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u/RyoxSinfar · 9 pointsr/metalgearsolid

Coming from someone who is a big nerd but doesn't like to be a walking billboard I love a lot of the modern merchandise that doesn't shout my interests at you.

This site is one I like to look through as a result. It's a bit pricier but frankly I like their simple stuff the best. The shirts with a fox on them being a good example.

I'm not as familiar with it but this site looks to have a little potential.

But you said "fun", which can be a little tough to identify.

Here is an amazon search for metal gear stuff under clothing/etc. I actually bought some patches from there that I really liked. Let me make my own "metal gear" gear. I remember them being slightly cheaper though.

There are also some items on there that may help give you ideas.

You can also look at some other categories here.

There are also some decent posters though you may need to do some digging. The games I played the most are MGS3,4, PW, and GZ. These are all newer. However despite that I've always been a huge fan of the hand drawn art that they did for MGS1 and MGS2. I felt like there is a lot less made for the games that followed. Example being this. You may have better luck getting an idea from amazon then searching the web for something better quality. Actually the art on this subreddit's banner is another good example, along with the one by the search bar.

Also there is definitely a MGS version of Risk .

Last you might find some good stuff on Etsy. It's a good place to look for things that a company wouldn't have bothered manufacturing but some crazy in an apt decided to start making.

But since MGS has a large and dedicated player base there is some really nice stuff in there.

Like this thing.

Lastly if you want to be a lunatic there is the Shock Knife and Stress Knife reminiscent of the electric knife in MGS4 but designed for training in knife fighting.

Oh and I also wanted to mention the playing MGS thing. I don't know what games you like and etc but to me the most important thing is letting a person find what they like about a series rather than demanding they like it a certain way. Don't worry about "doing them in order". If MGS1 is a bit unconventional for you (due to controls or etc) then don't be afraid to play newer games first. I really do love the series but I am not likely to ever completely play through MGS: Portable Ops. Instead what I will do is watch a story playthrough (they don't talk over cutscenes and give a "tour") on the uKnighted Twitch channel. Past broadcasts get recorded and they just did a marathon. So I know its in there. Heck I enjoy it for watching games I already played. They know how to find all the secret jokes, easter eggs, and conversations.

Aaaanyway good luck.

u/NO_Its_My_Juice · 9 pointsr/metalgearsolid

Play then in release order:

Metal Gear

Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake (It’s debatable whether you need to play MG 1 and 2, but if you don’t, you need to watch some gameplay)

Metal Gear Solid

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops (some consider this non-canon as it wasn’t directed by HK but it doesn’t affect the overall story if you consider it canon)

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance (same situation as Portable Ops, it’s amazing though so play it)

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

The best way to play the entire series is to pick up a PlayStation 3, as you can play every
main series game on that beautiful console.

Metal Gear 1-2, MGS 1-4 and MGS: Peace Walker are in the Metal Gear Solid: Legacy Collection:

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance:

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes:

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain:

Portable Ops is only on PSP and hasn’t been ported to consoles which kind of tells you how Konami and HK see that game...

Aside from the mainline canon games there’s:

Metal Gear (NES)

Snake’s Revenge (NES)

Metal Gear: Ghost Babel (GameBoy Color)

Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes (GameCube) [This is actually canon, it’s just a remake of MGS1]

Metal Gear Ac!d (PSP)

Metal Gear Ac!d 2 (PSP)

Metal Gear Survive (PS4/Xbox One)

Play the games in the order I stated. Don’t read anything about them. Don’t read reviews. Don’t look at the wiki to try to make sense of confusing things like I did. Just experience the twists and revelations as they happen. Enjoy. ✌️

u/Noctis_Fox · 1 pointr/metalgearsolid

>but I think watching all the cutscenes online for the games leading up to it should work, right?

Haha, get ready to sit down for a week to watch it all. There are dozens of hours of cutscenes and codec calls. The games prior to V are mostly cutscenes.

The problem here is Kingdom Hearts story wasn't exactly good. It was a mess and it wasn't complicated so it was generally easy to follow. Going into this with just cutscenes will be quite confusing because the game regularly talks about events on a 50 year time line (1964 - 2014).

Save yourself the trouble, get a PS3 if you don't have one, get The Legacy Collection for 25$ on Amazon, and enjoy some of the best titles gaming has to offer. You'll have a better grasp of the story and you'll understand how the games evolved since 1987 (although you can start with the 1998 release Metal Gear Solid, skipping Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake.)

You play the games by release order, obviously that's how it's intended to be.

