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u/mavajo · 1 pointr/news


Seriously. You'll save boatloads of money and you'll give yourself the best shave of your life. The initial start-up is a bit of an investment (~$50), but after that you'll only pay about $20-30 per year.

Buy a safety razor. This is a perfectly good one for $20 on Amazon. They can last your lifetime.

Next, buy these 100-count razor blades for $10 on Amazon. You can get 3-6 excellent shaves out of a blade before needing to change it. If you're not picky about a super close shave, you can get 10+. That's 300-600 excellent shaves for $10. Or 1,000+ okay shaves for $10.

Now of course, if you go the safety razor route, you'll also want to buy a brush and shaving soap. First the brush. Brushes come with either boar hair or badger hair. Badger hair is superior quality, but's naturally more expensive. Boar hair is perfectly sufficient, it's just not quite as smooth or durable. If your want to try this whole straight razor thing out for a while first before investing any more money than necessary, go with a boar hair brush. You can find them pretty easily at Wal-Mart and Target these days for $5-10, but here's one on Amazon for $11. You may be able to find one for cheaper -- I only spent a few seconds searching.

Next we have the soap. Personally, I'm a big fan of Proraso Shaving Soap for $10 on Amazon -- it comes with its own bowl, so no need to buy one. Naturally it depends on how often you shave, but these last quite a while. I shave 2-3 times per week and I probably go through maybe three a year. There are of course many options - you can also consider buying the solid soap bars that go in a little bowl. I feel like these last even longer. I think I once bought a 3-pack for $15. It lasted me almost 2 years.

Alternatively, many vendors and stores sell combo packs that will include all or most of these components. I know I've seen them at Target and Wal-Mart. I can't attest to the quality, but I'm sure they're perfectly acceptable for a newbie that wants to try it out and see if he likes it. If you decide any of the individual components aren't meeting your standards, you can easily buy an upgrade on Amazon.

Switch to a safety razor. I implore you. It's the best and closest shave you'll ever give yourself - and it costs a fraction of what the stupid Gillette, etc., razors cost.

u/RedditConscious · 1 pointr/news

I really think you should read How to Change Your Mind. It dives into the details of how psychedelics help with depression and you'll probably be able to relate to some of it. Turns out most who use it for depression find that it doesn't last long term for them either, but does provide a break usually at least for a few months. To me that seems like a good enough jumping point to be able to reconnect with emotions. Michael does a much better job of analyzing and theorizing the functions and possibilities.

I truly wish you had the ability to use this medicine with an experienced therapist who maybe could've made the experience more enjoyable and rewarding.

u/ThreeTimesUp · 0 pointsr/news

Hmm, so you're going to suggest these 18-year-old boys had sex with a teacher NOT because of any Quid Pro Quo ("If you don't do this, I'll do that"), but they did so merely because she demanded they do so, but once the graduation ceremony occurred, these same boys would be more inclined say "LOL whut - you're not our teacher anymore!"?

A high school graduation ceremony has much in common with the awards ceremony at the end of the end of a race. In both cases, the race is over - it's a done deal - and I believe that almost any 18-year-old with enough intelligence to graduate from high school is not likely to acquiesce to any demand from a teacher greater than "No running in the halls!".

Graduation is just that - mere ceremony, not the equivalent of signing the closing papers on a house.

Turning 18, on the other hand, carries with it the legal assumption of the ability to form informed consent.

In my humble opinion, laws that release a teacher from legal liability contingent on the performance of a ceremony (High Mass?) are poorly thought out and written. The laws need to have a provision that if both parties are legal adults, then the State needs to prove - not imply - some form of coercion for there to be a legal wrong. Otherwise it's just conviction farming ala Three Felonies a Day.

u/postslongcomments · 4 pointsr/news

It depends on what you're using the data for. Both might seem to measure the same thing, but they don't. I went with a "per capita spending" as it points to consumer spending patterns. Plus, I'd guess that the data is much easier to find than something like "drinks consumed per year." Also, since the OP discusses sales I felt it "relevant" in this context. You're looking at it from a "alcohol consumed" standpoint, my method would look at it from a "money spent on alcohol" standpoint. Both are equally valuable and equally useless - depending on how you use the data. Since I'm a data nerd, I'll share my take on it and try to break it down further.

Let's say you go by per capita consumption (what you're describing). With that data, your goal might be to see how many drinks the average American consumes. That data might be valuable for someone in health services - possibly to suggest physical/mental health concerns regarding alcohol consumption. IE, has the rate of alcoholism increased and in what age group (age, socio-economic). Personally, I think it'd be a far more interesting data-set to look at, as the gap between drinks consumed by casual drinkers and alcoholics would probably be quite large. For instance: low cost, high alcohol content products like Steel Reserve, Wild Rose, and Mad Dog 20/20 - ie your homeless/alcoholic products - and plastic bottle liquor would be more heavily weighted while $200 bottles of wine would be considered only a few drinks. Meaning, $15 of MD 20/20 would be more "per capita consumption" than a $200 bottle of wine. Good data for those in health.

If you go by sales per capita, you're moreso looking at something that is valuable from a capitalist/marketing perspective. Basically, you're trying to answer what percentage of income the average American spends on alcohol. It'd be more valuable for businesses trying to determine pricing strategies. Cheap beers/bum wines/plastic bottle liquors would be less impactful as they're cheap. On the other hand, quality wines, craft beers, and other "luxury" wines would be more telling of your more middle-class purchases. I can see this being valuable for businesses determining which markets to target, legislators trying to add alcohol taxes, or even grocery stores determining whether or not to get their liquor sales license.

That's a perfect example of why I love data and the discussion of "how to lie with statistics".. I don't have enough familiarity with the trends on this topic so I don't want to make any erroneous assumptions, but let's talk hypothetically. Let's assume alcohol sales are on the rise, drinks consumed per capita is stagnant, and drunk driving deaths are falling. As I said, I don't want to make assumptions here, so assume that's all hypothetical. An organization like MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) might site sales increases as "evidence that drinking is a problem and on the rise." Is it actually or is it just using a single metric that contradicts more valuable/specific information? In that scenario, to me it'd reveal that consumers are shifting purchasing habits to middle-priced alcohol and getting less drunk. Once again, I am not promoting a political narrative or accusing them of doing that. I just chose a random acronym people are familiar with.

