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u/tashabaker11 · 2 pointsr/moderatelygranolamoms

This book is about natural labor and delivery. It's technically geared toward those who will be helping you through labor, but it's fantastic for mother's too! I truly feel this book helped me through my natural labor. It gave great ideas for coping mechanisms as well as an in-depth walk through of the stages of labor and what to expect in each. I highly highly recommend if you're planning natural birth!

u/papier_peint · 2 pointsr/moderatelygranolamoms

I'm not a moderately granola mom yet (couple weeks to go) but I'm a librarian, and I saw some books that caught my eye the other day, called loose parts and loose parts 2 that look fascinating and super fun with great ideas for diy toys. You can always ask your local library if they do interlibrary loan if they don't have it.

u/kiotsukare · 2 pointsr/moderatelygranolamoms

The Complete Baby and Toddler Cookbook from America's Test Kitchen. It has purees, finger foods, snacks, and full family meal ideas. I use it all the time, the puree recipes are pretty simple to make, yet also have interesting flavor combinations.

Don't let people push you into baby led weaning if you don't want to do it. Purees are perfectly fine and healthy and your baby will learn to eat no matter what you do. You do whatever works best for you.

u/_metanoiia · 1 pointr/moderatelygranolamoms

Sure thing! Always happy to help others experience essential oils, they're life-changing. Here's a link to a good beginner set on Amazon:

Let me know if you have more specific questions about individual oils or recipes/uses. :)

u/r4wrdinosaur · 9 pointsr/moderatelygranolamoms

If you can't seem to master regular recipes, I'd just stick with the premade baby food. It's not that pricey (of course, it's more expensive than making it yourself) and it's super easy to use. I consider myself a better than average cook/recipe follower, and I had trouble keeping up with making baby food for my 9 month old.

If you're looking to learn how to cook, I'd recommend buying an actual cookbook. Following recipes online is great, but old school cookbooks have a whole section in the front that teach you the basics. I like this one by Better Homes and Gardens, or How to Cook Everything

u/kaceface · 3 pointsr/moderatelygranolamoms

I use this one:

It's pretty crunchy and has worked well for my family. It's thick to put on but it smells like an orange creamsicle and seems to last pretty well!

u/milkthistle_ · 1 pointr/moderatelygranolamoms

My LO is only 3 weeks old but so far we have been using Seventh Generation 4x Concentrated Free and Clear and so far it's been working wonderfully.

u/dstam · 1 pointr/moderatelygranolamoms

I got cute little skewers and my kids will eat pretty much anything I impale on them. Mozzarella balls, olives and salami. Chicken and broccoli. Raspberries and marshmallows.

They also love boiled eggs which are shaped into animal faces, which you can but the presses on Amazon too. And they'll east anything with sour cream or a nice yogurt dressing. Guacamole is a big hit, too!

u/CourageousUnicorn · 1 pointr/moderatelygranolamoms

Does anyone here have any good recommendations for natural pregnancy books? I'm newly pregnant and I've been eyeing this one on amazon -- has anyone read it or have any other recommendations? Open to suggestions for dad, too. Thanks!

u/kristinarose22 · 2 pointsr/moderatelygranolamoms

I got this for my birthday.... Planet Wise Reusable Clear Zipper Gallon Bag . I am so excited to use it.... I might put trail mix in it. :D

u/xoxoalexa · 8 pointsr/moderatelygranolamoms

We plop her (10 months) in the restaurant high chair. We sometimes ask for a second one if the first one isn't quite right... they can often be missing a strap or belt clip. They're a little big, but we watch her carefully and she can sit up fully unassisted. We slap a baby disposable place mat on the table, and give her appropriate food. We try to clean up any big chunks of stuff she drops, but I mean -- it's a restaurant floor. Guarantee you that they've seen worse messes from drunk adults, than whatever your baby is doing. :) If it's a restaurant with tips and she's made a particular mess, I'd probably give an extra $5 as a "thank you."

u/corcar86 · 5 pointsr/moderatelygranolamoms

At that age, my husband and I were living with his parents and he slept in a different room than me and our daughter, I would just tuck big pillows under the cover on one side of the bed really tight to create a barrier on one side. She did actually fall off one time only and it was because she had crawled in her sleep to the end of the bed and rolled off that way (thankfully was absolutely fine, just shook up) so I later also started putting extra pillows tucked un at the end of the bed too. You can also buy a bed rail (search amazon there are tons of different kinds even this lol).

u/lancealittle · 1 pointr/moderatelygranolamoms

These are the ones I ordered. They're not a huge investment, so if we don't end up liking them I'm ok with it. And I got the planet wise reusable bags to replace the ziploc freezer bags. We have used their products for diaper wet bags and they seem to hold up well.

u/MISTRESSshake · 1 pointr/moderatelygranolamoms

I use Aquaphor or Burt's Bees Zinc cream and this Gripe Water