The title's you be playing are:

Game | Release Year | Timeline | Necessary Play?
:-- | :-- | :-- | :--
Metal Gear | 1987 | 1995 | No
Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake | 1991 | 1999 | No
Metal Gear Solid | 1998 | 2005 | Yes
Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty (Substance) | 2001 | 2007-2009 | Yes
Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater (Subsistence) | 2004 | 1964 | Yes
Metal Gear Solid: Portable Ops | 2006 | 1970 | No (although watch the cutscenes, it ties into Snake Eater)
Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots | 2008 | 2014 | Yes
Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker | 2010 | 1974 | Yes
Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes | 2014 | 1975 | Yes
Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain | 2015 | 1984 | Yes

u/Nikazio · 7 pointsr/metalgearsolid

I don't know if i understood correctly but if you don't know wich games are for each console

On the PS1 you can only play MSG1

On the PS2 you can play MGS2 and 3, and if you have the "Subsistence" version of 3 it also includes the original Metal Gear 1 and 2.

Or you can sell everything and get a PS3 with the Legacy collection wich includes Metal Gear, Metal Gear 2, Metal Gear Solid 2: HD Edition, Metal Gear Solid 3: HD Edition, Metal Gear Solid 4 Trophy Edition and Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker HD Edition. It also includes Metal Gear Solid 1 and VR Missions voucher codes.

u/iLuv3M3 · 1 pointr/metalgearsolid

For OP and anyone else looking for more Metal Gear, this is upcoming: Metal Gear Solid Legacy
> From the critically acclaimed director, Hideo Kojima, metal gear solid: the legacy collection offers the most complete metal gear solid experience ever. Featuring eight complete games, metal gear, metal gear 2, metal gear solid 1, metal gear solid 2: HD edition, metal gear solid 3: HD edition metal gear solid 4: trophy edition, metal gear solid: peace walker HD edition, and metal gear solid: VR missions along with two Ashley wood digital graphic, the legacy collection offers metal gear and stealth action fans a chance to experience all the heroic game play, compelling design and immersive storytelling of the mgs franchise in one complete package.

u/_VincentWolf_ · 5 pointsr/metalgearsolid

Not the same guy but yeah if you've got a PS3, there's the Metal Gear Solid: Legacy collection. That comes with pretty much every mainline MGS game. Metal Gear, Metal Gear 2, Metal Gear Solid, Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions, MGS2, MGS3, MGS4, and Peace Walker

Here's the Amazon link, sorry I'm on mobile and I have no idea how to post it regular like

Edit: Nevermind I Figured the link stuff out

u/OZONE_TempuS · 1 pointr/metalgearsolid

There are five Snakes: Big Boss, Venom Snake, Solid Snake, Liquid Snake and Solidus Snake. The Snake you play as in this game is Venom who served as a body double for the real Big Boss to protect him from XOF as they had destroyed Militaires Sans Frontières nine years prior and to allow Big Boss to build the real Outer Heaven which is Big Boss' dream where soldiers constantly have a place on the battlefield while taking control of FOXHOUND in America. The bandaged guy on the motorbike is the real Big Boss (not Venom) as he makes his disappearance. The flying child is Psycho Mantis who has psychic abilities and him along with Eli (Liquid Snake) were recruited by Skullface into XOF to oppose Venom.

Your best bet (if you're interested in the story at all) is to just play through the games in release order. If you have a PlayStation 3 get this or you can emulate the first three solid games.

u/PARANOiA_300 · 8 pointsr/metalgearsolid

Sure thing!

u/alllen · 3 pointsr/metalgearsolid

There are two Raymond Benson novels (MGS1, MGS2) then there's the one by Project Itoh for MGS4 (which I heard is really good).

There's also an artbook by Ashley Wood. Then there is the Metal Gear Solid Omnibus which is the comic series of MGS1 and MGS2 by a few writers with Ashley Wood's art. There's also the Deluxe Collection but it's pricey and I'm not exactly sure what makes it different from the Omnibus.

I think any Metal Gear Solid fan who doesn't own these would definitely appreciate them. I know I would.

u/CorndogNinja · 72 pointsr/metalgearsolid

The reviews are pretty funny.

