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u/RollinonEase · 1 pointr/omad

The greens I use come from Costco. In the refrigerated produce section they have big bags called “Power Greens” which has spinach, kale, and Swiss chard in it. It’s a perfect blend right out of the bag for me.

As far as the salmon... no, it’s not precooked. I get it flash frozen straight from the fisherman himself. I’m lucky to have a shop here that’s open twice a year with fresh-from-the-ocean-fish. I buy 15-20 pounds every 6 months.

Cooking it is really simple, I’ll get a baking sheet and , after thawing it out, I simply place it there next to my veggies for the night. I’ll sprinkle salt, pepper, and garlic powder on it along with the veggies. Bake it all together at 325F for about 12-15 minutes and voila. Cleanup is just the 1 baking sheet, too. I don’t do that every single night because I love a ribeye or filet mignon once per week. I cook those with my Sous vide ( Anova Culinary AN500-US00 Anova Precision Cooker, 1000 Watts, Black and Silver ).

The Sous vide is great because the steak comes out PERFECT every time and you don’t have to babysit it at all while it cooks. Plus, you don’t lose any of the fat or juice like you do with the grill. When it’s done cooking you also have some great jus for the steak. Since I got this Sous vide a couple of years ago I haven’t grilled a steak since. It’s that good. Pan sear it in butter once it’s finished cooking (reverse sear). Mouth watering.

u/Ginger_Libra · 5 pointsr/omad

Have you heard of super slow or Body by Science?

You lift heavy weights every 7-14 days and fire all four types of muscle fibers....if you’re lifting several times a week you’re not getting all four to engage or you literally wouldn’t be able to lift.

The whole routine is 5 machines and takes about 15-20 minutes. It’s awesome.

I’ve been lifting like this for a few years and I’ve seen really good gains in terms of numbers and muscle quality measured with my Skulpt.

I’m somewhat new to fasting but this seems like the perfect solution. I just finished a 3 day water fast and I could hardly walk 2.6 miles yesterday. No way I could lift.

My current plan is to lift after a few days of eating more than OMAD.

Dave Asprey has a few podcasts with the doctor who wrote the Body by Science book.

Here’s the book.

Dr. McGuff is a full time practicing ER physician and he isn’t a slick marketer.

Don’t be turned off by that. The science in the book is solid.

u/valentinuveges · 2 pointsr/omad

There are a lot of ways to measure body fat:

u/OMADer2762 · 2 pointsr/omad

Magnesium & Calcium along with potassium and sodium. This one has sodium, potassium, and magnesium and for $6, isn't bad. It's the one I use instead of salt on my food. I figure it may not be the ideal amount, but at least it's something. That may work for you if you want something simple.

This is pretty much everything you need as electrolytes go (and if not, please correct me) for a tenth of the price of Pedialyte and with better quality ingredients.

Anything with sugar or calories would break a fast I think.

EDIT: Added additional information and another link

u/smilemorepleez · 1 pointr/omad

I am having the same issues. Well, to be honest, I've always had the leg-cramping issue, but in the past (before OMAD/IF) I would just chug Gatorade to get them to stop. Now, I can't do that, so I need recommendations as well.

Currently I'm taking these two things to try and help, but I was up all night last night with leg cramps, so they are not working as much as I would like:

Leg Cramp Tablets

Magnesium Potassium Aspartate

u/4orty1savage · 1 pointr/omad

It’s an app that comes with this RENPHO scale and automatically syncs up with the scale. I probably owe 80% of my progress to this scale because of how much stuff it tracks so easily. I always used to forget to weigh in and all this other stuff and lost track of progress...this scale literally syncs in seconds without you having to do anything. Sorry to sound like a salesman I just love it it’s been a game changer!!!

u/Mitzyke · 8 pointsr/omad

I recommend the book Potatoes not Prozac for people who need to snack at night might have sugar sensitivity or carb addiction. One of the points in the book is that eating a little simple carb just before bed on an empty stomach is good for brain chemistry, resulting better sleep and mood.

u/IkeKim · 2 pointsr/omad

Hey, thanks for that! The only thing that I can give you in return is that my Doc told me to mix some fiber w/ my Orange Juice at the end of my OMAD dinner and forget about bloating and cholesterol. Enjoy yourself.

u/fog_horn · 3 pointsr/omad

It came with the scale I use.

RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale - FDA Approved - Smart BMI Scale

u/My57Vettes · 2 pointsr/omad

RENPHO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale Smart BMI Scale Digital Bathroom Wireless Weight Scale, Body Composition Monitors Analyzer with Smartphone App 396 lbs digital weight scale - Black

u/srvdude · 3 pointsr/omad

This :
Electrolyte Powder, Lemonade...

It has some sort of artificial sweetener and I think some food color as well. I want to try something different which does not have either.

u/Ohthere530 · 1 pointr/omad

Dr. Dr. Bernstein (of the Diabetes Solution book) observed that almost 100% of his diabetic patients had psoriasis.

He didn't argue that psoriasis is caused by the sort of metabolic issues that fasting and low-carb diets tend to improve, but it does make one wonder.

u/Anonymo123 · 1 pointr/omad

At my heaviest i was 292..that nearly 300 mark really put me into a focus. I immediately found Keto and did that and got down to 250ish and stalled after 9 months. All diet, no exercise. Went through a bad breakup and shot back up to 275. I went back to Keto and then started doing 16:8 then went to 18:6 and dropped to 255ish then back up to 265, currently I am switching to OMAD. My big problem is I can do OMAD just fine, but then I gorge and blow past my 1700 calories with stupid shit full of carbs and empty calories. My best efforts are tracking on an app to know exactly what I am eating and then sticking to OMAD. I don't drink alcohol or normal soda, so those liquid calories aren't a concern.

As for my workout I do 3 days a week, look up any 3 day exercise routine (Sun\Tues\Thurs) and do a 10 min warmup on the elliptical, lift for 30-40min and if the heavy bag at the gym isn't occupied I'll do that for 10-30min depending on the day. Lifting fasted isn't an issue for me, but slugging through 30min of heavy bag work is rough after lifting on an empty stomach. I am looking to supplement my non workout days with body-weight stuff\stretching\yoga at home, and make those my 500 calorie days. And 500 calories sounds like nothing but thats a 3 egg omelette for me, so thats enough.

I used to go a 300calorie protein shake after my workout but since I am trying OMAD I just make that one meal super heavy with protein. I drink usually 32oz water during my workout, another 64 during the day. Now its getting cold I'll throw in hot tea with stevia, etc.

More then you asked but thats what I am doing. I got this amazing scale ($20 now, wow) so i can track my weight and more importantly my BF%. I also just ordered this fitness watch, I am curious about my sleep info mainly

My goal BW is 220 and < 15% BF. Right now I am at 267 and 30% BF. If i can dial in my diet I know I can get to where I need to. I workout mainly due to being mid 40s and shit isn't getting any easier otherwise I'd do all diet. But I WFH so i enjoy getting out of the house and to be honest..the hotties at the gym make it worth going.