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u/schmarschmucks · 5 pointsr/musiccognition

I honestly think that learning some music theory will help. It gives you a deeper understanding of why things sound good when they do, and what things are likely to sound good together. To me, learning theory isn't really learning "someone else's music." Think of music like a language. Learning grammar and syntax won't stop you from making unique and beautiful sentences.
Also, I recommend reading This is Your Brain on Music by Daniel Levintin. Good luck! :)

u/chase_what_matters · 3 pointsr/musiccognition

V.S. Ramachandran's The Tell-Tale Brain goes into detail regarding synesthesia, among other curious neurological topics. See also: Phantoms in the Brain.

Both books are very easy to read and deliver amazing insight into how the brain actually works. Ramachandran addresses synesthesia (along with mirror neurons and empathy, which are fascinating as shit) more in The Tell-Tale Brain.

u/sgoldkin · 1 pointr/musiccognition

Arthur Rubinstein had this ability starting at an early age (5 or 6 years?). You might find his autobiography interesting: or

u/Leockard · 1 pointr/musiccognition

If you have already read his past books, then don't buy the new one. It's mostly a repetition of what he has already said, only with a few new ideas. Admittedly, his ideas about art are interesting but they are not the main subject of the new book and thus, are not that well developed.

For reference, this is the book.