On the other side of the hypothetical, let's assume alcohol sales are falling, but per capita consumption is significantly rising. Legislators might use sales figures to argue that alcoholism isn't as big of a concern anymore and thus we should cut treatment spending - when in actuality per capita consumption up and the reason sales are down is due to a recession. Once again, great example of lying with statistics.

u/JFRHorton · 1 pointr/news

Also, if you're worried about Potable water, check out local camping supply stores for a LifeStraw (or similar) water filter. I use one while camping instead of lugging ten gallons of water into the woods. It'll clean up the scummiest pond water into clear drinkable stuff.

It doesn't filter out things like oil contamination, though, so fill up your bathtub. They're sold out for obvious reasons, but something like this really helps.

Raid your recycling for containers, too. Fill up all you can while you can.

Best wishes.

u/Dark_Shroud · 13 pointsr/news

I would suggest the latest model 8 downstream channel model. Just so you won't have to upgrade agian for several years to a decade.

Edit 1;

Well I just found an even newer model not listed in my search for some reason.

Here is the full list to make is simple for everyone:

4 channel

8 channel

Here is the latest 16 channel now available good for up to 700 Mbps or a couple hundred if they are capping channels.

Edit 2;

Fixed my links that weren't working and updated to the smile charity option.

If you have a digital phone service through your cable company you'll need this unit. Just make sure your company supports this unit before buying it. Check out the comments, questions, & reviews on the page for more information.

Arris TM822G Touchstone® DOCSIS 3.0 8x4 Ultra-High Speed Telephony Modem:

u/pungkrocker · 1 pointr/news

Nice! I am glad they are not fronting with it. The chicago book was written by a sociologist who spent time with a gang that was deling crack. Very interesting. Glad you don't see it. In his case the whole neighbour hood knew about it and you couldn't really separate their lives from the crack gang.

Edit: This is the book im referring to: Gang Leader for a day

u/dansdata · 10 pointsr/news

OK, look, I must come clean with you:

While I was writing the comment to which you replied, I was sort of psychomagnetically attracted to writing American-style, leaving only that one giveaway "calibre" to hint that I actually am... Australian.

I'm obviously not going to start the Internet's ten-zillionth pointless gun-control argument here, we'd both be better off jamming our thumbs in our eyes... but, for further full-disclosure, I have previously said, while appearing sincere, "Look, you've got to respect their culture. Americans just love shooting each other!" :-)


Down here, normal Australian cops all have pistols.

But if one of our cops shoots someone, and the shot-person dies, then that will be front-page news nationwide. (Probably even if everyone's still alive.)

Meanwhile in the USA, most, but not all, police departments will disclose how many people their officers have shot in the last year.

I can totally see how better firearms are just better tools for police. I mean, the basic Glock-pistol concept is that it's an automatic that handles like a revolver but is even safer and has more ammo, right? OK, no problem. Or, at least, no new problem. Replacing a cop's truncheon with an expandable baton similarly just gives that cop a handier thing to whack people with, not (generally...) a higher inclination to whack them.

But... a semi-auto 5.56?! Just generally sitting around, for whoever's assigned to this car tonight? In case that weapon seems... necessary?

Are we certain that the threat we're giving these guys a "black gun" to fight is more probable that the chance that a flesh-covered robot from the future will will recover one of the AR-15s and use it to extinguish the progenitors of the human race?

Sorry. No actual argument intended.

This just looks like a big quivering pile of mall-ninjas to me. Yes, police have to deal with incredible bullshit (even super-corrupt police probably have to!), and if I were a cop I'd probably fantasise about just mowing all of those fuckin' morons down with a crew-served weapon which besides me is served by Playboy Bunnies. But I'd still have three-fifths of bugger-all chance of ever being better off, actually, because I carried a pistol and AR-whatever, versus carrying a pistol and a juice box.

I think Radley Balko has his shit together regarding this, but I'm not certain.

u/FortuneDays- · 1 pointr/news

As /u/rabidstoat has already recommended, Over the Edge: Death in Grand Canyon is a fascinating read. One of the authors (Michael P. Ghiglieri) also co-wrote its sister book, Off the Wall: Death in Yosemite. Both books manage to not be overly morbid (tales of near-misses are included, so it isn't just one death after another) and actually seemed uplifting to me. I came away with a real sense of respect for the wilderness; if we are aware of the dangers and risks every time we venture out, however seemingly remote, our chances of survival in a "worst case scenario" improves.

There are other books in a similar vein that chronicle all (or most) deaths in specific wilderness areas, such as Not Without Peril: 150 Years Of Misadventure On The Presidential Range Of New Hampshire. These are good too, but often seem to be a collection of first-hand accounts and historical vignettes. Ghiglieri manages to weave all of his information into a larger overarching narrative with a satisfying conclusion. I'm really hoping he does another one of these books!

u/AKAlicious · 2 pointsr/news

There's tons of information out there that can be easily googled, so I contest your statement about hearing sides of the story because the science is not hard to find. The problem, as I see it, is that the general population (which sounds like it includes you, no insult intended) does not have the critical analysis skills that help one to distinguish good sources from bad and where representations of data are manipulative. Those who have been fortunate enough to go to excellent universities have learned this skill, and some people are lucky enough to develop it on their own. So the more you develop your critical analysis skills, the more you'll be able to distinguish good information from bad. (And the more quickly you will be able to see through supposedly scientific articles, and the more quickly you will realize how bad at reporting scientific information the media is). I reiterate my suggestion to begin with "How to Lie With Statistics". It's hilarious, a quick read, and will truly enlighten you - it's a fantastic starting point. Beyond that, there are numerous books that teach critical thinking and writing. The more you develop those skills, the more easily you can assess the information coming your way. It's unfortunate that it's hard to assess information, but science especially is not easy, and people who want to manipulate it to fit their arguments are skilled at making their representations seem accurate. A healthy dose of skepticism is your friend in this respect.

u/zenkat · 1 pointr/news

There's active research starting up. Check out Michael Polan's latest book for deets:

Great stuff, definitely worth a read.

u/velvetreddit · 3 pointsr/news

I recommend Michael Pollan’s book How to Change Your Mind: What the New Science of Psychedelics Teaches Us About Consciousness, Dying, Addiction, Depression, and Transcendence.. He also does the audio book reading himself.

