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u/Chris_TO79 · 2 pointsr/onmww

Awww thanks so much!

LOL I always like hearing the stories of couples being caught that way. I think it'd make a good subject for a short humourous book. I once read a book about the last days of various people who were executed. It was a very interesting book too. I kinda wish I hadn't lost it. If interested I found an amazon link. It's out of print and you could probably get it cheaper at something like Abebooks or whatnot

As for the tropical stuff that's really fun. I don't think I could ever get into the whole scuba diving. I can barely swim! I've had 2 close calls in pools! It's always good to swim with the fishes tho unless it's the Italian method of it :P

u/ShySwissmiss · 1 pointr/onmww

Hope this link works. Not exactly the same thing, but pretty close.

The victory of cupid Womens Fishnet Tights Suspender Pantyhose Thigh-High Stockings Black Waisted Pantyhose(one Size, 3-Pairs-04)

u/rideruffian · 1 pointr/onmww

Here you go babe! I don't fly that fancy 😘

u/hehasasexyusername · 2 pointsr/onmww

The more of your “shapes” involved the better.

I’m looking forward to your take on this classic

u/saraleetakesthecake · 2 pointsr/onmww

No, but I did recently buy one of these. I keep forgetting I have it!