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u/BurningValkyrie19 · 1 pointr/oldpeoplefacebook

I used to be a hairstylist and I also have this issue. The reason why anti dandruff shampoo doesn't work is because this isn't true dandruff, it's something else. I think it might be sebhorric dermatitis, but I'm not 100% sure. Basically the scalp grows too fast and isn't shedding properly, leaving you with flakes.

What I'd advise people to do is to get a small brush with somewhat stiff nylon bristles (this one is my favorite and can be found for sale in many salons for cheaper than this you brush the flakes off the scalp with the comb, but be careful to not brush too hard! Once that's done, I put tea tree conditioner all over my scalp. I use a Paul Mitchell medicated tea tree conditioner. If you buy this, PLEASE buy it from a salon, not the grocery store or online. You'll probably get tampered or expired product if you don't buy from a salon. You can even get this stuff at Great Clips, it's a very popular product. I give my scalp a good massage and leave the conditioner on for 10-30 minutes, then rinse it out. It's not a perfect treatment yet, but it's pretty effective and I'm still experimenting with different products so I can get this figured out.

u/4d656761466167676f74 · 10 pointsr/oldpeoplefacebook


I just want to take this chance to say how amazing Amazon customer service is. Last week I ordered a new Kryptonite disc lock (after a few years my old one started to suck). Somehow I received a Ryzen 1700X CPU instead. I contacted Amazon and they overnighted my lock and said I could keep the CPU as a "gift."

The best part is that I was planning on a Ryzen build but two weeks ago my old bike kicked the bucket so I had to use the funds I was going to spend on the new PC on getting a new bike.

So, thanks Amazon! It might just be a write-off to you but it was a really big deal to me :)

u/cannonfunk · 14 pointsr/oldpeoplefacebook

This reads more like schizophrenia than "old person."

See: Lark Voohies' [Lisa Turtle from Saved By The Bell] book True Light: A, superior, take, unto, the, premier, haloing, of, tenuation. Readily, available, True Light, provides, resource, into, time's, motifed, and, vestuved, authenticate, revelation.

And, yes, that's the actual title.

u/AntcuFaalb · 3 pointsr/oldpeoplefacebook

> Did you have that one friend that was on the outer edges? That you wanted to figure out but couldn't because of mental illness. Take a look inside from his perspective as he shares with his lifelong friend; a unique insight

u/caeloequos · 1 pointr/oldpeoplefacebook

Surprisingly it's called "the complete cooking for two cookbook". By america's test kitchen. :)

u/Cleops · 7 pointsr/oldpeoplefacebook

Aw! Your DOD needs a tragically hip keyboard like mine. I have poor lighting in my room and so needed one with big visible keys.

Azio do some really nice looking cheap vision keyboards, (I paid half price for mine elsewhere and so shop around).

The backlight comes in 3 colours and can be turned on and off. Very important as I also suffer from migraines/seizures.

When my mum asked why I need 3 colours I said I use blue for regular internet stuff, purple for gaming and red for hacking...of course. Yes, I do sometimes turn the red light on and type like Fran from Black books when she walks past.

EDIT: Just noticed the amazon US version of the keyboard has 5 colours. Not sure what I would do with the remaining two.

u/Alexisokay · 10 pointsr/oldpeoplefacebook

According to the Amazon listing it was published September 2016. The fact that I could just go look that up really made me appreciate how wild the internet is.

u/FlyingBeefTaco · 6 pointsr/oldpeoplefacebook

What about those digital picture frames with built in wifi? Something like this

u/bigstar3 · 3 pointsr/oldpeoplefacebook

This. Just have her make a wishlist. I had my mom do that forever until I was able to create a sub account under my prime membership. Also, would it have killed ya to search the shit she sent you a picture of? I found it in less than 10 seconds ya putz!

u/Natasha10005 · 10 pointsr/oldpeoplefacebook

That girl from Saved by the Bell Lark Voorhies wrote a book kind of like that, but with commas.

u/G2geo94 · 22 pointsr/oldpeoplefacebook

Yeah seriously. If I so very well wished, I could carry two days of battery power for my phone, tablet, even laptop and light, on the lower pockets of them!

u/StealthRabbi · 4 pointsr/oldpeoplefacebook

I thought this was just a gag. Then I realized it's actually a real book.