Pollen is a a journalist, activist, and professor at Harvard and UC Berkeley.

In How to Change your Mind, Pollan chronicles the history is psychedelics, what’s happening with its current success in medicine, and its affect on human consciousness.

I really hope Netflix picks this up for another docuseries like his past works such as Cooked and The Botany of Desire.

u/pharmaconaut · 1 pointr/news

then legitimately, just snag a safety razor, 20 dollar steel one, and a 10 dollar 100 blade pack.

bam, you've got shaving supplies for a year.

Get soap later if you care, it's just another way to save money. A thing of soap lasts years. You just lather it up with a brush.

u/DStoo · 1 pointr/news

They probably read this book:

It's a great book but written at a different time. Their kind would probably love the talk of the 'negros'.

u/graps · 7 pointsr/news

Everytime something shitty happens in Kansas(pretty often these days) I recommend this book

It's an excellent run down on politicians and single issue voters were played over and over again making Kansas what it is today. If you want to know why people routinely can be counted on to vote against their own interests it's a good read

u/bellevuefineart · 1 pointr/news

That is the most racist and ignorant comment I've read in a long time "The way we FIX African Americans is by supporting them with contraception and encouraging them to marry". WOW. You can just go bury your head in the sand now. Wow. That took my breath away and left me speechless. No wonder we have the BLM movement.

You should really read this book if you really are reading political science books. It's called "The New Jim Crow". And BTW, the Seattle Police Department is using this book to train their officers. A couple of takeaways from the book are 1) certain demographics do not commit more crimes. Period. That's a fallacy. 2) We have created criminals by labeling them as such 3) We have created an economic and judicial system that creates "criminals".

There are many takeaways from the book, but it's highly recommended reading. Blacks don't need "fixing" as you state. The system we've created needs fixing.

u/JennJayBee · 14 pointsr/news

The son of the man who started Epstein's career is currently the US Attorney General– the guy who heads up the whole department responsible for making sure Epstein was kept imprisoned and safe as he was being investigated. That man is William Barr, who was appointed by Donald Trump– another of Epstein's good friends.

Barr's dad, aside from hiring Epstein, also wrote a book about aliens and sex slavery.

But of course... This could only be those sneaky Clintons!

u/tacoman359 · 2 pointsr/news

There's a major communication issue regarding people and institutions/systems, especially on liberal forums such as reddit.

The system of the police force in this country has a culture. It is not a culture that is on the whole reasonable or helpful for the ordinary citizen. The same problems exist in the legislative system, judicial, executive, and our government in general. The culture in law enforcement exists primarily to maintain the status quo, and make money. They make money by busting people for drugs (this is the top focus of nearly every police department), and they maintain the status quo by inciting fear in the citizens (particularly the lower classes, who have the most incentive to fight for change). At the individual level, I doubt very many cops think they are "inciting fear", but that's why we need to get a lot smarter about the way in which we think about systems. Systems have properties that individuals do not (this is known as emergence

It's not that only bad people go into these jobs, or that these jobs always turn people into bad people. But these two factors play a huge role in defining police culture and political culture in America (and many places around the world, and throughout history).

When we blame the individuals (all this "police are scumbags" talk) for the issues, we get nowhere, because culture goes much deeper than individuals (though many times, police are scumbags, and expressing that emotional response is perfectly valid on some level). The whole way that we look at law enforcement in this country (especially starting with the militarization of the police force in the '80s) is terrifying. People are viewed as subjects who need to be controlled, rather than citizens who are a part of this country and have a say in it's direction forward (this is looking more and more like idealistic bullshit, but we're supposed to be a democracy after all).
Here's one source, but you'll find many others with a quick google search:

Tldr; I rambled, and tried to touch on too many different things without saying any one thing in a concrete manner. But it's not only about these particular officers, and it's not only about police officers in general. It's about police culture, and there are clear trends in the way we are being policed that we should be very concerned about.

u/deus_voltaire · 11 pointsr/news

It's not a study so much as a thesis that analyzes many different studies, but I would highly recommend Steven Pinker's The Better Angels of Our Nature as a jumping off point.

u/ryanknapper · 3 pointsr/news

I switched to a safety-razor and I'm much, much happier with the results.

You want blades?
Personna Double Edge Razor Blades, 100 Count: $12.08 / 12¢ per blade
Astra Platinum Double Edge Safety Razor Blades ,100 Blades: $11.09 / 11¢ per blade
Feather Hi-Stainless Platimum Double Edge Razor Blades 50 Ct: $12.70 / 25¢ per blade
Gillette Fusion Manual Men's Razor Blade Refills 12 Count: $37.99 / $3 per cartridge
Gillette Fusion Proglide Manual Men's Razor Blade Refills 6 Count: $25.58 / $4.75 per cartridge

u/procrastimom · 1 pointr/news

Read “The Better Angels of Our Nature” by Steven Pinker. It’s an amazing book about the history of violence in societies and it’s steady decline. (I really recommend the audio book).

The Better Angels of Our Nature

u/bag-o-tricks · 1 pointr/news

I have this safety razor and these blades. I've had many years of great shaves with these.

u/ThoreauWeighCount · 1 pointr/news

I find books like Steven Pinker's "Better Angels of our Nature" helpful in remembering this. It enumerates and explains exactly what the poster you're replying to said: that in so many ways, we're making the world a better, less deadly place.

u/Boshasaurus_Rex · 4 pointsr/news

I love me some Radley Balko. I highly recommend his book.

u/5kyl3r · 1 pointr/news

link to the item (didn't show up in search results for some reason, but this link goes straight to the surge). it's still in stock as of now, but it's already sold clean out at least once since they added it to amazon

u/NRA_IS_TERRORISM · 3 pointsr/news

Oh yeah. Our wonderful AG probably has a direct hand in suppressing this too. Especially since his Dad, Donald Barr (who also wrote an interstellar slave sex ring space opera called Space Relations) recruited him. People think I'm wearing a tin foil hat when I explain this. It's a conspiracy out in the open. Killing Epstein was an olive branch to all of the elites, left, right, royalty, and international intelligence agencies.

u/SmuckersMarionBerry · 11 pointsr/news

>[Citation needed.] That sounds like a huge generalization, across a country with hundreds, if not thousands of diverse departments.

