value is, in a close to objective manner. For example, figuring out what similar jobs pay elsewhere, what you have contributed, what value you have added, etc. This is unfortunately something a lot of women in business do not do nearly enough, and is part of Sheryl Sandberg's whole point about being more assertive (it does not make you a bitch to be assertive in a civil manner about your value and your place in an organization). This is something where you can keep in mind "hey, please understand that what you are offering me is not fair value based on this, this, and this evidence." Part of this is also being willing to insist that anything you negotiate be measurable and put on paper (i.e. no vague horseshit promises of "we'll discuss that in the future").

Lastly, there's a ton of nifty little psychological tricks - for example, never feel compelled to fill silences, never feel pressure to set an "anchor" sum around which a negotiation will revolve, remain calm.

Does that help for a start?

u/10578663 · 1 pointr/melbourne

Wow, slow down, cowboy. I was pointing out what tagging represents in the graffiti world. You're the one who brought up its value and effects on society, not I. I defined the issue, not critiqued it. Talk about going in circles. Not terribly big on comprehension are we?

> So from this old photo you've shared I'm sure that at lease some of these taggers are now fully fledged, respected artists?

Funny you mention that. In the Richmond subway photo, the yellow tag in bottom-left region is NEW from AFP and DMA who is now, indeed a "well-respected" artist who is commissioned to paint walls throughout Europe, creates pieces with paper/collage and metal sculpture. Many others in this photo and elsewhere have been well documented in a book about Melbourne graffiti called Kings Way, giving well-deserved attention to a world not seen or known my many Melbournians for some decades.

This topic creates a lot of tension for you, doesn't it? I'd suggest not letting teenage memories of having the shit kicked out of you by kids in Wu tang tracksuits affect your better judgement. The manure mural sounds exciting, but probably more up the alley of Arts Victoria. Don't forget to wash your hands.

u/PrimaxAUS · 2 pointsr/melbourne

I haven't read it but I hear a lot of good things about 'The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy'.

I mainly read the classics by guys like Marcus Aurelius and Seneca, but I'm sure there are easier digestible stuff out now.

Maybe ask in /r/stoicism.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/melbourne

The Subtle Art of not Giving a Fuck was pretty good. It all felt like common sense to me reading it, nothing was really mind-blowing. But it definitely served as a good reminder.

u/Hinxsey · 2 pointsr/melbourne

Currently enjoying But What If We're Wrong?

Super interesting.

u/Electronic_Owl · 1 pointr/melbourne

Have been planning a bit of de-cluttering and was going to sell some stuff. Just found out that a book I thought I might get $30 for is a lot rarer and more valuable than that - $250+ for a used copy.

If anyone is interested in the early Melbourne graffiti scene you might be aware of it.

Kings Way: The Beginnings of Australian Graffiti: Melbourne 1983–93

u/smcha4 · 3 pointsr/melbourne

Yep, this book recommended to me by my teacher 17 years ago is my bible. But I guess these days you could probably youtube anything.

u/vendilion · 3 pointsr/melbourne

It's not new, and I didn't read it recently, but you can always read Hyperion if you haven't, because it's probably my favourite novel ever, sci-fi or otherwise.

u/lkernan · 2 pointsr/melbourne

I used to have Tootle growing up, the little train that like to jump off the tracks.

u/Taleya · 1 pointr/melbourne

ok, not Australian BUT fucking hilarious:

Cory O'Brien's Zeus grants stupid wishes.

Alternately: History Lessons by Dana Lindaman and Kyle Ward. Basically it shows how textbooks around the world portray US history. You ever wanted to see how Best Korea and soviet russia taught about the Korean war?

u/Supersnazz · 1 pointr/melbourne

You would assume wrong, surprisingly. 'Cocktail' was a fairly well received novel that the movie was based on.

u/thesillyoldgoat · 3 pointsr/melbourne

This book is American but the same problems apply here, it's well worth a read.

u/monkeyboy888 · 1 pointr/melbourne

The 48 minute abs of Power!

Just remember us little people when you stage your first coup...

u/PencilSk1rt · 19 pointsr/melbourne

First, read this. The author makes the point, plenty of girls express interest in testing their sexual waters, but don't treat a woman who is seriously into other women like she's just a distraction because you're fed up with men.

Secondly, check out DnM Bar on Commercial Road in South Yarra.

u/BargainMess · 1 pointr/melbourne

Just watched this video and damn it I need to lose my body fat (nearly 40% fuck me) BMI super close to obese from overweight

So they mentioned taking two supplements: branched chain-amino acid-capsules and melatonin.

My question is, do we have to take it? Will this really speed up the process? Does anyone know a more local alternative that's more or less similar so it's more affordable for me haha

Also in the beginning the trainer says "each person is going to have a different cardio routine. a different workout routine and a different nutrition program because everybody has a different body type"

Did he calculate it how /r/fitness does or probably some other way via his book hot point fitness?

"Workout - it’s not about doing the weight/throwing their entire body it’s about the correct form and isolating those individual muscles"

I need a personal trainer won't I or else I might mess myself up... any recommendations?

u/Adzmodean · 1 pointr/melbourne

I don't claim to be any better. And yes, I ignore issues that I can't change in order to concentrate on the things I can. Yes, it's a tragedy, but it's partly of their own making, and completely outside the realm of my control. I have this book on my shelf and while I've only read it the once several years ago, I consider myself to have enough of an idea about the situation to make the informed choice to stay out of it.

Yes protests involving 100+ plus people loudly chanting slogans in small confined areas make me uncomfortable, but not because of the content, but because they're doing it in an entirely inappropriate place. Would a Jewish person wearing a yarmulke feel comfortable walking through that small passageway? I'd say no, and when your lawful actions start to impinge on the freedoms of others, then we start to have an issue.

Can you imagine if some negative element of the crowd (over which the organisers have no control) threw something at the police who then responded with pepper-spray? It's ripe for a trample situation and that's what makes me feel uncomfortable. There's a Max Brenners in South Melbourne on a street corner that's nice and open, and low risk to passers-by. That's a far more suitable place to protest.