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u/wheniristhrows · 4 pointsr/normalnudes

I'm going to recommend an exercise program to you called Strong Curves. It's designed specifically for women and focuses on building lower-body strength (specifically in the butt) to enhance our figures.

It has its own subreddit, /r/strongcurves, and the community there is very helpful. The sidebar has tons of useful information to help you get started. If you want to see some butt transformations, just search the word "progress" in the subreddit search and you'll see people going from butts like yours to really very substantial butts.

The SC book outlines about 5 different plans that range from plans for complete beginners, to plans for people without access to a gym, to plans for people that want to go all out. All the exercises in each plan are described in details with pictures in the book. You can also Youtube each exercise for in depth descriptions of how to do each one correctly.

More about the book: you can buy/pirate/borrow/check out from the library. Here's a link to amazon. I found my first copy on piratebay, but bought a used copy online because it's nice to have a physical book to reference.

I've seen a lot of progress using it and I'm a couple months in. The beginner's plan suggests an hour long session 4 times a week. You can totally skip the warmups at first just to get a feel for everything. With a set of dumbells (I have these), it's extremely approachable and very effective. I think it will give you a lot of confidence.

u/HotConsideration7 · 1 pointr/normalnudes

Hey! Sorry this took some time to get back. I haven't been able to use a regular razer since forever...and on any part of my body because I get what I think is extreme folliculitis EVERYWHERE. Electric razers have been been a godsend. One of my bikini trimmers is new and I wanted to give it a few more tries before I commented.

For ages I used this (and still do) :

I would say it feels pretty safe. I've never nicked myself with this one but the shave isn't as close. I'm not into the completely clean shaven look (for myself!) so I think it works well.

I recently purchased this:

This one definitely gets a closer shave but it took me a second to figure out. Going with the grain is really important. Especially on tricky areas like where the folds of skin are and on the labia major. It will feel like a zap zap if you go against the grain or aren't careful and I've nicked myself so many times. But I can't lie, the shave is closer. I think it's also an overall quieter machine too? Again, I don't feel comfortable shaving certain parts of my labia or any part of my ass crack (lawl). So there's that. And I'm also wanting to try a few different trimmers just to see what works best. Anyways, hope this helps. Xo

u/waltrop9812 · 1 pointr/normalnudes

It hurts me to hear you say something like that. Don't do the starving thing, forget about fad diets. The links below are all you need. I know it seems trite, but I literally read a 500 page book ([Deep Nutrition by Dr. Catherine Shanahan[( and the 2 links below dispense with the fluff and just give you the action items that will get you healthy.

u/MarbleZoo · 3 pointsr/normalnudes

/r/EatCheapAndHealthy is great.

When I wanted to put on weight it was 3-6 eggs, toast and a juice or a protein shake each day for breakfast, turkey sandwich for lunch, fruit and nuts throughout the day, and either two chicken breasts or whatever I felt like for dinner. Didn't plan on it being "health food," but that's more or less how it turned out. Once your main diet shifts to natural foods the shit becomes less appealing.

Bodyweight workouts can do a lot more than you might think, as well. Get a set of gymnastic rings if you can, they make any bodyweight workout dramatically harder and more productive by forcing many more muscles to work in order to maintain balance and form. The set I got served me well for a time, but shop around. Use them for pushups, pull ups, dips, anything. Get creative with them. Invent your own exercises.

u/Temp85670 · 1 pointr/normalnudes

> Would you happen to know the name of the body shaver?

Definitely: this is the one: Philips Norelco BG2040/34 Bodygroom 7100

I was mistaken about the price, though. It's $70 not $50. Sorry :-/

The "top" head cuts super close; the bottom is more like a head hair trimmer. I use the bottom head to keep my pubic hair shorter but not "shaved". That also addresses the (legitimate) concern mentioned by /u/Eeeksters about stubble/friction, so you can go shorter without being "shaved".

I have no financial interested in the product; I just love it. :)

u/shonuph · 2 pointsr/normalnudes

Your body is the very definition of Zaftig

Looking at you, I think the only thing I would change if this were my body, was the love handles in the rear, which would give you a bit more waist definition, and make your butt look rounder.

Edit: BTW your boobs are perfect!!!

u/HustlerPornabc · 1 pointr/normalnudes

yea man, I dont have the body of a god by any means, and I dont go to the gym. But I do have a weight bench, a curl bar, some dumbells, and I bought one of those door frame pull up bars off amazon. I go HAM with those whenever I can. Also, I try to eat healthy. One thing I do is take frozen fruit from the grocery store, put it in a blender with a banana, milk, and some protein isolate. Also, do planks and other ab workouts. Seriously a guy with your build you'll start seeing a little more ab definition in a few weeks and when you start seeing that it's really exciting!
EDIT - this is the one I bought, I love the damn thing

u/notoneofyourfans · 1 pointr/normalnudes

What should you do? If you want to truly understand that there are people who find your body desirable, buy one of those full Mexican wrestler masks (if you really don't want people to know who you are) and get an account on Chaturbate and reveal your nude body. All kinds of guys and girls both will be slobbering over you in about 5 minutes.

u/TDL2457 · 1 pointr/normalnudes

I'll have to get a new bra then. I've ordered bras off Amazon that are a 38DD. This fits me almost perfectly.

u/MiacometNudist · 0 pointsr/normalnudes

I prefer wax at home for the area outside the bikini line. However, the ingrown hairs are still horrible.

Not shaving is the best answer. If I have to be at a textile beach, I don’t stare at anyone’s crotch, and I am sure no one stars at mine.
It’s neat to see how pubic hair goes through the same grow and shed functions as your head hair. If you need, you can get a beard trimmer for the lady garden.

This is the one I use. Sometimes I just use scissors.

u/imreallyatalosshere · 2 pointsr/normalnudes

I vote trimmed hair. Or you could try out some silly styles! (If this is the book I'm thinking of, the orthodox cracks me up.)

u/nimf · 1 pointr/normalnudes

I fucking hate ingrown hairs! I get them on my bikini line. I recently started using this product

It takes awhile to work but it basically kills the top layer of your skin as to let the hairs come loose. Can't comment on long term improvement.