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u/BukkitBoss · 1 pointr/mtgaltered

This subreddit's guides seem to really like Golden Fluid Acrylics. I personally avoided them due to their high initial cost of 7-10$ per bottle and got a non name brand of fluid acrylics. It's been working well enough for me, but your mileage may vary. If you're confident that you'll be doing this for a while- go for broke! You'll really only need 5 colours to start.

I'd recommend getting a wet palette. This thing makes mixing acrylics a breeze. It keeps the paint wet, without being runny and can even let you take a break and come back to still perfectly mixed paints.

As for brushes... that's outside my area of expertise. I just ended up grabbing a mid-range selection of flat and round brushses. I tend to prefer the flat 1,2 and round 0. Quality of the brush will dictate how long they last, so if you're only getting a couple it won't hurt to spend 5$ or more on each.

As for the sealant, I'm using an acrylic safe matte varnish. I've had tons of luck with it, and it imparts an awesome look to a painted card. I don't know if it's required, but I erred on the side of caution for this one. There's little effort involved in spraying a coat or two over your work.

Edit: Oh,as for when to apply, you can just spray down the card once the paint is dry. The bottle I'm using recommends 24 hours, but I've done it as soon as one hour after painting without issue.


  • Golden Fluid Acrylics
  • Wet palette (like a Sta-Wet)
  • Any non-crappy brush
  • Acrylic safe varnish
u/Juju114 · 4 pointsr/mtgaltered

Hi, you are welcome to contact me at if you want to talk more about the best painting supplies for altering. While I'm not the greatest alter artist out there, I've made a point of knowing what the best alter artists use for materials and acquired them myself (mainly so I can be sure that the only thing holding me back is my own skill :)). The good news is that the best stuff isn't crazy expensive. Get hold of me and we can talk in detail about it.

If you can't be bothered getting in touch, here is the very short version:

  • Paints: Golden Fluid Acrylics. I highly recommend this 10 pack for almost everything you need

  • Brushes: La Corneille 7000 Round size 0. I picked these up after Eric Klug from Klug Alters (i.e probably the best alter artist out there, or at least the most revered) mentioned he used this brush almost exclusively. I found them on Brushesandmore and ordered a whole bunch of them, as they were fairly cheap. I've been very happy with them.
u/El_Paz · 3 pointsr/mtgaltered

I don't alter with paint yet, but I hope to some day. I'm not good enough yet. Instead, I use Sharpies.

A lot of my best minimal alters start with erasing away ink (amazingly, pencil erasers get rid of 80-90% of ink) followed by ultra-fine-tip sharpies (get the 24-pack).

The tough part with erasing is not to erase too much, leaving white space where you wanted something to end. (for an example, look at the wing tip on my Birds of Paradise here.) If you have access to pure acetone, try it, but wear gloves and work in a well-ventilated area. Remember: nail polish remover is not pure acetone.

The tough part with sharpies is color-matching. You can blend ink a little if you draw two colors right next to each other and rub them with a moist napkin. (For an example, look at the shadow on the Bonesplitter in the same link above.)

Metallic ink pens can be surprisingly useful if you want to make something a little shiny. The blade of the Bonesplitter is colored over with a "copper" pen, and the effect is pretty nice.

If you only have one big black Sharpie, try this.

White-out is tough to deal with - very blotchy.

Regardless of what you use, test your materials on a chimney imp or storm crow first. (I practiced extending the legs on Flameborn Virion - surprisingly difficult for color-matching and detail.)

u/kptknuckles · 1 pointr/mtgaltered

This is pretty much all the paint you need, especially if you are learning it will help your color matching skills to mix with primaries for a while. You will pretty much only every run out of titanium white. You barely need any paint so the nice stuff like this isn't a big investment to pick up.

I do it to de-stress and I really recommend trying it out, I ruined a lot of basic lands at first while I learned but even that was fun. The end product is really just a nice bonus on top of the hobby, don't worry about your results, no one else will.

u/ComicDebris · 1 pointr/mtgaltered

Golden Open Acrylics are great - really strong pigment and slow-drying so you can continue blending colors and your palette won't dry out. They're recommended in some starter guides to alters. They're not super cheap, but the pigments are strong so a tube will last a long time.

One caution - some colors are better for color mixing than others. I got the "Landscape Colors" set and had a hard time mixing colors to match original art. Everything comes out muddy and grey. I'd suggest you get the Color Mixing Modern Theory set. It has the pigments they use as a foundation to get all the other colors.

u/seeeeeth2992 · 2 pointsr/mtgaltered

this video, while boring, contains a good explanation of how to approach mixing colours.

A colour wheel is always a useful thing to have on hand.

Apart from that, practice! Experiment and learn what ratios to mix your paints in to get certain colours. Look closely at the colour you are trying to match - eventually your eye will become better at identifying what traces of colour are in 'greys' or 'blacks' since very rarely do artists use just a mixture of black and white: instead they use tints and shades. Find the base colour, approximately, and you will have a much easier time mixing up the right colours.

u/ogrenoah · 2 pointsr/mtgaltered

Good color matching. You can really smooth out the paint to make it look more seamless with a 3000grit sandpaper. Something like this:

I found it really improved my alters.

u/meatpopsicle42 · 4 pointsr/mtgaltered

I seal my acrylic alters with two coats of this to prevent flaking or scratching. It does the trick.

If there is any increase in thickness, it's entirely undetectable.

Also, it gives the finished product a more even appearance. Transitions from non-painted to painted surfaces on the card are less noticeable when the light hits the card from an angle that might cause a glare. I think that's largely due to the matte finish of the spray.

Hope that helps.

u/KingSpark7 · 7 pointsr/mtgaltered

Printed on transparent sticker paper and sticked on a acetone'd foil card. Not really breaking new ground here but the results came out crisp.

Edit for some questions:

I will probably not be releasing any digital images for various reasons. The paper used is this but im sure that any clear sticker paper will work.

u/Iggymonster88 · 2 pointsr/mtgaltered

I currently use Golden and have heard great things about Citadel. Of course they come with a higher price tag. Michaels consistently has 40-50% of coupons for a singular item. I went in and bought a box of 10 acrylic paints for under $40. The link below is for the same box that Amazon is selling:

u/vexilte · 3 pointsr/mtgaltered

Brushes for miniatures seem to work quite well, i have this set here and i like it so far.

u/jellomoose · 1 pointr/mtgaltered

Hmm hadn't heard of those. Something like this?

u/tigerturtle6 · 1 pointr/mtgaltered

Found this on amazon: Grafix Ink Jet Adhesive Film, 8-1/2-Inch by 11-Inch, 6-Pack, Clear

u/Nitwad · 1 pointr/mtgaltered

It may come down to a difference in printers. Mine dries really quickly and isn't prone to smearing because I have a transparency print setting built in. Yours might use more ink or a different type of ink or something. If the ink continues to be annoying, I highly recommend spraying your sheets with something like this before you put them on the cards.

u/Zepertix · 3 pointsr/mtgaltered

A bit expensive for just 5 dice :/ I had to paint the numbers more. They were silver before. The white one particularly was bad. This one I painted white. You can buy them individually off amazon as well.