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u/incrediblywittyname · 1 pointr/millwrights

I have not taken this test but have gone through the UBC apprenticeship. I do know the UBC standards require a minimum requirement for reading comprehension, math, (and some other subjects) to keep a certain standard up. (I witnessed lots of apprentices that didn't pass the math test in more than one try). A close friend took the carpenter journeyman placement test. It was long, daunting, but do able.

I would assume the millwright test would cover basics more than pump internals and thermal growth values of different metals (metallurgy). Simple mechanics, heavy lifting, rigging, industrial tool use, etc.

Get this, it has way more info than i have applied or have gotten to use.

What UBC district are you getting into? Different areas have different things for millwrights to do. PNW - lots of paper mills. Texas - refineries. Powerplants - all over.

Good luck placing

u/htcbill · 1 pointr/millwrights

First off congrats on the job. When I was in college (millwright) one of the books required to buy and the best book I own is audels millwright and mechanics guide. If there is ever a question you have about how industrial mechanics work, conversion math for hydraulics and ratios I can’t list enough. this book has it. We call it the Bible because it literally has everything you need to know. I’m recommending it because you are a new industrial mechanic starting out and I think it would work wonders for you to learn the new trade.

u/AsgardianBeerLord · 1 pointr/millwrights

I have Audel's Mechanical Trades Pocket Manual

It's pretty good, especially with incrediblywittyname's suggestion.

u/JohnSherlockHolmes · 1 pointr/millwrights

Honestly, the best I've used are [these 187 pads](187 Killer Pro Knee Pads, Small, Black / Black

Super comfortable, stay in place, and durable.

u/acw10695 · 2 pointsr/millwrights

The Pocket Ref

Pocket Ref 4th Edition

The Machinery's Handbook

Machinery's Handbook, 29th

These two books will get you through about anything you run into.

u/No-Coast-Punk · 2 pointsr/millwrights

No, but something like this does:

I always make sure I have an extractor available for the size tap I'm using, because shit happens.