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u/Megalonyx · 2 pointsr/northernlion

In regards to razors, recently went from cartridge ones to the double edge razors and its awesome. Like $16 on a nice metal handle thing on Amazon that twists open and you drop the razor blade into it then twist it shut and shave. Got like 100 blades for $10 and I'm set for eons.

Its nice as its a lot less garbage plastic and stuff, cheaper, and for my baby skin doesn't cut the shit out of me and get clogged like the multiblade cartridges. Downside is the head doesn't swivel and tilt, but it's easy to get used to.

Edit: This handle and these blades in particular. They're alright, and apparently good shaving cream helps a lot. Just wish I had found these to begin with, rather than using DSC for years.

u/mattspaul96 · 17 pointsr/northernlion

Also worth pointing out that Would I Lie To You has a board game based on the programme, but with different rules to make it easier for party games. I own the board game and would say it's less fun than the programme itself, as it is more akin to Fibbage but with teams.

Part of what makes the programme so good is that the guests rotate and usually don't know each other personally, so they tend to have interesting stories that no one's heard of - something hard to replicate with your friends.

u/1800OopsJew · 2 pointsr/northernlion

>co-operation between players

I want to piggy back this with the Castle Ravenloft board game.

It's a focused board game experience with D&D elements, mostly focused on skills and combat, less on RP and story. I feel like it's a good alternative in the current wave of YouTube D&D popularity focused on ridiculous stories, silly voices, and character stereotypes.

u/DanGheesling · 144 pointsr/northernlion

/u/marspark12 - I read this book in my early 20s, I was/am pretty shy and this helped a ton:

free audiobook on youtube:


I read it again now every 1-2 years over when I need a reminder :)

u/andycyca · 2 pointsr/northernlion

Ryan North is a bona fide amazing dude. He's also made:

u/CirclehousePRO · 5 pointsr/northernlion

Actually Nevermind I found them almost instantly when googling black and orange headset in case anyone wants them

Atleast Im pretty sure it's these

u/LPFR52 · 1 pointr/northernlion

I believe it was something like this, basically a steamer designed specifically for eggs.

u/Entere · 7 pointsr/northernlion

From the motion she makes, I think she's talking about an Asian electric boiler. I had one growing up too, it's basically just an electric kettle but it keeps water hot longer.

u/AustenChamberlain · 10 pointsr/northernlion

I believe he said in his most recent subscriber stream it was this:

Toddy Cold Brew System

u/MC_THUNDERCUNT · 47 pointsr/northernlion

Hey Ryan, this is Mr. Greenman speaking. I am currently inside your computer. I am making your voice chat audio become desynced through either OBS or Discord such that you are reacting to your co-hosts before they are finished talking, and the only way you can stop me is by RESTARTING YOUR DAMN COMPUTER.

As always, Geoguessie links

[Round 1]( "Yaddle was in the prequels by the way.")

[Round 2]( "OwO notices you are reading alt text")

[Round 3]( "Blue Jasmine was a good movie.")

[Round 4 LIGHTNING ROUND EU Only]( "how; neck, soft")