>Honor for whom? De Blasio, with his anti-police rhetoric and white guilt appeasement, has thrown police under the bus and blames them for actions outside of polices' control.

Honor for the the democratically elected civilian official who oversees them. I don't give a fuck what you think of Obama, but a soldier should not turn his back on the President of the United States. We're a republic, not a junta.

u/MrDERPMcDERP · 16 pointsr/news

This book describes what you are taking about very well.

Fascinating stuff.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/news

> I wouldn't say no unless there was something I was trying to hide.

And that's such a messed up way to view privacy. We have laws, the police are not above the law. If you submit to a warrant-less search you're doing yourself and the legal system a disservice.

> Sometimes being friendly and cooperating actually makes less of a problem than being a smug hardass over nothing.

It has nothing to do with being a smug hardass. You are protected by the constitution from warrantless searches. That is not something given to you by the constitution, that is a innate right you have that the government cannot infringe. The fact that you or I have nothing to hide even further strengthens why you shouldn't give in to a search like that.

And you know, if you have a family there could be something that your wife or your kid is doing that is illegal that you don't know about. It's just something to think about.

I suggest you check this book out from your library if they have it and give it a read.

u/YawnsMcGee · 1 pointr/news

There is an incredibly good book that answers that question and gives a full background on the reasoning. It's called Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America's Police Forces. I highly recommend it.

u/ParamoreFanClub · -8 pointsr/news

You must not have studied the history of our country very much because if you have you would clearly see what im talking about. I suggest you study up on police history through out the 1900s especially during the civil rights movement. Just because slaverly and segregation ended that doesn't mean racism has. If you really want to look into it and get a perspective from the other side I suggest this book.

With all this that doesn't mean i don't think the black community has part of the blame on their shoulders. what you might not realize is that many prominent figures in these communities are trying to stop the violent behavior and the gang problems they have. But none of that matters if the police and government don't work with and listen to the community leaders. They need help fixing themselves from within and they have admitted that now we have to do our part to help too. You need to put in the time to study and think about why these problems exist in our society if you want to leave the world a better place for you kids and grand kids than when you lived in it.

u/pookachu123 · 6 pointsr/news

Epstein has deep ties to Israel and the intelligence agencies. He also founded a company with Ehud Barak(former prime minister of Israel) called Carbyne that may be used by China for surveillance against the Uigurs. The more and more you read about this, the more apparent it is that the CIA/Mossad are involved and probably have a vested interest to keep this stuff under wraps. That is why they don't want to get this out.

u/PhotonicDoctor · 1 pointr/news

Call csr and tell them modem mac address and nothing else. Make sure to have modem that is without custom firmware as those are reserved for a different plan like 50mbit connection. Amazon has motorola modem black and asus black router I suggest you buy it now its like 65USD on sale and install custom firmware called Merlin just google it and install correct router model and you are set.

u/guy_guyerson · 3 pointsr/news

Three Felonies A Day is a pretty dry read, but relevant to the topic at hand.

u/WaterIce215 · 3 pointsr/news

Great book on the subject of militarized police called Rise of the Warrior Cop by Ridley Balko, who did an AMA on the subject.

u/ArstanNeckbeard · 3405 pointsr/news

You mean Bill Barr, the guy whose father, Donald Barr, was the headmaster of a school that later hired the incredibly unqualified Jeffrey Epstein to be a math teacher? The same Bill Barr whose father, Donald Barr, wrote a novel about an alien sex-trafficking ring whose protagonist falls in love with their captor? The same Bill Barr that joined lawfirm Kirkland & Ellis just months after they represented Jeffrey Epstein in a case? The same Kirkland & Ellis Law Firm that also employed Alexander Acosta, the US Attorney that accepted Jeffrey Epstein's ridiculous plea deal?

u/drowawayzee · 8 pointsr/news

Epstein has deep ties to Israel and rich Jewish Business men. Here is a list of shady and weird shit that has been released the past couple of days that relates to the CIA and Mossad. The more and more you read about this, the more apparent it is that the CIA/Mossad are involved and probably have a vested interest to keep this stuff under wraps.

u/Nr_11 · 1 pointr/news

Motorola? Cisco? Netgear?

Top pic on Amazon is a Motorola modem for $67.12.

u/JustSumGui · 2 pointsr/news

If you want a really full backstory on the history of psychedelics in the US and all the clinical trials from the 50's 60's, and back up again starting recently, you want to read "How to Change Your Mind" by Michael Pollen (


I was introduced to this book after listening to this 45 minute episode on Fresh Air podcast where he talks about it. I was fascinated and bought the book that day, but if you just want a bit more backstory than an article, I'd give it a listen.

u/zackwag · 0 pointsr/news

Compared to buying Dorco blades (that DSC essentially just resells themselves) or doing safety razor blades.

Safety razors have a higher upfront cost, but a low maintenance fee.

I currently use this razor -

It's a bit pricey, but looks and works well.

For $10, I can get 100 blades. These blades, admittedly are mid-range and not incredible. However, I no longer have to "baby" my razor blades. Roughly every week, I just recycle my blade (it's stainless steel) and pop the next one in. That means for $10, I can shave for 2 years.

As for cream - I bought this last fall:

and am almost halfway through.

u/Jimcant · 1 pointr/news

If you would seriously like to learn something of the mindset and daily life of a Chicago gang member I would recommend the book, Gang Leader for a Day.

