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u/fromtheether · 1 pointr/mr2

I ended up using a friend's motorcycle jack, similar to this.

It worked out great, as we could strap it down using one of the arms of the jack to help keep it from wobbling and tipping around when pushing the new engine back under. The guide also suggests using a furniture dolly, which I imagine would work just as well, if not a bit better since the supports on it are probably a bit wider, helping to balance it better.

u/hereforthefeast · 2 pointsr/mr2

Thanks, this is what I'm using -

The best part is that the included bracket lines right up to the MR2's fog light mounts, so it mounts almost perfectly flush.

I am not using the fog light connecters. The kit comes with a fused control box that draws power directly from the battery. You can also wire it so that it shuts off when the headlights come on.

u/87AW11 · 3 pointsr/mr2

Prussian blue is used to check your mating surface to make sure you have even contact all the way around. Bench grinding is done to remove any carbon build up from the face and stem of the valves, when rebuilding with used parts is, the cleaner the better. I’ll find a video I saw a long time ago of a forum members diy of his hg replacement that I agree with and it’s all relatively easy and cheap/free just takes time.

u/Trentosaurus · 2 pointsr/mr2

Also for flushing and bleeding the coolant you can use one of those funnel kits to expedite the bleeding process. Just use it combination with the two bleeder valves up front.

Make sure to fill up the reservoir tank before the engine is at operating temp, this will prevent air from getting sucked back into the system as the coolant cools and contracts. The coolant cap in your picture is hooked up right.

I would also recommend taking the res tank out and cleaning it out, the debris in the bottom gets sucked back into the engine as it cools. It's pretty easy to take out, lift the bottom outwards and it should pull up.

u/Alvoski · 3 pointsr/mr2

Written by a MR2 owner, it covers basics for any car but it is useful if you are new to diy car stuff.

u/RichardCabezo · 3 pointsr/mr2


This stuff is supposed to be the shizznit on rubber seals like T-tops.

u/StormBreed · 1 pointr/mr2

oops, turns out my Amazon search omitted the 4agze from my search so they aren't the correct ones. I just learned a lot about pulleys, and this appears to be the Toyota part number 13570-16010.

Check this one out, it may be what you need. Hayden-Automotive-5003-Tensioner-Pulley

u/m_a_r_c_0_p · 2 pointsr/mr2

Ordered these from Amazon. They are available.
Centric Parts 117.44030 Brake...

u/89mr2alternator · 1 pointr/mr2

Around 2 mm wider.

It's this one right here.

Soaking with kroil and compressing with a C clamp doesn't do it. Clamp stretches outwards.

u/kazame · 1 pointr/mr2

Depending on what coolant's in the car now, it's a 2 or 3 year change interval, so it's probably due for a change anyway. For the time being though, you can hook a couple of hoses up to those air bleed points, and see if you get bubbles out of it. Depending on how low it is, you can bleed the bubbles out and buy yourself a bit of time until you can get it flushed, refilled, and bled.

While you're at it, you should replace the thermostat and it's gasket too, it's a 40k maintenance item and replacing them requires draining the coolant anyway. Mine was failed open when I replaced it, so the car couldn't warm up to operating temp. Which I suppose was good, because I was also low on coolant...