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u/foodnelson · 1 pointr/ogden

If you like to fish alpine lakes there are some lakes just outside Salt Lake and Provo that are alot of fun to hike to. About 2 months ago, I posted about my new book "Fishing the Wasatch" it will give you good information on these lakes. In fact, you can save $5.00 until August 23, 2014. This price is only good for the Kindle edition. The Kindle edition is the same as the paperback edition except the pictures are in color if you have the Kindle Fire.

u/TilTheRiverRunsDry · 2 pointsr/ogden

I bought this antenna and I get about 50 channels. Cost nothing more than the cost of the antenna and the cord, and I now have three TVs I can watch for free anytime

u/Cunundrum · 2 pointsr/ogden

Went from 12 channels with a basic antenna to 50 or so channels with one of these amplified antennas mounted in the same area.
I have it on the wall behind a picture frame near the TV. No aiming necessary.
It plugs into a USB port on the TV or comes with a wall wart for powering the amp.