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u/joshthehappy · 2 pointsr/mturk

Take it one step further and get a high quality trackball. Not only will you take strain off your wrist and arm, most people find them to be much more efficient and accurate to use.

I haven't used a mouse (at my own desk anyway) for over fifteen years.

EDIT: These are the two i have and recommend:

Microsoft Trackball explorer. Been on my desk for over a decade.

Logitech TrackMan Marble FX

Ignor the high prices in those links, they can be found much much cheaper.

u/WHYAREWEALLCAPS · 1 pointr/mturk

I use the Zalman zm-mic1. It is super sensitive, so you'll need a quiet place to do recordings. Costs about $8 and clips to your headphone cable.

Edit: I should clarify, I use mine for gaming, not doing recording hits. I haven't done those.

u/hopelesswanderer21 · 3 pointsr/mturk

Anything on here is better and way cheaper

EDIT, I also wanted to note that here this looks exactly what you're looking for for 40 bucks

u/SuzyQ93 · 0 pointsr/mturk

>already flirting with Athlete's Foot 40 hours a week

Injinji socks.

I shit you not. These socks are the bomb for that kind of thing. I have curled-under pinky toes, and these save me from blisters and hot spots. My husband wears them in his security-guard boots, and they have saved his feet from athlete's foot, blisters, etc.

u/electr0lyte · 2 pointsr/mturk

I'm also wondering this. I use Wreally ( for transcription and wonder if a foot pedal would help. I've been looking at this one - But I don't know anything about it beyond reading the reviews.

u/mobiusevalon · 2 pointsr/mturk

The short answer is that literally any headset that you can cable to your computer will work.

The long answer is that the quality of the voice recording and the sensitivity of the microphone varies wildly.

I picked up a pair of Turtle Beach X42s for gaming after my X31s broke, both of which are Xbox 30 headsets. After about $20 in cabling I can connect it to my Xbone and laptop and I use it for everything. It's extremely sensitive on the Xbone and PC though, to the point where I have to take the batteries out of my analog clocks and turn off my ceiling fan because the microphone picks them up.

On the flip side, my very first PC headset was a $15 Logitech and the voice recording quality made it sound like the headset was inside of a sofa cushion at the other end of the room.

As far as worth it, I'd say so. Once I unleashed my headset on voice recording HITs I made the cost back in under a week, and I've yet to come across a voice recording HIT that wasn't worth doing. It also appears that X42s have gotten a lot cheaper since my pair cost just under a c-note when I bought them.

u/mooreturkin · 1 pointr/mturk

How's that one look? I have a $25 promo credit from an order that amazon messed up, but don't have prime. I'd have to figure out what else to buy for 10 bucks...

u/gandhikahn · 1 pointr/mturk

You want Pigma Microns.


u/Vegetable_Camel · 0 pointsr/mturk

You haven't refuted anything I've said. You might want to read this.

u/symbiotic242 · 2 pointsr/mturk

There is nothing in that respect that will help. People have tried various voice-to-text and speech recognition software and universally report that it takes longer to fix or repair all the errors the software makes than it would to just transcribe the audio in the first place.

If you are serious about transcription, it might be worth looking into some hardware that will assist, such as a transcription foot pedal

u/BornIn1500 · 5 pointsr/mturk

I think that is where statistics are very wrong. He said he's done a bunch of HITs that only take a few seconds. And then when you couple that with HITs that take a few minutes and pay big, then you get the average that you're talking about. I do the same thing sometimes. I'll HIT a batch that pays OK that takes a short amount of time, and then I'll get a batch that pays $2.00 that takes me 5 minutes to do.

If you want someone to tell you who those people are and what requirements you need, you won't get very far. You have to find them. It's a turk-eat-turk world. We're all trying to make good money. HWTF and those type of forums are mostly for surveys that you can only complete one HIT for. If someone knows a good batch..... I'm sorry to say that the less people that know about it, the better.

TL:DR Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics OR Damned Lies and Statistics

u/SalemBeats · 2 pointsr/mturk

For what it's worth, the purpose of the post is to flesh out ideas and see whether there's an unmet need for a userscript that I might be able to work on in my spare time.

I also wanted to get some practice with Code Complete's suggestion of starting a project with a simple, pure, documented "problem statement" which is entirely devoid of any potential implementations (whether implied or explicit).

But letting people know the purpose, and framing it this way, could distort the answers people are willing to give. I might be able to do something with a script that others might deem impossible, and I don't want their notion of what's possible and what isn't to cloud the answers I get.

u/TatersGonnaTate1 · 1 pointr/mturk

Oh no! If I could suggest a mouse keyboard combo for your laptop. I use this. It's only 30 bucks. Since I got it 6 months ago I think I've only charged the keyboard once, and the mouse... well I charge it when I feel a "lag" maybe once a month - if that. I felt like my laptop keyboard was too low. So I disconnected my keyboard ribbon and I sit the wireless keyboard on my laptop keyboard. Now it's perfect height! I haven't had any problems, so I'd consider it a solid choice. One time I thought I did have a problem (it wasn't one, I had a blonde moment) I emailed the seller, and they actually got back with me within 48 hours.

For that hit I actually grabbed an old gaming mouse that's just too "touchy" for me since the bonk to the head. I went ham on that sucker because I didn't care if I actually broke it. HAHA

u/The_Fanatical · 1 pointr/mturk

I'm a guy so I think I don't qualify haha...

The one I'm going to get right now: [Pilot Vanishing Point Matte Black] (

Holy grail pen of $700: [Visconti Homo Sapiens Dark Ages] (

The Visconti is made from fucking lava. I don't know about you but that just sounds cool as fuck