It is basically a sociologist who spends time with a black gang on the south side of Chicago and details the environment and mindset.

u/thatguygreg · 51 pointsr/news

> single mother

> caring for disabled parents

> Trump voter

Can we update What's the Matter with Kansas for the new level of cognitive BS these people put themselves through?

u/CivilatWork · 3 pointsr/news

The Motorola SB modems are great! I can confirm they work for both Comcast and TWC. (Parents have comcast and a 6121, I have TWC and have used a 6141 and 6183). Here are a few links to them:



For routers I use an Asus RT68CU, but I have a lot going on in my apartment. You could get away using any name brand, cheaper one really.

u/lolzfeminism · 7 pointsr/news

I highly disagree, if anything the last 10-20k years of human history has shown our capacity to be extraordinarily kind to each other.

Here is Steven Pinker's "The Better Angels of our Nature" lecture on this subject. If you don't want to watch hour long lecture, here is a 20 minute segment by him on the same subject.

I highly recommend the book itself though.

u/HappierShibe · -1 pointsr/news

You aren't looking at the big picture, and you are limiting your scope to individual military conflicts. Getting into the math is beyond the scope of a reddit post, but there a good 'for general audiences' analysis of this by Steven Pinker.

u/burntcandy · 3 pointsr/news

jeez why dont the iranians just get it from amazon just like everyone else?

u/bpgt64 · 1 pointr/news

Tell them to shove it up there arse.

Buy a new modem every 7 weeks! Works on Business class(without static IPs) as well!

u/EldarCorsair · 3 pointsr/news

> My dad did search and rescue at the Grand Canyon.
> Lots of corpse retrieval.

I can only imagine. Over the Edge should be required reading before entering GC.

u/Two_Coins · 143 pointsr/news

This is why I purchase my own modem, one without wifi capability.

For anyone wishing to do the same here is the modem I use, and is compatible with most standards.

70 dollars may seem like a lot, but if you're renting a modem from your provider for 7 dollars it begins to pay for it self in under a year.

But then you'll have to go through the incredibly painful experience of returning the modem, them saying you never returned it even though you did, and them charging you the cost of the device. I'd recommend sending in your modem via certified mail and then keep the receipt for when they demand you pay because they never got it.

EDIT: Changed URL to latest model, thanks goes to /u/Dark_Shroud. Old link is preserved for those who want a cheaper model that will still work with their connection.

u/GrayghOst123 · 3 pointsr/news

There is a book I am currently reading that is pertinent to the subject of police policy overreach. It is called Rise of the Warrior Cop I would recommend it to anyone wondering how SWAT started as a purely anti-terrorist force to becoming used for just about everything today.

u/mdrnkix · 2 pointsr/news

Since all people seem to be giving are Wikipedia articles and YouTube videos, why don't I suggest a well-written, dense, informative book on the subject.

u/Tom_Bombadilesq · 1 pointr/news

I was offering the link simply as a means to link to the text itself; and not as an endorsement of the reviews on GoodReads (which I know nothing of their authenticity)

I prefer to read books myself rather than leave it to someone else to decide for me if I ought to read a book or what opinion I ought to have on a particular book

If you prefer I different link to the text that you may find more palatable (or not)

u/veringer · 4 pointsr/news

I am late to the party and the OP here seems to have deleted his comment, but could someone link to the Harvard study and maybe post a screenshot of the deleted message (or is that a faux pas)?

FWIW, a couple months ago in a debate about race and violence I put together a few graphs based on what people have posited as factors behind gun violence (whole thread here). What shook out of that (admittedly weak/shallow) analysis was that gun violence by state fit really well with % African American by state. In the context of this thread, it seems like that's already a foregone conclusion, but it was a little surprising to me how tightly the data correlated. Hence, I'd like to read through this Harvard study since they likely would have done a much better job analyzing the data than I ever could.

Also, someone suggested an interesting hypothesis about gangs but the conversation sort of petered out. This inspired me to read The New Jim Crow and develop a better understanding about the complexity of these issues. I don't know if this is helpful to anyone else, but I figured I'd post a run down of things that have recently influenced my thinking about these issues.

u/c0reyann · 1 pointr/news

There's a really awesome book about deaths in the Grand Canyon.

While many of the stories are about tragedies that aren't of the persons own doing, so so so many are just from people being freaking stupid. Highly recommend.

u/BananaHand · 11 pointsr/news

formerteenager is right, pick up a case at amazon!

u/DerGrossemeister · 36 pointsr/news

Amazon page for Surge. In case anyone's feels nostalgic for the 90's

u/havoc3d · 221 pointsr/news

Well it's not like you can purchase your own for much less than that. Oh, wait, yeah you can

u/wijagain · 0 pointsr/news

> Umm not to be obstreperous... but you started the entire conversation with a straw man of the white community.

It's a forum, I don't think commenting is considered unruly. Nice 2 dollar word though.

A straw man is a misrepresentation of an argument or position. Of course, being neither of those things, it would be impossible to set up a straw man of "the white community".

> The most blood thirsty, throw Zimmerman to the wolves people I know are all white. It's as if they wanted to condemn him without even hearing the evidence as some kind of sacrifice to atone for past digressions of white people (despite him not being white).

Okay, that's an interesting observation. Have you considered the selection effect as one possible cause?

As for the past digressions (surely you meant transgressions, but I digress) of white people, maybe we should ask what this case says about the justice system's current transgression against people of color, particularly young black men. Lots of good info out there, including Bryan Stevenson's Ted Talk and Michelle Alexander's book The New Jim Crow.

Edit: bad night for my articles.

Edit 2: Another great watch related to this is Fruitvale Station, which just came out this weekend. That makes me really, really sad.

u/AtomicFlx · 2 pointsr/news

> Just fill your bath tub before the storm.