>I use these a lot in remote Russian wilderness to recover large portions of my stamina bar, also works well as a distraction if thrown. 5 out of 5 would recommend

u/TruNinja619 · 1 pointr/metalgearsolid

I bought it from here. Looks to be sold and shipped by amazon. I'm starting to wonder if the reason its down to $9.99 is because they have some busted cover copies like mine. Either way, I'm not totally bummed out as once I started playing it I was at aww how great the gameplay is.

u/Crowssb · 2 pointsr/metalgearsolid

Don't worry we get this one every few hours.
Technically you can play all of them on ps3 but I'd recommend getting V (Ground Zeroes and The Phantom Pain) on ps4. The others (mg1, mg2, mgs, mgs2, mgs3, mgs4 and mpw) you can find bundled in metal gear solid legacy collection on ps3 (

And as a side note portable ops isn't necessary since it's only kinda sorta canon but you can find it in the vita store. Mg rising is an optional spinoff as well.

u/Bruce_Bruce · 17 pointsr/metalgearsolid

So in the MGS:V will the last section be all blank pages? Or gibberish that has to be decrypted by ciphers (see what I did) in the game?

But seriously, I saw this at Boarders back in the day and picked it up on the principle of "how the fuck could you translate the Psycho Mantis fight?"

I was pleasantly surprised on how much I enjoyed it and as a whole. Highly recommend it to everyone a fan of mgs.

u/HellsHumor · 1 pointr/metalgearsolid

I was looking for VR missions on the PSN store the other day but I could not find it (Austin, Texas)

If you are ok with a physical copy I know you can get it off Ebay or Amazon pretty cheap

Edit: You can get it digitally from PSN using the Metal Gear Legacy collection Voucher code that comes in the box SOURCE

u/13sponge3 · 6 pointsr/metalgearsolid

In my opinion:

Revoltech Mini Cyborg Ninja

Revoltech Big Boss


Metal Gear Solid: Omnibus

Hopefully a couple of these appeal to you! I own all except the Mini Cyborg Ninja, which I hope to get soon.

u/Airikay · 1 pointr/metalgearsolid

I've got it and it is a pretty amazing set. It has just about every piece from all the art books released.

u/Cazador888 · 9 pointsr/metalgearsolid

You should get the Metal Gear Solid I-IV Artwork book collection if you like it. Has all the art from all the games. Promos, character development, concept art, etc. it’s like $45 on Amazon. The Art of Metal Gear Solid I-IV

u/wckdDev · 1 pointr/metalgearsolid

Gamestop US:

  • PS4 $29.99
  • PS3 $29.99
  • Xbox One $29.99
  • Xbox 360 $29.99

    Gamestop UK:

  • PS4 £ 19.97
  • PS3 £ 19.97
  • Xbox One £ 19.97
  • Xbox 360 £ 19.97

    Amazon US:

  • PS4 $29.99
  • PS3 $29.99
  • Xbox One $29.99
  • Xbox 360 $29.99

    Seems pretty straight forward. Digital prices can't be confirmed until the game is put up on PSN which is usually about a week before release.
u/ldse · 4 pointsr/metalgearsolid

Amazon just updated the article for MGSV including a note about the bonus DLC and Map, are we near something?!

u/milesprower07 · 2 pointsr/metalgearsolid

BOOM! metal gear book. had this when i was a kid.

its pretty terrible at times. but i still enjoyed it

u/FreshPaprikazzz · 8 pointsr/metalgearsolid

I've said to this every newbie and I will say it to you as well: just play the games. Reading wikis or other peoples' plot summaries just doesn't work with Metal Gear games -- it really doesn't. You just have to experience it by yourself.

If you want the easy but not as effective way to learn what's going on - sure - you can watch the Digital Graphic Novels or cutscenes from YouTube, but I'd personally just lock you in a bunker with the Legacy Collection and let you out once you've finished the whole series.

u/XeroAnarian · 16 pointsr/metalgearsolid

Since 2008. The author took a lot of liberties, though, and anything he added should not be considered canon.

Edit: ACTUALLY, I just remembered, there was a novelization of Metal Gear made way back in 1990. Snake was referred to as "Marine Captain Justin Halley" most of the time for some reason. I own a copy, got it at a book fair in elementary.

u/FaceJP24 · 2 pointsr/metalgearsolid

I just recently purchased the Legacy Collection for 44 dollars on Amazon with the digital graphic novels. Excellent deal.

u/hecheff · 13 pointsr/metalgearsolid

A nice candidate I would like to suggest would be the ultimate survival food.

u/f1ng3rs · 2 pointsr/metalgearsolid

It's a Casio AE1200WHD-1A. I had seen this watch in stores a while back. Thanks to you guys on this reddit, I learned the model number and got it on Amazon. They're only $26. Here's an affiliate link if you want to pick on up for yourself

u/Endzville · 1 pointr/metalgearsolid

Here you go. You couldn't find it if you typed in something like "art of mgsv", you had to write something like "art of metal gear" instead, I presume that's why you couldn't see it.

u/sneakp07 · 36 pointsr/metalgearsolid

Links for convenience! U.S. version below.

