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u/kevinn145 · 2 pointsr/onewheel

lights can be fixed but imo it's more work than it's worth.

The front light doesn't hit far enough to be realistically useful when riding in dark-ish area, let alone pitch dark. Grab a cheap $15 flashlight and it'll be 10x more effective than the build in light. You also get to "choose" where you want the light to hit by simply pointing. Also my favorite thing about using a flashlight is you can shine the light at drivers to warn your existence. Super handy when they're making turns.
If you are worried about letting other people see you. (other than the flashlight pointing method I mentioned above) you can simply get those small bike lights like this and wrap it around the rails or use velcro/adhesive to stick it on the rails or fender.

Sorry that this happened. I see that you are still under warranty so I would say it's worth sending the board in if you really care about the lights. Otherwise it's really not worth it.

u/BlubbyMunkey · 3 pointsr/onewheel

A few amazon recommendations:

XR Charging port cover:

This one stays on pretty well. I pretty much only put it on if there's a possibility of a rain shower on my way.

XR Power Button cover:

These don't stay on as well as the Charge Port covers, but they get the job done for possibly rainy ridge, and they're cheap enough to not worry if one falls off during a spill.

Cheap but effective handle:

This is the handle I ended up going with. It works well, though it does slide a little down the rails. So it's not always level when you pick it up. (It was on sale when I bought it.)

For a more crafty person, I'd just get some paracord and use one of the guides in this subreddit to create your own handle.

u/Huwajux · 2 pointsr/onewheel

I remember someone saying this Neewer bag would fit a Onewheel in it. Been thinking about buying it but I would honestly rather save for a Superow since you can use it as a backpack instead of as a shoulder bag.

u/fireproofsalamander · 1 pointr/onewheel

FYI this $32 bag off Amazon is the perfect size and very durable. I highly recommend it.


u/eckitt · 3 pointsr/onewheel

I road my XR on the beach back when I first got it without any issues. Personally, I would suggest coving your charge port and the power button prior to riding on the beach. The sand gets clogged in the charge port as well as getting inside the button causing it to get stuck. There are two covers that are made for other things but fit perfectly for these onewheel vulnerabilities.

Cover for charge port:

Cover for power switch:

u/BLAHBLAHneeb · 2 pointsr/onewheel

I got this one:

Looks like there are other cheaper ones as well. I’d just be sure you get one with bending arms, I had to bend mine more narrow so they properly fit the Pint.

u/JClimber408 · 2 pointsr/onewheel

Amazon Folding Guitar stand. The cool thing is that you can bend the arms to fit the pint perfect

u/helava · 2 pointsr/onewheel

I got this one , which for $25 lacks the centering bracket, but I've had zero problems with it at all. Highly recommended, comfortable, cheap. I was excited to see this video, but the cost of the setup is obscene.

u/capngreenjeans · 1 pointr/onewheel

This one works great for me! Feels nice and sturdy Hercules GS302B Travlite Compact Electric Guitar Stand

u/alexhimself89 · 7 pointsr/onewheel

I ended up purchasing a grab handle for jeeps/off roading rigs. One of the best purchases I’ve made for my OW; it makes lugging it around more like a suitcase.

Polaris 2858185 Grab Handle

u/AzkaBanzai · 1 pointr/onewheel

You can buy those plugs in bulk on the cheap when getting them thru camera-accessory vendors on Amazon or w/e you prefer.

uxcell 5 Pcs Clear White Silicone Waterproof Rocker Switch Protect Cover Round Caps

OWs are supposed to hold up really well from non-submersion, but that comes with some big gotchas.

  1. Your OW may not be water-tight where it’s expected to be water-tight. Maybe someone messed up in the factory, or a part was defective.
  2. Salt-water is a bad idea. Water + corrosion will do you no favors.
  3. Some people slip & eat it bad on their stock tires. I hear about wet leaves all the time here. I guess I got lucky or something because I never slid out in anything while riding through the rain. Apparently treaded tires eliminate this from happening, but I’m talking all 2nd-hand here.
  4. Make sure your charge port is completely dry and free of debris before plugging your OW in to charge

    I rode mine all winter thru the rain and I know quite a few people use their OW in the snow. Still I’d recommend you at least look into the Badger Kit if not buy it & apply it if you want some peace of mind.

    ps: the badger kit/waterproofing in-general is what people are referring to when they say they’ve “badgered” their OW. It’s not some obscure slang for messing it up.
u/Glyph8 · 2 pointsr/onewheel

The Ryobi is a very useful multipurpose tool, and I have one, to inflate car tires and balloons for kids' birthday parties and air mattresses and rafts and inflatable pools and soccer balls.

If you JUST want something for your OW, I suggest something smaller, that you can throw in your backpack if you want. I have this:

There are similar, and similarly-priced models on Amazon that have even better reviews than that one (though I've had no problems at all with mine).

u/bstrathearn · 1 pointr/onewheel

IMHO, these two things should be included with every new OW. This will better protect the few parts of this board that are still vulnerable to rain. Even with these on, I'm not sure if I have the guts to take my OW out in the rain. I guess I will do it while the warranty is still in effect and save it for dry weather after the year is up.

u/ikoyhn · 2 pointsr/onewheel

POWERTEC 71002 Abrasive Cleaning Stick for Sanding Belts & Discs Natural Rubber Build | For Woodworking Shop Sanding Perfection | A"Must Have" Sanding Accessory

Get this, you will never use all of it and it’s only 10$

u/kiler129 · 1 pointr/onewheel

I recently purchased this cleaner:

I was able to clean dirt and mud from my grip tape in around 10 minutes and make it look like new ;)
For $9.5 you will get probably like 20-30 through cleanups of both pads.

u/barackstar · 7 pointsr/onewheel

possible, but risky.

your best bet is to get an oil-based marker pen and color in the wood portion.

here's my board, with the front grip tape replaced and the wood painted over --

u/ScarredGrey · 4 pointsr/onewheel

This is the best I've found. It folds into a small enough package to put on the hip of your pants.