If anyone is thinking about this for future use, there is a plastic tank/bag you can put into the tub to fill to keep the water a little cleaner.

u/bkenobi · 1 pointr/news

if you want to know more history on the subject, read "Rise of the Warrior Cop: The Militarization of America's Police Forces" it talks about all this stuff

u/MirtaGev · 1 pointr/news

If this is a recurring thing, you may want to invest in a WaterBOB

u/ABadPhotoshop · 1 pointr/news

Can someone make a list of good cable modems (with and without wifi) that will work with comcast. So far I see this one, but it doesn't have wifi like my comcast modem does right now.

u/X-7-S · 1 pointr/news

>Here is a list of shady and weird shit that has been released the past couple of days that relates to the CIA and Mossad but for some reason reddit won't allow. The more and more you read about this, the more apparent it is that the CIA/Mossad are involved and probably have a vested interest to keep this stuff under wraps.
>Epstein's accomplice, Ghislaine Maxwell was found reading a book about covert CIA operations and the secret history of the CIA at In N Out. As if she was trying to send a message: Maxwell was allegedly living in Boston with her boyfriend but he denies that: Maxwell's father was Robert Maxwell. Robert Maxwell was a rich media mogul who almost everyone suspected was a double agent for Mossad: had a fake Saudi passport: of Epstein's clients was the Saudi Arabian businessman Adnan Khashoggi, who was the middleman in transferring American weapons from Israel to Iran, as part of the Iran–Contra affair in the 1980s. is close friends with Ehud Barak, the former prime minister of Israel. and Ehud Barak both funded and bankrolled Carbyne, a Public Safety Technology company that has developed a call handling ecosystem, which delivers advanced IP-enabled communication features and caller solutions.. They essentially are a 911 service looking to replace the current 911 service. has partnered with Google to work as a 911 service in Mexico. will leave it up to you to see how potentially invasive the Carbyne app can be if you had it: apparently got a free 77M$ house from Les Wexner and he was close to Les Wexner as Wexner gave him Power of Attorney and control of his funds. Wexner is the owner of Victoria's Secret and Uber rich. founded and is part of "the Mega Group" which is a group of America and Canada's wealthiest Jewish Business men. The other founders are Edgar Bronfman and Michael Steinhardt. was president of the World Jewish Congress - the most powerful diplomatic and lobbying group in the world regarding Israel and probably by extent Mossad. They have a lot of tangential relations to Mossad.Edgar Bronfman was associated with the sex trafficking cult NXIVM. He later disavowed them but his daughters were deep in it. His daughter was recently arrested along with other NXIVM members for sex trafficking: was found that Epstein had a portrait of Bill Clinton dressed in drag wearing Hillary's blue dress: Barr is in charge of this investigation. William Barr's dad hired Epstein. Barr also worked for Epstein's previous legal company. He has a clear conflict of interest.Donald Barr, William Barr's dad wrote a book on sex slavery in 1975 immediately after hiring Epstein the previous year. Barr was forced to resign in 1974 and no one really knows why. haven't even gone into the Roy Cohn and Craig Spence connection, because to be quite sure I'm not even sure I believe it. All I can say is that Craig Spence in the 1980s seemed to be doing a very similar thing as to what Epstein was doing, but he was doing it with call boys in the White House. He committed suicide shortly after being outed. One of his famous last words were: "All this stuff you've uncovered (involving call boys, bribery and the White House tours), to be honest with you, is insignificant compared to other things I've done. But I'm not going to tell you those things, and somehow the world will carry on"

Why wont reddit allow this ?

u/Cletusvandayam · -2 pointsr/news

If they can't be trusted with Anthrax and bird flu what makes you think we should give them a crack at Ebola? In the book Hot Zone It was said if you walk into a washroom and smell a strong odor of urine you have just inhaled enough molecules of moisture to contract a disease from the previous occupant.

u/ravdav · 2 pointsr/news

Someone was just saying that TWC actually restricts their channel speeds making it impossible to do without better modems. But here are three different levels.

4 channel

8 channel

And there is a 16 channel now available good for up to 700 Mbps or a couple hundred if they are capping channels.

Edit, some white space in there.

u/Phrenzy · 6 pointsr/news

Or read the book they were talking about: Gang Leader for a Day.

u/1Operator · 1 pointr/news

> effieokay: "Can anyone explain why the economic stats are so good and so bad at the same time?"

"How to Lie with Statistics"

u/AllSpunOut · 1 pointr/news

u/maglen69 · 67 pointsr/news

A book written on just that subject

That and even though our govenor is a complete shitbag, he managed to get reelected just by having an R by his name.

u/l0rdishtar · 2 pointsr/news

Not at all, I have one of these sitting on a bookshelf somewhere in here.

u/jamestporter · 4 pointsr/news

100 blades for $15: I haven't bought blades in a couple of years, still have over 50.

u/TheJBW · 1 pointr/news

I have this one:

Which is the same one that people are talking about elsewhere in this thread. I think there may be a newer version, the SB6141, but again it's mentioned by others in this thread.

u/Noxiide · 1 pointr/news


They seem to have sold out again, but they'll probably open it up again in a bit or tomorrow or something.

u/gotham77 · 2 pointsr/news

It was a joke. It already exists.

Unless you were going along with the joke, in which case my bad.

u/redditer43 · 28 pointsr/news

> I'm not particularly worried that the government would access my phone or spy on me. I also don't have anything untoward or illegal on my phone even if they did

No, you just don't think you do: Three Felonies a Day

The nature of federal laws is that they are so broad, they can always find something to pin on you, even if it has nothing to do with what they were originally after you for. This is especially concerning for the freedom of speech. This is not a new phenomenon.

> "Show me 6 sentences from an honest man and I will give you a reason to hang him" - Cardinal Richelieu

u/Kensin · -11 pointsr/news

I don't, attorney Harvey A. Silverglate does though, and I'd bet he knows better than I do. I'd put money down on you having broken laws today. If you ever got behind the wheel, probably ones you knew you were breaking too.

u/burnsalot603 · 3 pointsr/news

While suspicious dont over look AG Barr.

Just want to make sure people understand that the guy that runs the Manhattan Correctional Center where Jeffrey Epstein died is... Attorney General William Barr, and that he expressed support of extra-judicial killings a couple days ago.

Also, his father, Donald Barr, hired Jeffrey Epstein as a tutor even though he had zero qualifications to teach:

The best part? Donald Barr wrote a sci-fi book about sex slavery by the rich:

As soon as I can find the post I copy/pasted it from I will give credit to OP. There are a ton of these posts and I couldn't cooy/paste username

u/AFTRUNKMONKEY · 3 pointsr/news

This is true. Although it applies to all aspects of life in the US.