PS4 -

Xbox One -

Edit as of 7:30am EST Tuesday March 10th Both versions are "Currently Unavailable."

This is likely due to low allocated estimates of how many they will get in stock. This happens all the time with new announcements. For example, it happened with Bloodborne Collector's Edition, but eventually more stock opened up for pre-order. Don't stress everyone, just sign up for the email option and wait for more to open up!

My suggestion to everyone is sign up for the email notification. They will allocate more stock for pre-order, be patient and give it some time. Keep checking other retailers as well!

u/its_buster_cherry · 1 pointr/metalgearsolid

Can't into reddit:


Looked like XBONE was back up as well.


u/markherrington5 · 1 pointr/metalgearsolid

Is this a good way to start, or what!?

u/antironin · 2 pointsr/metalgearsolid

Just FYI, if you still want all of the comics, they now publish an Omnibus edition that covers MGS 1 & 2

Metal Gear Solid Omnibus on Amazon

u/Rumptiddliey · 2 pointsr/metalgearsolid

You can get a used PS3 pretty cheap now and the MGS legacy collection is under $45 on Amazon

u/time_traveller_ · 10 pointsr/metalgearsolid

I looked up CalorieMate on Amazon, and the "Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought" section is hilarious.

u/Effimero89 · 1 pointr/metalgearsolid

Here. I just checked eBay and I can get it from Japan for the same price. Looks the same to me. Just curious

u/EffrumScufflegrit · 1 pointr/metalgearsolid

They're ALL over Amazon. Here's a link where you can look at all the options :). Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection

u/iliketodraw · 2 pointsr/metalgearsolid

Quick search found this on amazon

Or did you mean this patch ?

edit: second patch

u/AtemAndrew · 1 pointr/metalgearsolid

There IS a novelization of MGS4. I suggest you give it a read.

u/QueenNoah · 1 pointr/metalgearsolid

Is there a difference between the Omnibus and the Deluxe Edition

u/halcyoncmdr · 1 pointr/metalgearsolid

>legacy of snake version

The Legacy Collection

It's only $26 on Amazon now. It also comes with digital codes to get MGS1 and VR Missions.

And MGS V is only $16 on PS3 for the Day One version or $25 for PS4.

On that same note, Metal Gear Rising is less than $10, Ground Zeroes is less than $10 on PS3 and less than $17 on PS4.

Basically you can have the entire Metal Gear saga on PS3 for only about $60, the price of
one* brand new game.

u/Saneless · 4 pointsr/metalgearsolid

And if someone wants a $26 Casio watch that invokes this style a bit...

u/Ptylerdactyl · 2 pointsr/metalgearsolid

>There's not a single disclaimer on the packaging or any online listing stating that MGS1 and the VR missions were a one-time only download code.



u/xSavag3x · 1 pointr/metalgearsolid

It will depend heavily on if you get a used copy or not, the download codes are most likely one time use.

That is where I bought my copy, still sealed.

u/LittleHelperRobot · 1 pointr/metalgearsolid


^That's ^why ^I'm ^here, ^I ^don't ^judge ^you. ^PM ^/u/xl0 ^if ^I'm ^causing ^any ^trouble. ^WUT?

u/falconpunchpro · 4 pointsr/metalgearsolid

Not sure if you knew this already (I didn't until recently), but Calorie Mate's are a real thing.

u/chudgooo · 1 pointr/metalgearsolid

If you're not a super serious collector type, I think all of the issues are in this collection.

u/solidmixer · 1 pointr/metalgearsolid

Shouldn't the text be evenly in the center? It looks... off. I bought the JPN region one so I'm not sure how this one should look (US/PAL?)

EDIT: Centered text... What region is it?

u/you_me_fivedollars · 3 pointsr/metalgearsolid

Just in case some of you guys haven't played it yet, it's currently 10 bucks on Amazon! Definitely a steal.

u/dman5202 · 3 pointsr/metalgearsolid

You can buy it on Amazon here. It's only $122.42 USD new, and $13.66 USD used! Such a steal!

u/Bopsybops · 3 pointsr/metalgearsolid

Lots of nanomachines and badass battle tanks. Philosophy and shit. Buy a PS3 and the Legacy Collection + Metal Gear Rising, and that's everything.

Edit: I forgot to mention Ground Zeroes. You'll need that, too.