It can't be cut with cable Cutters due to the material in shape.

The cuff parts are wrapped in rubber so they don't scratch your onewheel.

u/ichiban168 · 1 pointr/onewheel

I personally would recommend a helmet that complies with U.S. CPSC Bike and ASTM F-1492 Skate safety standards, so you can use for both. I got myself a Triple Eight Gotham. There's a version with MIPS and another without.

u/time_and_again · 2 pointsr/onewheel

When I was learning, I fell three times. One was a nosedive because I accelerated from zero too fast. Two, was a wheelslip when I was experimenting with a really loose setting. Helmet really saved my dome on that one. Three was a wobbly patch of road at an intersection that threw me off. I'd say that was all within the first 80 miles. I've gone another hundred without a fall and think it's basically thanks to a narrow, close-to-the-wheel stance.

For gear, I say get all of it. Helmet, elbows, wrists, knees, maybe even padded undershorts if you don't want hip bruises. BUT, realistically you can go with just helmet and wrists if you know the route. I go about 1.2 miles to work on a dedicated bike path and most of the time, knees and elbows feel a bit like overkill. But I say that knowing falls can sneak up on you. You can't predict what cars and other pedestrians will do. For wrists, I grabbed these and really like them. Gloves protect the skin, but I'm worried about bones.

u/Cruicked · 1 pointr/onewheel

I got these off Amazon, they're individual so you can choose your spacing etc. Put on each side of wheel and on my helmet. They reflect very well. Different colours too.

(RydeSafe Reflective Decals -...

u/aesthetics247 · 2 pointsr/onewheel

BV Bicycle Ergonomic Bike Floor Pump with Gauge & Smart Valve Head, 160 psi, Automatically Reversible Presta and Schrader
Just one of these

u/klxz79 · 1 pointr/onewheel

I charged my Pint today from a 12v car power inverter, and from a Ego Nexus Escape.

My car has a 180w limit, and the Ego Nexus Escape has a 150w limit. Hopefully the ultra charger is under 150w, but I think it's going to be close.

Bestek 300w car power inverter

u/howlinmoon42 · 2 pointsr/onewheel

Flexmeter Double Sided Wrist...

Seriously saved me from my last bite and likely double wrist break

u/BourbonFiber · 3 pointsr/onewheel

I use a dry, stiff-bristled brush to get the big chunks, and one of these for the rest.

Soap and water would probably be ok if you're careful about it, but it's kind of unnecessary.

u/AreasonableAmerican · 2 pointsr/onewheel

I picked up one of these digital inflaters for accurate pressure in my wheel- it has a battery for on-the-go use and works quite well for $45:

Fineed Portable Air Compressor...

u/candiriashes · 3 pointsr/onewheel

This is what a lot of the folks use and I used it as well... Sharpie Paint Pens

It’s slightly more glossy than the back of his board but after a few rides that will simmer down a bit.

u/Dizzzy1 · 2 pointsr/onewheel

Triple Eight Gotham Dual Certified Skateboard and Bike Helmet, Black Matte, Large / X-Large

u/thedeadlantern · 2 pointsr/onewheel

Hercules GS302B Travlite Compact Electric Guitar Stand

u/SkylerGojo · 3 pointsr/onewheel

I clip these to my knee pads and wear a headlamp

u/mariocontino · 1 pointr/onewheel

It is 3M double sided mounting tape. Specifically, either this: Scotch Extreme Mounting Tape, 1-inch X 400-inches, Black, 1-Roll (414-LONGDC) - 414-LONG/DC


3M Scotch 5952 VHB Tape: 1 in. x 15 ft. (Black)

u/Bot_Metric · 1 pointr/onewheel


It is 3M double sided mounting tape. Specifically, either this: Scotch Extreme Mounting Tape, 1-inch X 400-inches, Black, 1-Roll (414-LONGDC) - 414-LONG/DC


3M Scotch 5952 VHB Tape: 1 in. x 4.6 meters. (Black)


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u/JDecker06 · 2 pointsr/onewheel

POWERTEC 71002 Abrasive Cleaning...

Been using this works great. Little elbow grease and one of these and the tape will be looking brand new.

u/MotorradR1200R · 1 pointr/onewheel

Front grip tape came with the Kush rear pad. I blacked out the wood with a paint pen off of Amazon.Uchida Paint Marker

u/MisterMizuta · 1 pointr/onewheel

Really not a bad idea. Especially if you're riding around cars. I wear a rear blinker on my helmet, a massive headlamp on the front, and have reflectors stuck to my helmet and board.

u/Ziplocking · 1 pointr/onewheel

Heard good things about these as well. If someone really wants your shit, and comes prepared, they’re going to get it. Grinder/sawzall would easily defeat damn near anything.

u/TheGurgeMan · 1 pointr/onewheel

Nice photo. I see you already have the fender and a handle, so ?I would say your next stage of upgrading would be some dummy xlr plugs, and some covers for the power button for some waterproofing. You are right on the dont push yourself part though, thats how most people get hurt. I forced myself to do the first 50 miles in sequoia, and now I am at mile 300 with cruze. Heres the links to those plugs and covers.