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u/Spitfire_Harold · 1 pointr/montreal

Good research. But sure, there are schools and a mesh of institutions that offer french services, but to be honest the health and future of french as a spoken language in the ROC is pretty bleak.

Graham Fraser's (The Commissioner of Official Languages) "Sorry I don't speak french" is a trove for more info about Canada's two official languages.

u/segacs2 · 4 pointsr/montreal

I know a lot of people will mention some obvious ones, like Mordecai Richler or Gabrielle Roy. Here are a few more contemporary novels worth checking out:

  • Lullabies for Little Criminals by Heather O'Neill - probably won't give you the nicest view of Montreal, as it's set in the seedy drug scene of the 70s, but it's a pretty good read.

  • Kathy Reichs' Temperance Brennan series - the original basis for the TV show "Bones", these murder mysteries follow fictional forensic anthropologist Tempe Brennan. They're light, easy reads with an identifiable Montreal backdrop.

  • Nikolski by Nicolas Dickner - originally published in French but available in English translation, follows the seemingly separate lives of three different characters who eventually end up in Montreal.

u/pimceau · 1 pointr/montreal

I got my RHCE certs pretty easily with Michael Jang's excellent book.

u/joerussel · 5 pointsr/montreal

why surprised dude? law 101 is basically a non-issue now and in many ways can be credited with lowering the immediacy of the sovereignty movement (at least according to Graham Fraser ). Its reached political normalcy in Quebec. Because of it, something like 90% of anglos under 35 are bilingual. You are never going to repeal it, most people or politicians should move on and focus on more important/relevant issues effecting Montrealers/Quebecois.

u/dickralph · 1 pointr/montreal

Montreal: The Unknown City

Discovered this through Reddit actually. Totally amazing book.

u/tril3mma · 2 pointsr/montreal

This is an excellent book based around Montreal culture. There's even a quote from it on the $5 bill!

u/blueruby808 · 3 pointsr/montreal

Oh yes. I was also recommended to read this book, where CBT techniques are covered.

u/[deleted] · -3 pointsr/montreal

This is a must-read:

(there will be a chorus of "QUEBEC BASHING" complaints shortly, but this is a very valid and important perspective on the sovereignty movement from one of the most important writers in the province's history)

u/criskchtec · 1 pointr/montreal

Au contraire, il faut le garder, car c'est symbolique de la source de la prospérité de Montréal, le transbordement des marchandises pour aller plus loin dans le continent.

Durant l'Expo 67, la mode était aux mégastructures. C'est à dire des villes qui tiennent dans une seule bâtisse (ou le moins de bâtisses différentes possibles), la plus haute possible. Avec des points bonus pour des passerelles passant d'une tour à l'autre.

Donc, vous pouvez imaginer, que quant le monde entier est venu visiter l'Expo, les critiques d'architecture n'ont pas tant capoté sur les pavillons que sur les élévateurs à grain du port, avec leurs convoyeurs allant d'une bâtisse à l'autre... Ce qui subsiste de nos jours est une pâle copie de ce qu'on retrouvait dans le vieux port il y a 45 ans... C'était comme sur cette photo, partout le long de la rue de la Commune.

Reyner Banham consacre même un chapitre complet sur Montréal dans on ouvrage "Megastructure: Urban Futures of the Recent Past" (un ouvrage important; regardez jusqu'où le prix peut monter).

u/insurgent29 · 10 pointsr/montreal

This book is a phenomenal look at how deep mafia influence has been in Montreal over the last century, with a special focus on the last 20 years.

u/extra_tofu · 1 pointr/montreal

This question has been asked a lot so search previous threads.

That being said, I've just read Fluent Forever and it's a good book with some unique strategies for learning another language. You can absolutely learn French on your own. Read La Presse and watch French language TV with French (not English!) subtitles. Avoid using English as much as possible.

As far as classes are concerned, I know Cotes-des-Neiges has free weekly French classes for residents ( I assume you need to live in CDN but your neighborhood might have something similar. Check out language classes at the universities as well - they won't be free but they shouldn't be too expensive either. And AFAIK, if you take a French course at any university, you will be charged the Quebec resident rate, saving you some dough.

u/DaveyGee16 · 19 pointsr/montreal

The Fat Woman Next Door Is Pregnant, it's a series of 6 books. It captures the soul of the city well.

u/Prof_G · 1 pointr/montreal

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u/rannieb · 2 pointsr/montreal

Pour ceux qui aiment Hubert Aquin. Sa biographie écrite par feu Gordon Sheppard, un de ses amis.

u/denpanosekai · 2 pointsr/montreal

Montreal: The Unknown City. Sadly I've never seen it in a local bookstore, but your local library might have it?

u/elzadra1 · 2 pointsr/montreal

Pick up Kristian Gravenor's book and/or read his blog, where there are several years of stories about bizarre things and happenings in Montreal.