Three Felonies a day discusses this.

u/Alyscupcakes · 1 pointr/news

I've got one for you.

Attorney General, Bill Barr's father, George Barr, wrote a book called "Space Relations" where rich aliens buy sex slaves

George Barr also hired the collage dropout, to be a math teacher at a prestigious private school... That college drop out was Jeffrey Epstein

Now these are just the facts. Ask yourself, what is the conspiracy theories you could develop just from these facts?

u/OwlEyes312 · 1 pointr/news

You can already purchase Uranium Ore,

I see no reason why you wouldn't plutonium either... but you'd have to explain how this is FOR PERSONAL USE?

u/10ebbor10 · 16 pointsr/news

>Uranium that was given was most likely used to add to Russia's nuclear weapons arsenal.

You do realize that what was sold where Uranium mining rights, right? It's not weaponsgrade, it's not even torn out of the ground yet. In addition, uranium ore is not scarce, you can buy it on the open market.

Hell, you can buy it on Amazon

Russia gained nothing out of this for their weapon programs.

u/mild_resolve · 2 pointsr/news

Having a link to statistics doesn't make the point valid. Try applying critical thinking to it and it doesn't really hold up.

u/BurningShell · 2 pointsr/news

Yeah, I think I read that one. About 180 degrees from our situation here, at least my building/neighborhood. At least as far as I know - I just might be a blind idiot, but I don't think I could be quite that myopic.

u/tittering_chum · 3 pointsr/news

It's not like the head of the DOJ's father got Jeffrey Epstein a job as a high school teacher at the most expensive and exclusive high school in New York City despite not having a high school degree nor any prior teaching experience. It's also not as if the head of the DOJ's father wrote scifi stories about having sex with kids.

Oh wait, sadly all of that has happened:

Jeffrey Epstein Taught at Dalton. His Behavior Was Noticed.

Space Relations

u/knotquiteawake · 1 pointr/news

Maybe too late unless some camping store or Walmart sells it but if you're going to continue to live in a potential disaster zone buy one of these:

Or order it from Amazon and do next day delivery if possible.
This will get you the ability to instantly store 100gallons of drinking water.

u/BunsTown · 9 pointsr/news

Welcome to the mind of a Trump voter. Where Putin and Duterte are heroes.

>Trump is simply the logical response to the Democratic Party going too far left on the political spectrum and ignoring the needs of the working class.

Trump makes all of his products in other countries. No way in hell that guy gives a shit about the middle class. He's just courting the undereducated people who will vote against their own interests. It's a GOP trade secret. Sorry dude. You are getting played again. A billionaire from new york city has no interest in helping your shitty cities. Every city that guy goes to, he dumps on.

I would recommend a book called "Whats the matter with Kansas".

u/oldguy_on_the_wire · 1 pointr/news

Read Three Felonies a Day and get back to us about 'worthless humans'.

Whether you believe it or not, our legal code is so complex that it is childishly easy to charge you with a felony. In Virginia that stays on your record, even though you are not convicted, until you get it expunged by the Governor.

Yes, some people are fakakta, but the system is totally fuxored.

u/insecuritytheater · 6 pointsr/news

Radley Balko's book Rise of the Warrior Cop briefly touches on how rarely judges turn down search warrants. Rather depressing. Don't have a citation for which pages, sorry.

u/Taniwha_NZ · 1731 pointsr/news

His old man also wrote a book about a planet where kids were sex slaves. I shit you not:

Kind of seems like Don Barr and Epstein had more than a few interests in common.

u/branzalia · 2 pointsr/news

Technically speaking, you're a criminal too. Whether you've been convicted or not, you've committed crimes, so you're a criminal.

The system is designed for this. Border crossing is not a felony and we don't take children away from people convicted of misdemeanors. Even felons almost always keep their kids.

u/Ftpini · 1 pointr/news

The price is all kinds of wrong. $14.99 for a 12 pack of a soda I last bought just 7 years ago. It just hasn't been long enough. This isn't exactly Brawndo: The Thirst Mutilator here, I'll pass.

u/The_Roz · 2 pointsr/news

There's a book I strongly suggest you read: On Killing

The fire rate (actually engaging the enemy) went from 10% in WW2 to over 90% in Vietnam.

u/RataTataSqueek · 3 pointsr/news

In some of the earlier outbreaks of Ebola, it was shown that the virus spread partly due to inadequate sterilization. In some instances needles were shared during vaccinations amidst many patients due to a lack of supplies.


If you are interested in learning more regarding the Ebola virus in the past (history, development, outbreaks, the science behind it) then I recommend reading The Hot Zone. It was an informative and interesting book that I encountered a few years prior during my yearly CE courses/activities. It will detail the poor sterilization and equipment management available for those particular outbreaks. As for now, I do not know for certain that their methods are more or less sterile, but Africa (unfortunately) does not have the medical infrastructure nor funding that Western countries are privy to at this time thus we may reasonably infer that poor sanitation practices may be reoccurring presently.

Edit: grammar, apologies.

u/hypnosquid · 204 pointsr/news

Oh you wanna go deeper!?

William Barr's father, Donald Barr, wrote a sci-fi novel about sex slavery in space while Epstein was working for him (teaching 7th graders.)

Space Relations: A slightly gothic interplanetary tale - By Donald Barr

u/TeardropsFromHell · 7 pointsr/news

When you make enough laws everyone is guilty of something. Once you commit a crime they can do what they want to you.

u/squidkiosk · 2 pointsr/news

I recently started reading Radley Balko's "Rise of the warrior cop". If you haven't read it yet I really suggest it:

It's a really in-depth look at how our Police forces became so Militarized over the last few decades.
I think head shots at protestors is a garbage move on their part, even if it is their training. that just bullying mentality paired with firepower.

u/TheCastro · 1 pointr/news

White people vote for shit that goes against their interests all of the time, a book was written about it. What's the matter with Kansas talks about how conservatives won Kansas, but most of their policies hurt the people in the state.

u/Three_Letter_Agency · 5 pointsr/news

Everyone should look into CIA complicity in the worlwide drug trade...

I recommend this book but am not sure what internet sources to point to for accurate information...

