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u/Elliot_Loudermilk · 0 pointsr/newjersey

This has been a respectful back and forth, and I appreciate that. This will be my concluding comment.

> Religion has been the single greatest force limiting advancement in human history

This is the claim of the likes of Sam Harris. And this was the point that Nassim Taleb tried to make to him, although quite clumsily- religious thought has greatly contributed to building the Western world. For example, much of science has it's foundations in the presumptions produced by a religious worldview. Religion provides answers to existential questions that need to addressed before any scientific inquiry can be made. For example, one must have the presumption that the world is intelligible and comprehensible before engaging in scientific inquiry. If you don't start with that presumption, you cannot do science.

If you're interested in learning more about the philosophical presumptions that form the basis for scientific inquiry, check out The Structure of Scientific Revolutions by Thomas Kuhn


u/lightaqua · 2 pointsr/newjersey

Happy to help, these carbon filters are the ones I'm referencing. I think they could fit in a water bottle. The one you can buy is called a smoke buddy. The desktop filter that I have is this one Pricey but worth it, removes smoke very fast. Plus it feels like a nice fan for the room when it's on.

u/isionous · 1 pointr/newjersey

You can get a $47 G1W dash cam, which is a great camera for the price. It automatically deletes the oldest videos to make room for the newest ones. It's a great bargain and a zero-hassle piece of equipment.

You might also find my other, longer comment about dash cams to be of interest.

u/darthrevan · 3 pointsr/newjersey

They both seem like they would represent NJ pretty well...but I'm going to have to side with Booker because I think he could make larger impact in the Senate. Pulling people together on big votes depends a lot on raw charisma, and I can see Booker being able to make things happen. Holt seems like a nice guy and all, but I'm not sure if he'd have that same magnetism. And personal magnetism counts for a lot (read Master of the Senate for a powerful example).

u/Plutarch_Rime · 1 pointr/newjersey

The ultimate bathroom book is the New Hacker's Dictionary, based on the famous jargon file. It is a list of old computing slang and terminology up to, mostly, the 1980s.

Where known, the origin of the term is listed (this is edited by Eric Raymond), and you'll see a lot of schools you expect - MIT, Stanford (SAIL), etc.

You'll also see Rutgers pop up a surprising amount of times.

I used to study over on Busch in a basement in...I forget the building. This was the early 90s when they still had PLATO terminals set up and working. The whole building seemed to hum with technology.

I wasn't majoring in anything technical but even then Rutgers had a surprisingly high-tech groove. There are Usenet posts out there that I made in 1993 from the Livingston library. Thanks to Rutgers, I got on the Internet via shell (for free) in 1991. Maybe a lot of Universities offered those accounts universally to students but I remember actually staying up all night to get into the library when it opened in the morning, just to screw around on FTP sites.

u/canom · 1 pointr/newjersey

Pretty much every place in Monmouth and Ocean County can be traced back to Shrewsbury Township.

This is the book I read in college if you want to learn more about the history of our fair state. There is an entire chapter on Shrewsbury.

u/[deleted] · 13 pointsr/newjersey

The road system largely predates "Boroughitis", as New Jersey has been continuously settled for over 400 years. Had municipal density not exploded, however, property taxes would certainly be lower thanks to a lack of service duplication.

Had Newark and Elizabeth consolidated instead of competing in the post-Revolution days, they very possibly could have become the metropolitan center of the region instead of NYC. Perth Amboy could have been a major port city as well.

I recommend picking up New jersey's Multiple Municipal Madness by Alan Karcher, as it covers exactly what you're asking about.

u/ascagnel____ · 2 pointsr/newjersey

If you've got a larger car, a telescoping scraper is great. If you've got a smaller car, though, a circular snow scraper can work wonders, quickly.

u/amabarackobama · 1 pointr/newjersey

I've had a G1W for about a year. The video is great quality and the cam doesn't obscure my view. It can be taken down in seconds if need be.

u/LordOfDis · 2 pointsr/newjersey

John McPhee's "The Pine Barrens" is history+culture+geology and it's fascinating. (It was written in the 1960s tho)

u/zapfastnet · 1 pointr/newjersey

yeah we lived way down at the bottom of the Prospect street hill, in what was called the "Highlands Community Assosiation" a.k.a. the H.C.A.. The Saddle River Valley was our playground. the old Villa fields for sleigh riding are now the site of several McMansions. My old Buddy Mike Brunkhorst published a book of Old Waldwick Pictures...Older than my time in Waldwick: He's still in town i think.

u/Hetzer · 3 pointsr/newjersey

New York City was Tory central, and some of that bled into NJ (and New Brunswick was a major British garrison city).

From David Hackett Fischer's Washington's Crossing it seems that most of NJ did want to just be left alone (switching sides with whoever was winning at the time) but there were fierce partisans on both sides.

I'd highly recommend Fischer's book, and also recommend Tories by Thomas Allen on the subject. Tories is not as good though, possibly due to covering a broader subject.

The civil war in NJ wasn't as cruel as it was down South though.

u/uieLouAy · 2 pointsr/newjersey

If you’ve ever wondered why NJ has so many municipalities, Multiple Municipal Madness is a good read.

u/figec · 0 pointsr/newjersey

I don't know much about the plans, but I do know this: I enrolled in TIAA/CREF back when I worked for a few years at a public university decades ago. I can't roll it over into an IRA without risk. If I did roll it over, NJ would consider me permanently retired and ineligible for any full-time state or municipal jobs.

It is not that I plan to ever work for the state again, but, hey, you never know.

So now I'm sorta stuck with the TIAA/CREF plans until I retire, which is just more paperwork (and less investment options) with which I have to deal. I've mostly consolidated all of my other ex-employer plans into a single IRA.

For some investment advice: read A Random Walk Down Wall Street, 10th edition. I have an MBA in Finance and highly endorse this book for all investors. WIth the options you have from your employer, I'd bet you'd be able to apply what you learn from the book to your portfolio.

u/Catspaw129 · 7 pointsr/newjersey

The video touched on the fact that there are more school districts than municipalities in NJ.

The last time I checked, there were almost 700 school districts. My town alone is covered by three school districts.

And then there are the "non-operating" school districts: towns that have no schools, but have a school district (think of Teterboro or Victory Gardens).

An excellent introduction as to how we got here is "New Jersey's Multiple Municipal Madness" by Alan Karcher

Or check it out from you local library.

u/joedonut · 2 pointsr/newjersey

Use of SWAT for situations that don't require it, and are a mere excuse to keep the 'team'? Balko wrote a book about exactly that.

u/geeyore · 1 pointr/newjersey

It's Mass. There's even a book about it (does any other state/city have a book?).

My intro to Boston driving was in a buckets rainstorm on Mass Pike - driving cautiously in right lane - and a guy passes me at 70+ MPH on the shoulder (aka "breakdown lane").

u/nsjersey · 2 pointsr/newjersey

You guys should read this Radley Balko book from 2013.

u/Ulstra · 2 pointsr/newjersey

I was at the Vernon library in sussex county a few months ago and they had the same thing, a bunch of older childrens books. Managed to find

u/machagogo · 6 pointsr/newjersey

if you want to be simultaneously amazed, and extraordinarily pissed at a government read The Soprano State.
I actually couldn't finish it because as Jersey resident I was beyond pissed.