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u/senor_roboto · 2 pointsr/midcenturymodern

I don't think the table is out of your league. It'll give you a lot of pride to tackle it (and I don't think you really have a lot to lose). Looks like it needs veneer repair but that can be done. Might be a level 2 task but it's certainly doable.

That channel above has a few videos on the process (here and here). If you don't have a router (or a friend with a router), then you should be able to use a razor blade or exacto knife to edge the table. A sanding block and then possible stain and finish (along with the legs and base) and you're done.

You can get the contact cement and an inexpensive roller (for pressing down the veneer and getting rid of bubbles after you've attached it) from Amazon or your hardware store. Practice on a scrap piece of wood prior. Make sure you apply cement to both sides and let it dry a bit before attaching, per the directions. Also make sure to use the stick separation technique shown in the videos and go from inside out. The pieces bond instantly and so you don't get another chance if you were to try to drape the veneer on like a bedsheet or table cloth. (It really is as simple as it looks. Just a few key steps that get ugly if you don't do it right.)

An alternative to reveneering the whole top is to prep the top first and then tackle the areas where the veneer or top layer is gone. For this you use an exacto knife to get a good shape to work with and then apply the veneer with overhang. Trim the edges, sand to get the top even, and then stain to match (or leave different as a statement). The Dashner channel as well as the Thomas Johnston channel has a number of videos on veneer repair.

Note: you may have to repair the edge portion regardless in order to give you a flat base layer with which you could apply a full sheet (on each section separately).

u/Corrin95 · -1 pointsr/midcenturymodern

Zinus Lottie Upholstered Square Stitched Platform Bed / Mattress Foundation / Easy Assembly / Strong Wood Slat Support, Queen

Not exactly the same but we got this one last year and it looks and feels great. We’ve a hybrid firm mattress on top. Combined weight between us two about 350. Honestly cannot recommend it enough.

u/vehstijul · 2 pointsr/midcenturymodern

Gregory Ain: The Modern Home as Social Commentary (

Good book on a great architect that got marginalized due to his socialist leanings and sympathy for the communist party back in the McCarthy era. He would have been invited to build a Case Study home but the publishers were afraid of being associated with communism.

Fascinating to read about why a lot of people were building these modernist houses beyond just the aesthetics.

u/jmaxMe · 1 pointr/midcenturymodern

Heidi Creighton: "William Krisel’s Palm Springs: The Language of Modernism" (

My wife and I love going to Palm Springs to explore some quintessential MCM architecture and home designs. Krisel designed some well-known home designs in Palm Springs.

We also met the author of this book and toured her lovely restored MCM home a few months ago.

u/Curkeekr · 5 pointsr/midcenturymodern

I think I found the exact one, or very close: Walnut Finish Retro Modern Astro Coffee Table

u/Hasselbuddy · 2 pointsr/midcenturymodern

/r/mid_century can probably help better, as this sub is pretty dead.

I don't live in NYC, but while there in Feb the misses and I wandered into quite a few stores. From what we gathered, they would fall into one of two categories:

DWR/DWR Style/Authentic Antiques that were obviously expensive


Storefronts that exist for selling the same made in China reproductions that are all over Amazon/eBay only at a much higher price.

I can't tell you how many LCW's I saw that were made with the same quality as the $106 prime shipping version seen here, only for three times the price plus tax.

u/lobster_johnson · 4 pointsr/midcenturymodern

I wouldn't trust that site. Looking at their product lineup, they have a bunch of stuff that is also sold on Wayfair under different names and lower different prices.

Here's an example. The exact same "Astro floor lamp" is sold in various places:

  • Barcelona Designs: $297
  • "dCOR" on Wayfair: $151
  • "Zuo" on Scout & Nimble: $198
  • "Zuo" on Amazon: $196

    Wayfair's main thing is Chinese crap, just like Overstock. The brands they sell are often completely made-up; a Chinese factory makes a product, then it's sold to a bunch of places under different names. It's pretty shady.

    The logical conclusion is that the stuff you find on "Barcelona Designs" is no different from what you find on Wayfair/Allmodern, Overstock, France & Søn or any of the other places that peddle these cheap Chinese replicas.
u/TheThunderbird · 3 pointsr/midcenturymodern

I bought this as a cheap temporary chair in 2013:

It's been so great that I haven't bothered replacing it. It's simple, firm but not "hard" and supportive (though I hate typical plush American chairs). The casters went out earlier this year and I replaced them with rubber ones. The vinyl has not worn at all.

Some of the reviews have gotten worse since I bought mine, so they may have made it cheaper. YMMV.

Edit: I should add that this is a reproduction of the Eames® Aluminum Group Executive Chair