Did you know that 92% of the worlds heroin comes from Afghanistan?

u/uqubar · 1 pointr/news

So who has all the probable blackmail evidence from Epstein's safe now?

Bill Barr's Father Donald hiring Epstein to teach at Dalton is odd in retrospect. Also Donald Barr's scifi book about space slavery is also creepy AF. Space relations: A slightly gothic interplanetary tale

u/LoveOfProfit · 3 pointsr/news

Yep, same here. I use these:

I paid $10 per 100, but it was a recommendation from reddit and I like them a lot.

I'm apparently a stingy fuck because I've barely dented my supply.

u/Afferent_Input · 7 pointsr/news

> Epstein (when he was 20) worked for Donald Barr

Don't forget, Donald Barr wrote a SiFi book called Space Relations, which is about a future where oligarchs rule and sexualize minors and rape sex slaves.

u/tehsquishmeister · 15 pointsr/news

It's beyond crazy, so many of these people are so fucked up.

Down the rabbit hole of why Epstein was hired in the 1st place. Now Barr's son is our current AG under Trump.

But nothing to see here, all of this is normal 😢

u/Walrus_Infestation · 1 pointr/news

After renting a modem from comcast for 2 years, I realized I paid about $160 for a shitty $50 dollar. I went out about bought a Surfboard SB6121.

Quit throwing money away at Comcast. Also, make sure you CALL the main customer service center and let them know you returned it. Even After I returned my equipment, I was still billed. They are sneaky little shits.

u/ashez2ashes · 2 pointsr/news

That quote of "3 felonies a day" is from a book with a misleading title where examples are never even given of these "common felonies". The book is about high profile politicians.

u/vector86 · 1 pointr/news

I took a look and a great deal of context is missing from the image. In hindsight, it's obvious that the lower part of the image is only there to bolster the credibility of the upper part. Further, the above conclusion is not supported by the data or the report. Pew research does not assert any conclusions based on the data collected.
The image you posted earlier amounts to lying with statistics, it's accurate based on the sample but meaningless with context, this is probably why the report authors did not attempt to draw any conclusion themselves.

u/pm_me_all_dogs · -1 pointsr/news

Does anyone have the link to 1. An article where witnesses in a lawsuit against epstien directly implicate trump and 2. Links to how AG Barr’s dad was pals with epstien, randomly retired and then wrote fantasy books about sex slavery?

Oh here’s one link

Edit: here’s one of Ag Barr’s dad’s sex novels Space relations: A slightly gothic interplanetary tale

Here’s another

Oh and here’s the suit where trump was named as co-defendant with epstien

u/GoyMeetsWorld · 10 pointsr/news

Three felonies a day: how the feds target the innocent

A book describing how the average American is a lawbreaker, and prison can happen to anyone. How we treat prisoners is your business. Even if you're not in prison, their treatment reflects on us as a society.

u/GayMilitaryBoy · 3 pointsr/news

Seize Google's databases. Sit on them. Find illegal activity in them (everyone is a felon: ) Blackmail your way to totalitarianism.

u/Rowlansm · 1 pointr/news

So dangerous that you can order the same stuff they have on Amazon. Fertilizer plants put more uranium dust into the air than a "dirty bomb" filled with what they have.

u/Surprise_Buttsecks · 2 pointsr/news

> Maybe I'm just getting old and falling victim to 'Back in my day' syndrome.

It's entirely this. Pinker's Better Angels of Our Nature has lots of statistics to back up how crime and violence have declined, but it also has some accounts (first couple chapters) of how casually cruel life was 100+ years ago. And not just casually cruel, but that shit was basically celebrated. Things are much better now.

u/optionallycrazy · 2 pointsr/news

They were escorted by the national guards. That's a little different from the police department. The point of that is that the entire city was against that and the president at that time said you know what, that's not going to happen. That's a bit different now. The police are protected and encouraged by the president.

Since you're talking about googling stuff, I recommend buying the book Warrior Cop at Just get the book and maybe it might change your mind about some of these things.

The problem here isn't race, but the fact that it's becoming a police state. Put racism issues aside and you'll see that the problem isn't race or anything of the sort. It's a problem that's growing and one that is catching on to normal citizens who once thought cops were the ultimate protector of communities.

u/Emelius · 6 pointsr/news

Barrs dad was also Epsteins headmaster. Barrs father also wrote about a future break away civilization separate from Earth that still has slavery and rapes young women.


u/HighburyOnStrand · 3 pointsr/news

You've also likely committed some chargeable fraud felony, securities/banking violation, etc. The point is with a fine enough microscope and the desire to look/charge, one can become a "criminal" guilty of serious felonies (we are talking years in jail potentially) without even trying (or even realizing it)

Suggested reading:

u/gossipninja · 2 pointsr/news

Yeah, part of me thinks felons being banned should only apply to violent crime, especially when you account for the 3 felonies a day theory.

u/wnchlsw · 1 pointr/news

Crime has been down so far this year, but that's due to the weather, not policing. In Chicago shootings are correlated to temperature. It's unfortunate, but immediately after thinking about how nice the weather is, "how many people will get shot tonight?" is in the back of your head.

There are a few programs/organizations that temper the violence. [Cure Violence] ( known as CeaseFire) and Blocks Together both try to intervene to prevent escalation. But this problem is too big for any not for profit or politician's pet project.

The violence in Chicago is one of the many layers (or symptoms) to systematic social inequalities. Chicago politicians have been very good at throttling money going into developing these neighborhoods (the CPS school closings for instance), and draining any money that does go into these neighborhoods. Chicago is a microcosm of the relationship between the IMF and "developing" countries.

Check out these books if interested in learning more -
Great American City by Robert J. Sampson and Gang Leader for a Day by Sudhir Venkatesh

u/MetalSeagull · 1 pointr/news

There are a couple of morbidly fascinating books about just this type of thing. Death in the Grand Canyon, which featured one story of a woman trapped at the bottom where there was a trickle of water, but not enough to allow her to stock up for a trip back out. She'd start off, then be forced to turn back.

The more gruesome of the two was Death in Yellowstone. Lots of people falling into geysers.